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Jul 07

A Hypo In The Bum: Author Robert J. Watson Lets It Out

Sometimes as an interviewer you have to follow your gut. The “gut” is the number one source of advice you could ever hope for. You can hear it churning away if you listen carefully. It will tell you what will work. It will tell you what won’t work. It will let you in on secrets, …

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May 04

A Dictionary Definition of Mike Trahan…

Mike Trahan: A man who doesn’t give up and keeps on pushing until his objective is achieved. His first book “The Gift” was a startling success. From Amazon buyers to signing sessions, Mike is a winner. His second book is called The Gift Part Two- The Airforce Years. It is available now. The Gift Part …

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Apr 15

Mark Willerton Explains What Happened To Kathy Kirby

I woke up a week ago and found an email from a man called Mark Willerton. Now, as a guy who makes a living from interviewing and promoting authors, I wasn’t surprised at all to wake up to work. It happens all the time. I opened the email over breakfast and downed my first coffee …

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Apr 03

Boyd Lemon Speaks Frankly About His First Marriage and Robert Kennedy

Boyd Lemon is an enigma. A man who has done a hundred or more interviews and yet, never once has an interviewer really broken down his book Digging Deep: A Writer Uncovers His Marriages and asked questions. I guess I was hungry for this one. Boyd is the kind of guy you can talk frankly …

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Mar 31

A Writing Session With Mike Trahan

Writing has always been an integral part of Michael F. Trahan’s life. It is only recently, however, that he has taken it seriously. Since the release of the first part of his memoir The Gift he has become a regimented writer. I was thinking of a series of articles that could be written that portray …

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Mar 22

I’ve Been Everywhere, Man! Author Roselyn Kachuck Chats to Nick Wale

Roselyn Kachuck is one of those people who lives for herself. She writes for herself and she thinks for herself. As a child of the 1960s with flower power ingrained on her soul, she writes with freedom about subjects other writers wouldn’t touch. The Memory Lingers On is a rather interesting book in so many …

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Mar 21

Trahan’s Gift WOWS Readers…

  A few weeks ago, I reviewed a book by writer Mike Trahan. Mike is a Texan who never dreamed that he would be successful in the world of writing. He wrote more as a pastime. He liked to put pen to paper and scribble his thoughts down or write for magazines. Then he wrote …

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Mar 19

DISCOVERED! Covert The Not Known by Jerry Nedwick

I had a wonderful email from a lady named Connie telling me about her late husband’s book. I went to look at the book straight away and found myself hooked by the honesty, the amazing insight into the real effects of war. Vietnam was a war many of you have forgotten and before I even …

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Mar 11

EXCLUSIVE: Excerpts From “The Gift” by Mike Trahan

“Mike?” I asked over the weekend. “How would you feel about letting me run some extracts of your book The Gift on my site?” “Sure,” Mike replied. “Let me see what I can do…” So, here we are on a Monday afternoon and Mike Trahan has given me three great excerpts to show you… I …

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Mar 05

Just Call Him Mike: Nick Wale Meets Mike Walsh

Finding the real Mike Walsh is one of those interesting projects that comes along only once in a while. Who is Mike Walsh? A soldier? A salesman? A loving father? In addition to all those, he’s a man who wrote about his son’s near-fatal brush with SIDS, and in retirement, decided to keep on writing …

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