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Oct 25

It Is Now… The New Groundbreaking Book From Author Rebecca McLendon

This interview is with one of the most interesting authors of 2016– Rebecca McLendon. Her new book “It Is Time” is an exciting look at the state of our world today. With fast-paced action, believable characters and a touch of the ‘divine’ it is highly advisable that you give this book a chance. You will …

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Jun 22

Michael Haden: On Tour!

Michael Haden kicked off his brand new blog tour with ONE interview. The interview was, luckily for Novel Ideas, with Nick Wale. What will Michael have to say about his phenomenal success? The businessman from Tampa, Florida who wrote a bestselling book tells all… Q) Michael, let me ask you to begin with, why did …

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Feb 11

Kind of Like Jesus: Paul W. Meier Reflects on Faith Today…

Paul W. Meier is a guy I recently started to get to know well. We had our last interview scheduled for today and I wanted this one to really show the faith and beliefs of a man I have immense respect for. I wanted to know what he really thought about the religion he ¬†writes …

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Feb 02

Save A Prayer: Author Paul W. Meier Chats To Nick Wale

Paul W. Meier sat down with me for a second interview. (Please see the first interview here.) This one was as fascinating as the first– we really wanted to expand our conversation and I really want you to know how great this guy is. I discovered that not only was he an excellent writer, he …

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Jan 16

Follow That Voice- Nick Wale Interviews Lutheran Minister and Author Paul W. Meier

When I meet people along the path of life, I sometimes wonder why different people choose different paths. Paul W. Meier is a man who has intrigued me for a time and when I saw a post about his latest offering on the almighty Facebook, I felt I should go ahead and contact him. A …

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