Ghost on a Canvas: Nick Wale Interviews Author William Gabienu

William Gabienu believes in God. He believes that we all need to get back into a way of life that includes God. The ultimate form of self help comes from believing in our creator. I asked William to come and chat to me about his new book. Now, you may ask why I called this one “Ghost on a Canvas.”  It struck me that when people lose faith, it doesn’t mean the faith has disappeared– it’s always there like a ghost looking down at you– you just need to find it again. When you need it, you’ll see it. I found William to be honest, forthright and completely in love with his faith. In fact, let’s go read the interview. William can tell you exactly what he believes….


Q) Hi, William– thank you for joining me for this interview. I know how busy your schedule is right now with your lectures and recent book release. For those who haven’t heard of you, who is William Gabienu?

A) I am a young man who just hit 29. A church guy since childhood. I think I picked up my passion for studying and reading Christian materials at that early age. My deep knowledge of Christianity automatically put me in the right position to become a bible teacher in my local church. I evolved over time into a new way of spreading faith. I started to motivate and inspire people based on the word of scripture, and so I became somebody who is invited frequently as a speaker at various conferences.

Q) It sounds like a natural step to me. You went from bible teacher to inspirational lecturer. I guess your book came along at its own natural pace, too? Just another step towards reaching a wider audience?

A) Basically, yes. I thought I should reach as many people out there as possible.

Q) So what do you want to help people with? What is your focus as a motivational speaker and self help guru?

A) Nick, I have met a lot of people over the course of my various functions, and one thing I have discovered is the deep sense of emptiness that many have. Christians and non-Christian people have lost touch with the true purpose of life and real meaningfulness. In short, I try to help people get back on track with their God-given lives and purposes.

Q) Why do you think people have become distracted from their faith? What do you think has caused that?

A) Well, firstly, I think it has to do with their disconnection with the true source of all meaningful things- GOD.

He gives life and so the direction and planning and true purpose of the same must be given by Him. I think it is wisdom. Secondly, people want to do everything out there and they get “lost” in the process because they end up doing what they were not born to do. The list goes on and on. My book gives a detailed account of why people have become lost.

Q) It has been said that people in the modern age have become “spoilt” and “selfish.” What do you think of that statement?

A) If you mean “spoilt” in the sense of poor usage of their lives, yes. “Selfish”….I would say “self-centred” instead, and this is evident in the fact that their plans have taken the place of God’s. Their thoughts seek to bring more honour to themselves rather than to God; and believe me, with this practice, man loses himself.

Q) Have you ever lost yourself?

A) Everyone has at some point in life, otherwise we wouldn’t be human.

I have lost myself sometimes, and I must say when you wake up and there is that deep sense of emptiness inside you, it’s bad. My book was birthed, actually, out of personal experiences and from what I have learnt from studying the lives of others.

Q) You took your own experiences and knew that they’d help others. Did you know instinctively that now was the time? That writing your book Grabbing Your Destiny By The Horns was the way ahead?

A) To say the book was ‘the way ahead’ is not exactly how I would put it. Let’s say it was just another way to spread my words of wisdom and the love of God.

I actually wanted my words in the hands of people and to see them benefiting largely. The words written in a book go far and I wanted the word of God to be spread as far as possible.

Q) Word gets around! So how did you find the writing process? Do you like late night writing or writing in the morning? Do you write with music? How does William Gabienu write?

A) (Laughs)  I like music a lot so I find it quite distracting when writing. Actually, I don’t have a particular writing moment. I write at any time the fancy takes me. I just sit and work and lose myself in my words. My brain works always when there is silence.

Q) Tell me about your personal relationship with God and your faith. When did you discover the Lord?

A) I grew up in the church but along the way I realized true relationship with God has very little to do with that. At the age of 17, at a Reinhard Bonnke crusade in my home country, Ghana, I decided to give my life to Christ in a  personal and total way.

Q Do you believe God comes from within?

A) I believes He is inside every true believer by His Spirit. I believe He lives within but I don’t know about Him coming from within.

Q) William, that is a very interesting philosophy. I have to ask, have you ever had a prayer answered?

A) A lot of times. I think one thing the Lord does best is to show Himself strong in our lives and I am happy about this.

Q) How is God viewed in Ghana? Is Ghana a heavily Christian country?

A) Yes, Christianity is the dominant religious force there and that’s a good thing for people like myself

Q) You currently live in Milan, Italy though, right? Why did you leave Ghana?

A) (Laughs) My parents have lived in Milan for many years. I felt it was time for a family reunion.

Q) Well, since our time is almost up, where can people find your book Grabbing Your Destiny By The Horns?

A) My book is available from all major bookstores and online. Thank you for interviewing me, Nick! I really enjoyed our time together and I can’t wait for the next one.grabbingdestiny

William and I ended the interview, and I found myself wondering about my own faith. I always do when I talk to religious experts. All I know is that when guys like William or Paul W. Meier talk about God, they talk from the heart. When you talk about love, it’s also from the heart– so I guess I love interviewing guys who have faith– it’s a true portrait of love.



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