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Sep 11

We Have Entered a New Era of Book Promotion

Friends, I wrote last week to tell you about the devastating effect the traditional publishing industry has had on the good people of the book world–the writers. I now want to tell you about one hope we have of escaping their iron grasp. I created an e-zine and gave it away for free. It has …

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Sep 09

Free E-zine and a Thankyou

Dear Friends, I would like to tell you about a new “E-zine” we have put together here at Novel Ideas. An E-zine that will hopefully bring some interesting authors to your attention. This E-zine is currently free until Thursday and has a whole host of interviews from all kinds of writers from all over the …

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Sep 04

EXCLUSIVE: The First Time… Nick Wale Introduces The Novel Ideas E-zine

      We are currently undergoing a revolution in the book world. We the People are the ones who have to decide where this revolution is going to go. We the People are the drivers of the car, and the car is the publishing industry. The publishing world would have you believe that there …

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May 03

An Open Letter to Indie Authors on the Importance of Marketing

 An open letter penned to all writers from one of the bestselling independently published authors of today. Lloyd Tackitt! Fellow Independent Authors:  Promoting our books is half the battle.  The other half of course is writing a book.  If you’re like me, you have barely enough time available to write.  I work a day job …

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Apr 13

Consulting A Consultant… FREE 15-minute session offered!

It’s always rather daunting to think about promoting a book. Most writers find promotion to be the biggest roadblock as they move toward success. Why is promotion such a problem? The main problem is where to start. Where do you start with promotion? How do you know which road to take? How can you tell …

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Apr 06

Plain Truth: Rosanne Dingli Talks to Nick Wale

Sometimes, you find yourself with an interview that tells you the truth about the publishing industry. For all you guys and girls out there wondering if this is the thing for you, please consider one thing: There’s very little money to be made; so if you want to make money, maybe it’s better to be …

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Jan 12

Fant Says “No” To Fifty Shades of Filth! Nick Wale Interviews Author James Fant

James Fant is a writer I’ve been waiting anxiously to interview. His busy schedule means that he can only interview when he has time and I was willing to wait. For those of you already aware of his work, you will know what to expect. For those new to the work of James Fant I …

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Jan 06

Proofreader on the Prowl– Nick Wale interviews LoriAnn Murray-Linek

LoriAnn Murray-Linek– child of the eighties and traveler of the world has gone into business proofing and editing manuscripts. Now, I’m a guy who needs editing. You can ask people I’ve interviewed and they’ll tell you that without editing, Nick Wale is a windbag. So, of course, it delights me that my wife-to-be is a …

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