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Tim Northway and his mist. That’s all…

Q) What is the “mist” in “Total Amnesia” and where does it come from? Why a “mist” anyway? What was that concept all about?

I assume you’re asking about the gas that paralyzes the humans so they can be collected up by the invaders.

It is a very easy way of taking over a planet.

The brain of all living things contain a “node” programmed into the DNA.  This node will react to a certain composition of gas, shut down the body and activate a locating beacon.

For example, if a Harvest company has an order for 100,000 Moose, the ship will gas the planet with a particular gas composition.  This will paralyze all Moose and only Moose—no other organism will be affected by the gas.

In this story, the Harvest ship has a purchase order to collect up all the humans.

The story begins as the pink gas (mist) descends upon the planet, penetrating solids as easily as air. The humans have no defense as the mist approaches.  Imagine watching an approaching wall of pink gas as it pervades the planet, knowing there is nothing you can do to escape it.

Pretty grim!


Q) Did you write “Total Amnesia” with a sequel in mind?

No, but it has opened itself up to many sequel ideas!


Q) What is “Total Amnesia” about anyway?

It’s a good, old fashioned alien attack on Earth told from my viewpoint, play by play, until every human on Earth has collapsed in paralysis—with the exception of me.  I was singled out for a purpose.

I am taken on a fantastic tour of the universe and into a forgotten past.


Q) Where did the title of “Total Amnesia” come from?

The forgotten past that—to be confined here on Earth—everyone must have in common.  We are here for a reason.  The reasons will all be revealed to you when you regain your memory of the past.


Q) If you could go back and rewrite any part of “Total Amnesia” what would you rewrite?

That’s a tough question as I have rewritten it so many times, I figure I’ve done all the rewriting I can.


Q) Do you feel it’s important to make a story entertaining or is it more important to get your message out there?

I am a writer who bases his story on a message.  Then I attempt to make an entertaining story around it.


Q) Taken on a base level how would you describe this book?

A wild, very entertaining story of self discovery and a view of this universe that you never would have suspected and most importantly, a way to free yourself as a soul!


Q) How do you feel about presenting a book to the reading public? Does that scare you?

No way, it is exciting to hear how it is received.  I hope it meets my expectations (which are very high).


Q) If you sat down to think about “Total Amnesia” for a second, who would your favorite character be?

This one is obvious.  It’s Professor Espree.  I created this character with the perfect woman in mind.



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