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Nov 10

The World Through McLendon’s Glasses: An Interview with Author Rebecca McLendon

What is a writer? An entertainer? A genius? A vessel through which ideas are expressed? I’ve often pondered on that question. I’m sure you have too. This interview is with Rebecca McLendon, who has written a new book. This book is not a clod. It’s a fantastic look at the way our modern world looks …

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Oct 07

A Nation of Western Lovers: An Interview With Western Author Seth Nation… And A Very Special Free Gift!

Have you ever wanted to pick the brains of a top author? An author with a proven track record of success? An author who has managed to scale the mountain– and has been consistently at the top? This is your opportunity. This interview with Seth Nation will be revealing, entertaining, and will fire your desire …

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Sep 29

The Exciting Western Writing World of P.W. Burroughs

This interview is going to be interesting. Why? Because we are going to meet a guy who narrates books… and writes Westerns… How about that for a combination? It’s been done before– but nobody can deny that it takes a suitcase filled with talent to pull together than combination. This P.W. Burroughs… and you may …

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Sep 14

Why Being Positive Could Be The Biggest Book Promotional Breakthrough Money Could Never Buy

As humans we find ourselves being negative more often than being positive. As a writer, it’s easier to be negative about the reception your books have garnered than to find the good. In my everyday job as a promoter of books, I have found that, at times, you are working against a wall of negativity—a …

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Aug 30

Fightin’ To Be A Western Bestseller With “Massacre” Master Lon Safko

Since the release of his first Western, “Massacre,” the world has been hearing a lot about Lon Safko. With that first book now available as an audiobook, and his second book on the market, I decided to sit down and find out the motivation behind the success of Lon Safko. What makes him such an …

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Aug 23

Why It’s Not Fantasy for an Author to Aim to Move a Million

Authors are always asking me THE question, as I call it. How can I become as successful as some of the big names I see in the Western writing world? I have started to ask them a simple question in return. How many Western authors have achieved ONE MILLION PAGES read in a single month? …

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Aug 19

Western Voice Star Paul Provo To Release New Hit Western Audiobook

This new interview is with audiobook voice Paul Provo. Paul, who resides in Spain, has just completed working on the mammoth task of recording a new Western for author Chet A. Cord. This brilliant new book is called “The Tumbleweed Trail: An Outlaws Choice Series.” But what about the voice behind the book? How does he …

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Aug 09

Romance Author Megan Elizabeth Describes The Perfect Book Boyfriend

As a romance writer, I spend a lot of time thinking about what it is that makes me want to make a character my ‘book boyfriend.’ As a single woman in the dating world, I do the same thing. I can’t help but wonder what’s hot? What attracts me? What is it that makes me …

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Aug 04

“Each Wind That Blows” Author Susannah Cord Reveals Her Relationship With Writing

Susannah Cord, author, horsewoman, thinker, wife, friend… What does she think about when she writes pages of a book? Why did she even become a writer? How does anyone become a writer? I have questions and Susannah has answers. Check out this great interview with the author of the riveting “Each Wind That Blows.” Who do …

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Jul 27

“Wild One” Rydell Pens a Whole Lotta Memoir: A Note for All Lovers of Music Looking for Books to Read

As an avid record buyer, it was pretty exciting for me to get hold of a copy of the new Bobby Rydell memoir, “Teen Idol on the Rocks,” which has to be, with little doubt, one of the better music memoirs I’ve read in some time. For those of you who are unfamiliar with Rydell– …

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