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Aug 03

REBLOG: Forum Featuring Juliette Douglas: An Interview With A Hit Western Writer!

Isn’t it wonderful that so many authors are being recognized? Recognized as writers of great western fiction. Thanks has to be given to Scott Harris, a great western seller himself, for putting together interviews with many of the latest, and greatest names in the genre. I think Harris is becoming the Alan Lomax of the …

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Jul 30

Death Rides A Grey Horse: A Western Adventure From Bestseller Fred Staff!

“Death Rides A Grey Horse” is the new, action-packed western adventure from leading author Fred Staff. From the hills of Montana to the plains of Arizona—Staff writes western action that will leave you spellbound. This new Staff adventure is filled to the brim with adventure, gun smoke and the sound of gunshots. Joel Roberts hated …

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Jul 27

A New Western Adventure From M. Allen: Jackson Sutton: An Assassin To Kill For: A Western Adventure

Jackson Sutton had always been the brother who went his own way. After cutting a bloody swath of revenge across the Texas territory with his family, Jackson sought to make his own fortune doing what he did best—killing. For years, he’d kept his brothers separate from his life as the top assassin within the network …

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Oct 03

Discussing “Lone Wolf” With Bestselling Western Author Weldon Shaw

This interview is with one of the best Western writers of today. His name is Weldon Shaw, and his new book “Lone Wolf” has been a constant favorite with Western readers. “Lone Wolf” is the first book in a series– and what a series! Catch this new interview with Weldon– and get hooked! Hooked on …

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Sep 09

“Murder? Maybe…” With Hollywood Actor, Producer and Author Troy Andrews-Smith

Have you ever wondered what it’s like to be a titan of the entertainment industry? I sure have. This interview is with Troy Andrews-Smith. A man who has acted, written songs, written books, produced motion pictures and lived among the Hollywood elite. He has been entertaining himself lately with a new kick. That kick is… …

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Jun 07

To Be The Kin of an Outlaw: An Interview with Western Author B.W. Hedgepeth

This interview is something a little different. B.W. Hedgepeth is the descendant of one of the greatest bandits of the American West. The book is called “The Debonair Bandit,” and it’s hero is a man called Marion Hedgepeth. You can learn more about his ordeals here. So, why did B.W. want to write a book …

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