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Nov 01

Being Reckless with Steamy Author Yveta Germano

  I backed off as soon as I saw his flashing eyes. Those weren’t the mesmerizing blue eyes I could previously get lost in. These were the eyes of a man so angry, he could kill me just by looking at me. “I told myself a hundred times I would never touch you. But you’re …

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Nov 22

Author Yveta Germano on the Cutting Edge

Yveta Germano is an exciting writer. Exciting? Why do I say that? I think I am justified in saying that she is exciting simply because she attacks social media, promotion and writing with such amazing energy. I posed this set of “cutting edge” questions to her and she, without doubt, gave me the strongest set …

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Nov 11

Yveta Germano And Why Crypts Made Her A Writer…

Yveta Germano is one of the most exciting teen authors around at the moment. Her book “Bring Me Back” has been exciting young readers the world over, As a lover of history, Yveta spent her early years travelling and catching ancient crypts and medieval buildings. This encouraged her in her efforts as a writer, and …

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Oct 04

Bring Me Back: The Teenage Sensation!

Trying to keep up with the trends? Yveta Germano has a book that will become the teenage trend of tomorrow. The first volume of her fantastic series of books is about one clone and one girl who fall in love. What could possibly go wrong when seventeen-year-old Aliana breaks into an old mansion to find …

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