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Apr 07

“You will never catch my ass over a jungle in a C-47.”

Excerpt from The Gift Part 2 – The Air Force Years   Flying over the jungle in a C-47 “It was during this last combat mission that I remembered something I promised myself when I was twelve years old. The promise had to do with the old Tarzan and other Jungle movies I watched back …

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Apr 04

EXCLUSIVE #4 Eden’s Warriors Cover Art!

I was wondering how I could get another exclusive out of Lloyd Tackitt, Would it be cheeky to ask for more after he has already given Novel Ideas so much? Sure, but I think Lloyd likes me.. So, perhaps I can get away with it… Yeah… I am pretty sure I can… “Lloyd?” “Yes Nick,” …

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Mar 31

Ten Minutes With Author J.W. Northrup…

I caught busy J.W. Northrup for a few minutes to delve into his mind for this interview about his new book. It’s hard to pin a man like J.W down, but I managed to and we spent a good few minutes talking about his upcoming release The Gold Slaves. I am not really used to …

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Mar 28

EXCLUSIVE #3 Lloyd Tackitt’s Palms Sweat as Release Date Draws Near!

 Lloyd Tackitt is a man you can’t just pin down. His many obligations mean that you grab interview time when you can. Luckily, this guy doesn’t give up and I managed to get Novel Ideas another exclusive interview with a writer who will soon release his brand new bestseller. What is it about Tackitt that …

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Mar 14

Exclusive Preview: Eden’s Warriors by Lloyd Tackitt

Did you know Lloyd Tackitt has a new book on release soon? NO? Well, I guess not everyone has heard about the Distant Eden series… A Distant Eden,  Adrian’s War, Eden’s Hammer and now Eden’s Warriors… The Distant Eden series of books are “what if” books in a way. What if the world ended? What …

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