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May 27

When Will “Lone Wolf” Hit? An Interview with Western Writer Weldon Shaw

Since his retirement, Weldon has had two novels published and set for release in 2015—“Pachuco” (historical fiction) and “The Rise And Fall Of Our Youth” (self-help). He enjoys writing fiction/ romance novels. He believes this gives him the ability to share his inner self and feelings about life with other people. Currently, he is working …

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May 24

Rare New Alex Cord Art Movie Revealed: An Interview with Director Steve Carver

Many people know actor and author Alex Cord from his work in the Western field, or from his iconic role on TV’s Airwolf. But have you ever wondered what his darker side is like? Recently, I was contacted by Steve Carver, a very talented photographer, who wanted to work with Alex. To my surprise, he …

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May 20

Around The Campfire with Western Writing Raider W.M. Montague

W.M. Montague is an enigma when it comes to the writing business. His original release was a seafaring tale of adventure, plunder and good deeds. It was called “Mr Bonner and the Amazing Adventures of Poseidon’s Charge.” After that success, he decided to turn his hand to writing the Westerns he so loved. Now he …

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May 14

Ride The Trail with Cowboy Hitster Author Jeff Breland

This interview is with one of the most popular western authors of the moment. His name is Jeff Breland. You may have read one of his books… If you have then you are in good company. If you haven’t… Well you may want to after you read this interview…. ***** In pursuit of two desperate …

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May 13

An Author For All Seasons: An Interview with Dennis Gager

  You know the younger generation loves Westerns, too. Take a guy like Denny Gager who writes Westerns for a modern audience. His “Storm to the Past” has been a huge success for the company—and since then, he’s released two more books. You can’t normally tie down a guy with such publishing energy for an …

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May 13

The Gunfighters Return: An Interview with Western Star Frank F. Fiore

Frank F. Fiore has been one of the most interesting hit makers of 2016. His new book “Gunfight at Black Ridge” came out of nowhere and broke into the top 100. He has another on the way, and another, and another, and another. His next book will turn the western on its head and take …

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May 06

Forget Amytiville, Poltergeist and Fright Night… Try “My Haunted Lives” For The Real Thing

      The paranormal is a strange thing. This interview is with G. Michael Vasey. A writer who spends much of his time documenting cases of the paranormal. His books on the subject have been some of the most popular written in the last few years. This interview will be all about his experiences. …

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May 05

Painting, Writing, Creating: An Interview with the Very Talented Judy Mastrangelo

Artist and author Judy Mastrangelo recently announced that she will be moving her art into several new and exciting projects. These new products will be developed from her artwork, which is in her new Poetry Ebooks, recently published on Kindle. Judy has also been working on a brand new series of podcasts that have been received with warmth …

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May 03

Post and Repeat: How to Build Your Western Books Into Sellers

Ask anyone. Westerns aren’t big sellers… apparently. Seriously? It must be the biggest secret in the world that the top selling Westerns are consistently outselling most of their rivals. But why is this secret so, well, secret? I’m afraid I can’t answer that at all. All I know is that Westerns are a market of …

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Apr 21

So, Your Western Isn’t Selling… Isn’t It About Time You Turned Your Western Into A Hit?

Today’s interview is with a book promoter. His name Nick Wale, and he has the distinction of having had 15 books in the Western top 100 at the same time. He started off working for thriller writer Cliff Roberts, and during their first year together, he helped move $100,000 dollars’ worth of his thrillers. He …

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