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Apr 25

Why The Middle East Still Fascinates Writing Star Cliff Roberts

There was a time in the past when the world didn’t know who a Cliff Roberts was. Back then, there were no cell phones, there were no computers. There were just dinosaurs. It was their lack of knowledge about Cliff Roberts that caused that dog-gone meteorite to come down from space and kill them all. …

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Jul 22

Breaking Through The Creative Wall by Christoper C. Meeker

  As fiction writers, it is our job to entertain our readers through our words. There are times, however, when it becomes a struggle to come up with new ideas for that short story or novel you’re attempting to pen. Every writer suffers from a creativity deficiency at some point in their career. They hit …

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May 05

The First Exclusive Interview with Author Timothy Cooper

Democrat Jesus runs for President to stop war between Muslims and Christians! Get your copy of the new hit of the 2016 presidential campaign season today! “You will love it and be empowered by it!” says one Goodreads reader. Yes, that’s right, Timothy Cooper’s new novel, “2020 or My Name is Jesus Christ and I’m …

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Jan 30

Vietnam Pilot Steve Taylor Goes ‘Wheels Up’ in This New Interview

Steve Taylor was raised on a farm in Mt. Pleasant, S.C. He is a 1960 graduate of The Citadel with a degree in civil engineering, and he served six years as a pilot in the U.S. Air Force with service in Vietnam. Following a long flying career, he retired as an international airline captain. Taylor …

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May 10

An Interview With Children’s Author Olga D’Agostino

Olga D’Agostino (or MRS. D. as you may know her) is a bestselling author of children’s books and short stories. Her books are enjoyed by children the world over, and she has just released her first short story entitled, “The Little Girl Praying on the Hill.” Her bestselling children’s book, “The Trees Have Hearts,” will …

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Feb 28

Making Susannah Run! Author Susannah Cord on the Record

Good children’s authors are a rare commodity. Susannah Cord is one of those rare children’s authors. Her book “Fenella: A Fable of a Fairy Afraid To Fly” is a really special book. “Fenella”  is a beautiful young fairy with a wonderful family and a perfect life – except for one thing. Unlike the other fairies …

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Jan 12

“A Glimmer of Hope”– The New Bestseller From M.L Newman!

Glimmer of Hope is a fun and exciting romance/thriller from new author M.L. Newman. Becki is torn between her boyfriend with whom she sees her future and his career which would take them away from her gratifying work and the life she has built thus far. Enter Eric—the quiet, reclusive and frequently broody writer. Is …

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Jan 11

Foal Revealed! An Inspiring Interview With Foal

A Conversation With FOAL Author of FOAL AND THE ANGELS—Wisdom Comes Through: A Journey of Understanding FROM THE SPIRITUAL REALM FOAL and the Angels is about a journey to understand the great wisdom hidden behind life. Through a series of dreams and insightful messages that provide FOAL with some pretty intensive lessons, the mystery of life …

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Dec 02

Foal Dreams: An Interview with Foal

After the success of our first interview, I wanted to interview Foal and the Angels author Foal again. This interview is all about the importance of dreams, listening to what we are being told, and how we can learn from our subconscious. Listen, learn and become open-minded with Foal.   Q) Why are dreams important …

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Nov 28

Tom Ufert asks “Is This Heaven?”

Is this heaven?  No, it’s Thanksgiving in America. To paraphrase a famous line from one of my all-time favorite movies, A Field of Dreams, I decided to write of hope and grace that I believe is sorely lacking in this country and indeed throughout the world.  For me the 1989 movie plucks a heartstring, as …

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