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Nov 05

Thriller Nights: A Conversation With Bruce Bennett

  Bruce Bennett, a writer, has just shot to the top of the Amazon listings for the first time. He is a writer with a huge hit and he doesn’t really know how it happened. As one of the newest members of the Novel Ideas family he has taken a very long journey and it …

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Jul 24

Terror Has A New Enemy…

It is with great pleasure that I can announce the release of the most exciting book of the year. The book is called “Hard Kill” and it’s creator is called Charlie Flowers. London. The city is reeling from a series of deadly attacks by a new radical terrorist group. One man is on the front-line. …

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Jun 18

EXCLUSIVE! An Excerpt From “Reprisal!” by Cliff Roberts

  Fort Story Beach and for a moment, he considered not getting out. Beaches in Virginia during the Thanksgiving Holiday weekend were either mild and sunny, or cold and rainy. Today was definitely classified as a cold and rainy day. The wind gusts were near gale force. It was coupled with a light but steady …

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Jun 14

Author Roberts Signs With Novel Ideas

Cliff Roberts Contact: Nick Wale Email: Nick@nickwale,org FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE NOVEL IDEAS SIGNS PROMISING NEW AUTHOR FOR TEN BOOK DEAL At 12.13 EST Cliff Roberts signed a contract to become the latest addition to the Novel Ideas family. The multi-book deal is said to begin with the release of the much anticipated first Roberts novel, …

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Dec 10

Courier Delivers its Payload in Full

Terry Irving rode a classic BMW R50/2 for ABC News during the Watergate scandal and carried news-film. This was just the beginning of a career that has included producing Emmy Award-winning television news and a long writing career that has included everything from news to stand-up comedy. Terry was also instrumental in the development of …

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