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Feb 17

Tim Flanagan Fights Martians and Writes Books

It’s not often I get to interview someone like Tim Flanagan. Tim is NOT just another author. He’s THE science-fiction author of today. I want you to read what he has to say–and then disagree with that statement. He’s a fantastic writer, a well-read reader and most importantly one of those bestselling authors. Enjoy!   …

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Nov 25

Author Tim Northway Explains About The Mist…

Tim Northway and his mist. That’s all… Q) What is the “mist” in “Total Amnesia” and where does it come from? Why a “mist” anyway? What was that concept all about? I assume you’re asking about the gas that paralyzes the humans so they can be collected up by the invaders. It is a very …

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Nov 23

American Science, Political Science… Author Tim Northway

Tim Northway- defintion: A creature who writes for the enjoyment of others. A man with a talent for literature with a social edge. A being that has immense intellect and little time for Jonahs. A seller of ideas through the worn pages of books bearing his name. Class dismissed… Meet Tim Northway!     Q) What …

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Nov 10

Tim Northway And The Alien Invasion

Tim Northway is one of the most exciting new writers to come out of the science-fiction genre for sometime. He’s the kinda guy who sits gazing at the skies and wonders what’s up there or looks down at the ground and wonders what’s deep underneath the Earth. Tim is one of the most creative members …

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Oct 14

Author Frank Fiore is the Oracle!

Frank Fiore is one of the foremost short story writers in America. He has sold thousands of books and will continue to do so because he is talented. For those who know Frank… You know what to expect. For those who don’t know Frank… Say HELLO! Q) How would describe your book, its genre?  Do you …

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Mar 26

EXCLUSIVE! J.W. Northrup To Release “The Gold Slaves”

Sometimes on my travels around writerland, I find people who are not bogged down in a mire of worry about sales. Sometimes, that is because I find people who are bestsellers. Sometimes I meet guys like J.W. who are starting out in the business and have great books and great publishers and it inspires me. …

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Dec 03

Clash of the Titans- British Author Nick Wale Interviews American Author Joseph J. Langan

Young writers come and go like the leaves on perennial trees. It is a fact that many people want to write books. In a survey conducted it was said 93% of the population of the USA wish to write a novel or biography. It is very easy to become lost in the deep waters of …

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