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May 24

When The Sins Of The Past Claim The Future, The Craving For More Can Turn Deadly…. Paranormal Romance From Megan Elizabeth

When the sins of the past claim the future, the craving for more can turn deadly….  When the Goddess of Love and the Father of Evil determine your fate, do you fight back? Matteaus, leader of the Fallen, never backs down from a challenge. Not even when his fated female proves to be the most …

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May 24

Rare New Alex Cord Art Movie Revealed: An Interview with Director Steve Carver

Many people know actor and author Alex Cord from his work in the Western field, or from his iconic role on TV’s Airwolf. But have you ever wondered what his darker side is like? Recently, I was contacted by Steve Carver, a very talented photographer, who wanted to work with Alex. To my surprise, he …

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May 23

A Trilogy of Aviation: An Interview with Mike Trahan

Mike Trahan could be described as a “living legend.” In a world where everyone is a legend, we have to take that title with a grain of salt. Let me explain how Mike actually fits that title. Mike Trahan followed his dream to become a pilot. He had true grit and fought all the obstacles …

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May 18

The Cowboy of Preacher’s Corner: An Interview with Western Literary Star Bruce G. Bennett

If you are asked about a man named Bruce—many come to mind. There’s Bruce Springsteen, Bruce Jones, Robert the Bruce… and Bruce G. Bennett. The quintessential Western author. Imagine for a few minutes that you are back in the Old West. A stagecoach has arrived in town, and you are helping the good folks unload …

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Jun 30

An Intriguing Interview With British Author Andrea Baker

Andrea Baker is an English writer with a story to tell. This is the first interview we have done together, and I have to say that it’s a fascinating look into the mind of a writer. You will be seeing a lot more of Andrea in the future as she takes a trip around radio …

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Mar 25

Dielle: A Writer To Notice

I would like to introduce a writer who has taken the longer route to publishing success. Dielle is her name and she has written a fascinating book called The Unknown Mother. The book has already been a success for her. What drew me to Dielle was something traditional– she found herself a publisher who signed …

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Mar 21

FREE BOOK!! What We Want Most for Our Kids – But Unsure How to Provide It!

My name is Patrick McMillan. As a parenting coach, I’ve asked hundreds of parents,“What do you want most for your children?” I would be hard pressed to recall even one mom or dad that did not respond with the word happiness. I asked this question to myself fifteen years ago after our first son was …

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Mar 07

Her Walking Miracle: Nick Wale Uncovers Poet Andrew Boyd

When a poet like Andrew Boyd comes along, I just have to ask myself one important question: Can I get him onto ‘Novel Ideas’? I asked and Andrew said yes!  What can I tell you about the talented Mr Boyd? He has just released his first volume of poetry– it’s called WORDPLAY and is currently …

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Feb 18

Nick Wale Interviews Author Stuart A. Barton About His ‘Hunger’ to Create…

Stuart A. Barton is a writer and, like all writers, he has a story to tell. Life didn’t start for him until 36. By his own admittance, he spent much of his life up until that point “wandering around life aimless and drunk.” Then it happened– as it happens to all of us. He found …

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Feb 15

Poetry is the Music of the Mind- Nick Wale Interviews Published Poet Marianne Zirkle…

Poets are special people. I have found that they are some of the oldest spirits and have a wonderful view of the world. A few months ago, I interviewed a fantastic photographer called Ray Zirkle. See that interview here. Ray and I had a great time and recently he contacted me to interview his wife, …

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