Novel Ideas is The Home of the Hits

Novel Ideas is proud to announce that we have had a week of bonanza sales… Author promotion is starting to catch fire and people are starting to realize the power of indie books!


Boyd Lemon #2!

Boyd Lemon hits #2 with “Eat, Walk, Write.”


Bruce Bennett #1111

Bruce Bennett hits #1 with “Digital Air.”

MJ Summers still #1

MJ Summers scores one of the biggest indie hits of the year with “Break In Two.”

Michael Haden 30,000

Michael Haden scores a hit supreme with “A Deal With God.”

michael haden 18!

Michael Haden charting….

Yveta Germano climbing again

Yveta Germano hits home with “Bring Me Back.”

Brian Hanley #3

"Wisemen" is charting highly for Bruce Bennett.

“Wisemen” is charting highly for Bruce Bennett.

Cliff Roberts 12,000

Cliff Roberts scores his 5th huge hit with “Conch Republic.”

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  1. You’ve done it again Nick! Is there no stopping you!