King of the Wild West Frontier: An Interview with Western Super-Seller Bruce G. Bennett

bruce bennettBruce. G. Bennett is one of the most successful Western authors of 2016, so far. His Westerns have been racing up the bestseller charts. I want you to use your imagination for a few moments. Imagine for a few minutes that you are back in the Old West. A stagecoach has arrived in town, and you are helping the good folks unload their personal possessions from the coach. The door opens, and you find a man holding a book. That book is called “Preacher’s Corner: A Gabriel Torrent Western,” and the owner tells you this is the latest Western bestseller from Bruce G. Bennett. You are stuck in Cheyenne for the day. You sit down, and you start to read. Meet Bruce G. Bennett.


Nothing gets more Western than Bruce G. Bennett.

Of course, doing a really preposterously good job of writing Westerns depends a lot on knowing the rules about what makes good writing. Knowing the archetypal definition of telling Western tales: How is this story different? Why is it individual? What is that character driving at?

 As a writer, it takes someone with patience, intelligence and an imagination the size of Kansas. Take Bruce G. Bennett, for instance—a writer who scored a huge hit with “UnAmerica” and then disappeared to take in the country air. He then came back with three possible books, the first of which is now sitting on Amazon. It’s called “Preacher’s Corner,” a Western. A true, gritty, down-to-earth Western that will blow you away. That’s why Bruce G. Bennett takes his time. He, as a writer, needs to blow you away. The second book of those three he presented will be released later this year.

.On a personal side, he lives with his wife in Pennsylvania and spends his days writing and listening to the sounds of Marty Robbins and other country superstars.


Bruce, how did you get into the writing business?

I always enjoyed reading, and as a salesman, I had a lot of opportunity to travel the world, normally with a book in my hand. I decided to try my hand at writing because I had a story to tell. That story became “UnAmerica,” and readers liked it. I just hope they will enjoy “Preacher’s Corner” as much.

Why Westerns?

As a kid, I would watch the Westerns on TV—Gunsmoke, Bonanza, Wild West West, and the rest. I knew that I enjoyed the genre, but I didn’t really think anyone was writing Westerns anymore—let alone reading them. My publicist told me that Westerns were a big market and BOOM! I knew I was going to write a Western. It was a dream come true for me.

Do you think you will write more Westerns?

Certainly. Just as a writer needs to write, the Western reader needs to read. I have the second one plotted out in my head already.

What do Westerns say about being American?

That’s an interesting question—and one any American could answer in a very deep and personal way. For me, the Western signifies the struggle we went through becoming American. The fighting, the independence, the struggle and the strife. Westerns are the history of our country—the place where we all came from.

Do you enjoy the Westerns currently riding high on the bestseller listings?

Certainly. Especially those of my good friend, Cliff Roberts. I was fortunate enough to have a foreword for my new book written by Jeff Breland, who has a great series of Westerns called “The Loner with a Badge Series.” I also enjoy the publisher I am currently allied with—Outlaws Publishing. A good name for a Western publishing company, don’t you think?

Where do you see Westerns heading in the future?

I see them staying as popular as they currently are. A lot of people are moving into writing Westerns, and those people are having varying degrees of success. It comes down to the stories they write, though. The readers are there, but the stories have to be good. If the stories are high quality, there’s no reason for the Western to die.

What would your dream Western be?

I’d love to write about some of the great Western folklore heroes. Guys like Davy Crockett, Billy the Kid, Sam Bass, John Chisum, Joseph Glidden. I believe there are a lot of untold stories from that time. I would love to be the one to write them.

Why did you sign with Outlaws Publishing?

My publicist suggested them as a good alternative. I liked their marketing plans; I like that they know the market. I enjoy that they, along with my publicist, take care of my writing needs. Every writer should consider a publisher, but that publisher has to be a good fit for the author. Outlaws was what I needed at that time.

Will there be any other books coming from you this year?

Quite possibly. I have a book called “UnDefeated” coming out in the near future—we are having the audiobook recorded right now. Watch this space.

Where can we find out more about you, and where can we buy your books?

Go West… to Amazon, young man. Search for Bruce G. Bennett on Amazon, and you’ll find out everything about me. It’s all there. If you need more information you can email my publicist at

You can catch “Preachers Corner: A Gabriel Torrent Western” by Bruce G. Bennett today from Amazon. You can also learn more by visiting his official Amazon Author Page today.

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