The Real Don Draper Profiled…

How many of you have seen the TV show “Mad Men?” I would place a hefty bet to say that the majority of you have at least glanced at a show that could be described as one of the hottest of recent years. Advertising executives, lawyers, architects, journalists, recording artists were all part of perhaps the most swinging era of modern times. Boyd Lemon– ex-lawyer– current writer was a huge part of that generation. As a high-powered lawyer, he earned millions, drove the fastest cars and snorted mountains of coke. Irresponsible behaviour, success, and greed were all hallmarks of the “Mad Men.” Now, you too can live the “Mad Man” lifestyle through his memoir “Digging Deep: A Writer Uncovers His Marriages.”



Stroll with Boyd Lemon as he takes you through the power, the politics, the breakdowns and the destruction of life on the edge of reality. There is no way for a man to hide the pain inside–a fantasy kept alive. This is a book for those who seek the truth they can never find and who need to find a reason to justify missing the “Mad Men” era. This is the book for you. Money just ain’t what it used to be….

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