Michael Haden: On Tour!


Michael Haden kicked off his brand new blog tour with ONE interview. The interview was, luckily for Novel Ideas, with Nick Wale. What will Michael have to say about his phenomenal success? The businessman from Tampa, Florida who wrote a bestselling book tells all…

Q) Michael, let me ask you to begin with, why did you have to write “A Deal With God”?

A) Chapter 2 of “Deal” is a young woman’s actual biography. What stands out is the biography is so fantastic and near unbelievable. Her life , though cut short, was truly amazing.  It was important to write the story because she was an orphan. This book is a memorialization to her. It gives her a legacy.

Q) You have been described as an outstanding author. How do you feel about that?

A) I don’t know if I am an outstanding writer, but the critics seem to think so. I do think I am a good story teller.

Q) So, at what moment did you decide to write “A Deal With God”? What was the catalyst for you?

A) Every June 4th, the anniversary of her passing, we grieve her loss. The third year anniversary for some reason hit me particularly hard.

Q) Where did you come up with the concept of completing Deana’s life?

A) The idea of completing her life in written form was something I became compelled to do. I wove a fascinating storyline with all her positive attributes and created a great novel.

Q) Do you believe a person could actually make a deal with God? Is that something you think could be a possibility?

A) The only way I think a person can get a second chance at life is via the grace and mercy of God. That is the way I wrote the book.  That is why the book has its title.

Q) How did you approach the “what might have been” questions regarding her life?

A) I took all of Deana’s amazing aptitudes and rolled them into a mission from God mandate. I wanted to show how much she could have accomplished if it were not for someone’s gross negligence. Within ten years, she drastically and positively influences the lives of over 1000 people. She helps an entire town with her faith, devotion, and life skills.

Q) What was the most difficult part of writing a book that really could have gone anywhere and taken her to great heights or great lows– many of which are outside of the reality of her life?

A) The mandates from God were very difficult and complicated. She told God she would do anything if He would send her back. He forewarns her it will be a difficult life in a take-it-or-leave-it proposition. She takes it, not knowing how tough it will actually be.

Q) It must have been tough for you to write this book. I can imagine it being an emotionally draining experience to write the story of someone you knew and respected so much. How did you personally find the process of writing a book with such an emotional attachment to yourself?

A) I lost twenty-five pounds during the actual three months I wrote the crux of the book. I broke down multiple times, especially writing chapters 11 and 13.

It was a really creative experience, though. I remember once, when I was in my truck on a long drive to a job far away, and a cool story line came to me. It was like a movie playing in my head. It was very engrossing and I starting telling the story to my friends and relatives, and they all loved it. I would spend all day thinking about what I would write that night, write all night, then type and edit it in the morning. I’m sorry to cut this one short– can we reconvene at a later time?

Q) Sure thing, Mike.

A) Thanks

With the interview cut short, you can be sure we will have Michael Haden back again. All I can say is, watch this space. Haden is here to stay.


“A beautiful book you need to read,” says Nick Wale. Get your copy here!

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