The World Through McLendon’s Glasses: An Interview with Author Rebecca McLendon

becky1What is a writer? An entertainer? A genius? A vessel through which ideas are expressed? I’ve often pondered on that question. I’m sure you have too. This interview is with Rebecca McLendon, who has written a new book. This book is not a clod. It’s a fantastic look at the way our modern world looks through a special set of glasses. Wait… I won’t tell you about it. Let’s ask the author…

What made you want to become a writer in the first place?

I have always expressed myself even as a small child with chalk and a chalkboard, drawing and telling my stories as I drew.

Have you written any other books that are not published? Do you have ideas lying around that you may work on one day? 

I have notes stashed in files both in boxes and on the computer that “could” evolve into books.  But as of now, all books that I have written are published and available.

What do you think about the e-Book revolution?

For readers, especially those who travel a great deal, e-Books have been quite a boon.  It is a highly efficient way to carry things you wish to read or need to read while travelling.  Besides that, they are more economical, cost wise.  As a reader, I love carrying my entire “library” about with me wherever I go.  As a writer, submitting copy for e-Publication is a breeze.  I have done several short stories via digital upload and marvel at the speed of getting your work “out there.”  As a published author of books, I find royalties received are not as great, simply because the cost to the customer is less.  E-Books are the cutting edge now, so we make it work for everyone.

How would you describe your writing style?

I conceive an idea or ideas in my head and jot them down. In my first two books, I had an active blog from which I formulated my books.  I also keep physical and digital files of notes, research (yes, research even for fiction) and as soon as the ideas begin to form inside my heart, I begin to write down my plan… a bare bones plan upon which I will build the story.  As for characters, as one is formed in my mind I jot down notes on situations, physical and emotional traits and give that character a name.

Pen, typewriter or computer?

My writing is a mixture of pen and paper as well as computer, which is my main medium for writing.

Do you write alone or in public?

Both!  Never leave home without pen and paper or iPad.  I have written some powerful scenes in public places.  Most probably walk by thinking I am attending to my shopping list.  LOL  I try to not draw attention to myself.  I am never quite ready to answer “Whatcha writing?”  and those things interrupt the train of thought for the most part.

Music or silence?

I mostly prefer to write in silence.  I want my words to talk to me.

When you are in full writing mode, do you have goals of a certain number of words a week or do you just as write when inspiration strikes?

The blast of inspiration IS “full writing mode” for me.  Now, that is entirely different from SERIOUS writing mode when trying to finish up and get it in a format my publicist will welcome.  Both scream to other people around, “Please do not disturb me.  I am writing.”  When I am in that pr­e-publicist phase, I set a goal of at least two hours a day until the product is ready to go.

What tactics do you have when writing? Do you jump right in, or do you have to outline?

Again, I must answer, “both.”  Although “outline” takes the back seat to jumping right in.

What has your experience been like as an author? 

At first I agonized over whether I even WAS an author.  Now I agonize when I am not writing.  It is very addictive to write, and I am sure I will die with pen in hand or computer screen flickering with prose of a work in progress.

What have you put most of your effort into regarding writing?

Unblogging material to put into book format for non-fiction was quite an undertaking for me, however, writing fiction was my greatest challenge.  I had to remove myself from the story as my main characters took form.  Once I got “into” my characters, I found them rather likeable friends.

What is your new book about?

I would say my new novel, It Is Time, encompasses several vibrant facets woven into one gemstone.  It breathes “Apocalypse,” “conspiracy theory,” deep mysteries of the unexplained, yet real, and genuine human and spiritual struggle set in an acutely contemporary setting.

Do your books have a lesson to be learned or a moral?

Yes, and those lessons/morals are woven throughout, waiting to be discovered.  When they are discovered and the reader gives an “Aha!” the reader will walk around with a huge lightbulb burning over his head!

What is your favorite part of your new book?

Other than the onset of the action at the beginning, the ending with its element of surprise still amazes me.  To write it was a total surprise and a delight.

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