Foal Dreams: An Interview with Foal

After the success of our first interview, I wanted to interview Foal and the Angels author Foal again. This interview is all about the importance of dreams, listening to what we are being told, and how we can learn from our subconscious. Listen, learn and become open-minded with Foal.


dreamsQ) Why are dreams important to us?

Dreams are more than simply important, they are actually essential to our well being, to life itself ! And now, we know for certain from scientific experiments that, if deprived of dreaming, human beings will become neurotic or will start showing very disturbing behaviors. So, you see, even if we don`t remember our dreams, we still do need to dream in order to keep our mental and emotional balance. We cannot live without sleep, or without dreams.

Q) What is the most important thing a dream has explained to you?

Emotionally and spiritually speaking, it’s difficult to choose one since there are more than I could tell. It’s a bit like having a wise man (or a jester sometimes!) by your side who is not explaining things to you in a didactic and pedantic way, but rather showing you what would happen `IF`, and so you can spontaneously make your decision on your own.

Q) Is there one dream that really stands out above all others?

YES! There is ONE BIG DREAM that stands out above the others. Three years ago I was diagnosed with endometrial cancer, or rather, the dreams diagnosed me first, and they strongly ( i.e., nightmarishly!! LOL!) recommended me to have a check up. Even when doctors couldn’t find anything wrong with me and were telling me to come back in a year or so, the dreams kept pushing me till I went for a second and third opinion, and then we finally found it. So thanks to my dreams, the cancer was found at the very beginning, stage A, level 1. If I had waited a year or more as I had been told, I don’t know how things may have ended. In my heart of hearts, I know they saved my life. And one day I know I`ll have to write at length about this experience, too!

Q) Do you believe “Foal and the Angels” appeals to all kinds of people, and did you write it with that in mind?

Absolutely! FOAL and the Angels is definitely not only for the spiritually-oriented, but also for the man in the street, for just everybody with an open heart. Besides, it`s such an easy and quick read that it can be enjoyed by the young and the old , the educated and the not-that-well educated, the spiritual and the not spiritual at all. That’s one more reason why I chose the story/fairytale format. FOAL and the Angels’ contents is spiritual indeed, but in a very common sense/everyday-life way. Apart from the bits of wisdom that are there for sure, FOAL`s reactions to that very wisdom can get kind of quite hilarious, too.

Q) What do you think makes a good book?

To me, a book has to be enjoyable, in whatever form it may come—essay, dissertation, novel, short story. It has to be read with JOY. Joy that may come from a desire for more knowledge, a desire for raising awareness, for inspiration, or just for the sake of having a great time indulging in fantasies or laughter. Well, simply put, for me a book is good if you enjoy reading it.

Q) How did you know that your book was ready for release?

Well, the dreams and the story had been brewing up for quite a few years, although the moment never felt ripe yet. It was almost a fermentation process, till the moment when I could find the right thread to stitch the whole experience into a story that could make an easy, yet profound read. And, please believe me, I say this in the most humble way, since I am certainly not ever going to take credit for that. (I mean, the profound part!)

Q) Do you enjoy running your Facebook page?

Yes, I like to be in contact with people in such way. And it has made me `meet` so many wonderful people that otherwise I would have never met indeed.

Q) Do you enjoy blogging?

Actually, I started blogging only very recently, and at first I thought I would not make much of a blogger.  But as it goes, now I enjoy it greatly. When I start writing a post, I rarely know what words will be flowing out of me next. So it is such a pleasure to see how much I had in myself that I didn’t consciously know. In a way, you could say that it does help me dig out treasures I didn’t know were there …

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Q) When you write do you like to do it in silence? With music? What works for you?

Mostly in silence…so to speak LOL ! my head is always buzzing and soooo talking to itself that actually there is hardly any silence at all !

Q) Can you tell me what “Foal and the Angels” is about and why readers would enjoy it?

Well, it is a story told by a boy (FOAL) who has all these dreams, and through the unfolding of his dreams and the impact they have on his life, he finally starts to understand the great secrets of wisdom hidden behind the mysteries of life. It is also a story of how dreams and `messages` led me, a.k.a. FOAL, on a spiritual journey that of course is still on its way. You see, dreaming is an ongoing story, and if you dream every night—and pay attention to the intrinsic message in there–you will end up with a manual for almost all that is happening in your life! And I mean this! FOAL`s ten thousand questions get actually answered through the recounting of his dreams and his adventures with the Angels. I called it “Angels School,” but you can call it whatever you like!

Q) Do you believe that a book can change the life of an individual?

ABSOLUTELY ! I have not the least doubt ! It’s happened to me a few times before, for instance, with The Little Prince, The Alchemist and a few others. But most of all the writing/reading of FOAL itself did change my life in so many ways…in so many BETTER ways. It helped me a lot in living my life in a more `conscious` way and my greatest hope is that it may do the same for others, too.

Q) How long does it take you to write a book?

Well, this is my first book, and it took me a year and a half. But I daresay that every book has its own time of incubation, fermentation, and writing and publication. I am writing FOAL II at the moment, but I don’t know if it will take the same amount of time, and honestly it doesn’t matter to me at all. Whatever time is needed, is needed. Period. It doesn’t really matter, does it ?

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