Why It’s Not Fantasy for an Author to Aim to Move a Million

preacher1Authors are always asking me THE question, as I call it. How can I become as successful as some of the big names I see in the Western writing world? I have started to ask them a simple question in return. How many Western authors have achieved ONE MILLION PAGES read in a single month? You may know the answer—but you may not, so let’s take a look. Well… since 2016 started, I’ve personally seen several: John D. Fie, Jr., Cliff Roberts, G.P. Hutchinson, A.H. Holt…. and I could keep rambling names off until I turned old and gray. The reason I ask authors that question is because the above mentioned authors, and a bucket-load of other authors to boot, have achieved what many thought to be the impossible, and they did it with the help of three little things—the THREE C’s.

And the Three C’s are not a marketing philosophy that will cost you tens of thousands of dollars—they are actually a mindset that you may already have hanging around in your mind. Let’s take a look at what these Three C’s are.

The first C is Consistency. This is something all authors have to practice. Consistency in book promotion is the only way a book will move. You can’t do one, or two, or three things. You have to consistently promote your book—you have to always be doing something. Always looking to get more attention for your book, always running little ads, or trying to get more reviews. You have to be consistent on your journey towards success.

The second C is Commitment. We all have commitments in our lives, and those commitments sometimes seem like a problem. In reality, a commitment is just achievement in process. As an author, you have to commit to your book and commit to its success. If you don’t commit to your book, you won’t be able to be consistent (the first C), and you will find it harder to be successful. Commitment gives you the grit needed to get the job done. I ask all my clients to be committed to the promotion of their book. I ask them to answer interviews, to write blog articles, and to be involved. Unless you love your own baby, how can you expect anyone else to?

The third C is a very special one. This C stands for “cool,” and it’s true—you have to be cool to be successful. You have to keep a level head and not become depressed when your book isn’t discovered on day one. You have to be cool when you are interviewed, and cool when you are reading a bad review. You have to keep cool, and… be committed… and be consistent.

Whether you are busy promoting your book or enjoying writing that book; whether you are writing your third book,ten1 or toiling away on your first; take some time and think about these three C’s. In fact, you may want to take a lot of time and think about them because they are incredibly important to your success as an author. All the books I’ve promoted, and the success my authors have had, can be traced back to the simple Three C’s. The Three C’s gave a solid foundation on which to build book sales and reader-author relations. You can take these Three C’s and turn them into your own success story.

If you would like to talk to me about your book, strategies to help move your book, advertisements to educate people about your book—or just to shoot the breeze and talk about your book—you can contact me via the contact form below. But I will warn you, we will talk about your relationship with the Three C’s… because authors looking to be successful cannot afford to be without them.