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Mar 21

“Do You Feel Lucky?”- The Reality of Advertising Your Book

An article by bestselling author Cliff Roberts about the reality of book promotion. Cliff Roberts has moved thousands of books, won several book sales awards and recently featured on “Amazon’s best books of March list.” “We can talk when I’m ready to promote again.”  I hear this five or six times a day from authors …

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Nov 15

Come Sundown: Bruce Bennett Becomes THE #1 Author

Bruce Bennett is sitting at #1 as we speak. A highly-decorated author with a huge hit thriller on his hands. What makes him one of the few indie authors to have a hit book? What advice can he give to budding writers? Where will the craze for “Digital Air” end? As we speak “Digital Air” …

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Nov 06

The Spice of Life: MJ Summers

I want to introduce a brand new writer to you today, guys. Her name is MJ Summers and she has one of the most interesting books of the year so far. “Break In Two” tells the story of thirty-one year old Claire Hatley who is running from Seattle having just discovered that her live-in boyfriend …

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Jun 24

The Main Event: Ufert Meets Roberts

  Cliff Roberts is a man accustomed to the public eye. He was a politician, a CEO, a businessman and a police commissioner. Now, retired, disabled and contented, he writes. He is a novelist.  Tom Ufert, politician, world traveler, charity fundraiser and writer has met his own struggles with addiction, sexuality, illness and has turned …

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Jun 04

A Press Release from Bestseller Michael Haden

  Michael Haden Contact: Nick Wale  Email: Nick@nickwale.org                                                                                                             FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE       BESTSELLING WRITER TO GIVE AWAY FREE SAMPLE OF HIS FIRST BESTSELLER     Bestselling writer Michael Haden is to kick off the summer with a sample release of his first bestseller “A Deal with God.” Michael wrote the book as a …

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Jun 03

McLemore Means Magic: Nick Wale Meets J.R.

Meet the new boss… Not the same as the old boss at all. J.R. McLemore has been writing for a long time. He has several books, short stories and compendiums on sale. His sales are pretty solid and his ability to write a good story is well documented. I wanted to meet J.R. My first …

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Feb 22

“The Dark Communion” Has Arrived! Nick Wale Chats to Author Joey Ruff

Joey Ruff is new to the world of publishing, but an old hand at the world of writing. I recently met Joey and wanted to know more about his work. He explained that he had written a book called Synder which was the first book in a planned series of ten. The book had sold moderately …

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Feb 03

An Interview With Joel Seath: Author and Creator of Beauty…

Joel Seath is an author who writes to find the beautiful things in the world and to explore the characters that make life wonderful and sad. I met Joel on my travels and immediately cottoned onto his love for all things literary. We set up and interview and he answered my questions with ease. I …

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