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An Evening with Princess Fumi Hancock

  The time has come! This is the interview you have all been waiting for. Bestselling author Princess Fumi Hancock shares her words of wisdom– and what words of wisdom they are! This interview is one of the most interesting I have ever had the pleasure of sharing with you all… Enjoy! How did you …

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Tom Ufert asks “Is This Heaven?”

Is this heaven?  No, it’s Thanksgiving in America. To paraphrase a famous line from one of my all-time favorite movies, A Field of Dreams, I decided to write of hope and grace that I believe is sorely lacking in this country and indeed throughout the world.  For me the 1989 movie plucks a heartstring, as …

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Author Tom Ufert on the Cutting Edge

Sometimes you need to interview an author with something special. As a guy who cut his teeth on interviews, I am always looking for a new way to get a certain somebody to spill their beans. This is Tom Ufert as you have never seen him before. Naked? Almost. Tom was wearing clothes when he …

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