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Tim Northway- defintion:

A creature who writes for the enjoyment of others. A man with a talent for literature with a social edge. A being that has immense intellect and little time for Jonahs. A seller of ideas through the worn pages of books bearing his name.

Class dismissed…

Meet Tim Northway!



Q) What are the  “real” concepts behind “Total Amnesia,” Tim?

A) A good old fashion alien attack on Earth told from my viewpoint, play by play, until every human on Earth has collapsed in paralysis—with the exception of me.  I was singled out for a purpose.

I am rescued from the attack by the lovely Professor Espree whom I have had a crush on all semester.  It turns out she is—of all things—a free spirit (meaning not confined to a body) and the creator of the universe! Even crazier, she wants me to help her free everyone in the universe.

So I find myself as the boyfriend and advisor to the creator of the universe.

How cool is that?

She insists she is NO different than me.  I ask how that could possibly be true if she we’re able to create a whole universe!

She tells me we all have that ability.  The problem is our artificial disabilities installed by an artificial mind that surrounds us and absorbs any free, liberating thought.

My response is:  “Huh?”

Then she proceeds to take me on a tour of the universe to show me exactly what that means.

Talk about mind blowing!

Q) How do you feel about the way people have reacted to “Total Amnesia?”

I think they don’t quite know what it is, but as it continues to gain recognition it is becoming a new voice in Science Fiction.

Q) What do you want people to take away from this book?

You are infinitely capable.  Any thought you have to the contrary is a result of a past disability, purposely installed in your mind in order to keep you under control—a past shrouded in Total Amnesia.

Q) How do you feel it will be taken by the wider public?

I think it is ground-breaking.  There is the initial “huh?” Then gradually it is understood, taken in and enjoyed.  Because Total Amnesia is written from a personal viewpoint as someone who doesn’t “get” science fiction, it can be better understood by the broader public.

Q) How do you discover a concept?

It’s right there in front of your nose.  You just have to look.

Q) Who are you? I mean other than Tim Northway—who have you been?

I’ve been just about everything at one time or another, at least in my own fertile imagination.

Q) Do you believe we are all reborn?

Honestly, I don’t want to say that because it bumps up against personal beliefs and that is not my intention.  If you can’t prove it, why say it?

This novel is not intended to conflict with any philosophy or religion.  In fact, in the story, Professor Espree, (the creator of this universe) did believe in God.  It’s just a bigger viewpoint.

The idea of past lives does make a great story.  So much more material!

Q) Why do you believe this?

What I believe is continually changing as I live life and learn new things.  What I know is pretty rock solid.  So do I KNOW this? No comment.

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