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Branded With The Old West: An Interview with Western Bestseller Douglas R. Cobb

This interview is with a very talented man. Douglas R. Cobb. A man who has recently scored his first major hit on the Western bestseller charts. The book was called “Guns of the United States Marshals” and is slowly shaping up into one of the biggest hits of the year so far. What drives Douglas …

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A Nation of Western Lovers: An Interview With Western Author Seth Nation… And A Very Special Free Gift!

Have you ever wanted to pick the brains of a top author? An author with a proven track record of success? An author who has managed to scale the mountain– and has been consistently at the top? This is your opportunity. This interview with Seth Nation will be revealing, entertaining, and will fire your desire …

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So You Want To Turn Your Western Into An Audiobook?

A great voice is something to be cherished… voices like Lanza, Sinatra, Elvis and Bob Dylan have all found success in the music industry, and when you have a voice like Paul Provo, you can get work wherever you go as easily as opening your mouth. Outlaws Publishing signed Chet A. Cord just recently, and needed …

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