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Jun 09

Jack The Ripper Is Stalking The Old West: An Interview With Western Author Frank F. Fiore

The first book in a new Western mystery series will put the best of the British against the American West. Filled with action, drama, twists, turns and gunfights, this series will leave you wishing for more. Jack the Ripper is terrorizing the citizens of London, and there is only one connection between each murder known …

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Jun 08

A Man On The Run: An Interview With Western Author Stephen Wilson

When it comes to Westerns, it really comes down to story. Most Western readers are careful buyers who really want to lose themselves in a story of the Old West. When I first met Stephen Wilson, author of the fantastic “Frank Palmer Stories” series, I was blown away. Why? Because he couldn’t stop telling me …

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Jun 06

Those Lazy, Hazy, Crazy Days of California: An Interview with Author David Watts

Growing up in Texas in a family with a “can do” attitude, he was always unfamiliar with the concept of limitations. Thus, David Watts has become a doctor, a professionally trained musician, an inventor, a radio and television personality, and an accomplished poet and writer. His literary credits include seven books of poetry, two collections …

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Jun 03

The Million Plus Page Cowboy: An Interview With #1 Bestselling Western Author G.P. Hutchinson

Success, if you can get it, is something to be cherished. G.P. Hutchinson has been at the top of the Western tree for some time now. His first book, “Strong Convictions,” was one of the major Western hits of 2015. His new book, “Strong Suspicions,” climbed to the top of the bestseller listings and has …

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Jun 02

12 Good Reasons To Download “Redemption: A Classic Western (The Frank Palmer Stories Book 1)” Today For Free

Stephen Wilson is an American author. His first book was, “Harvey Couch – An Entrepreneur Brings Electricy to Arkansas”, published in 1986 by August House publishers. He also has won awards for his screenplays which have been presented by the Writer’s Workshop program at the American Film Institute. His mystery, “The White River Killer” was …

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Jun 01

The Meandering Trail: What Every Cowboy Needs

I am not a cowboy by birth. No, I was born in the big city. A city slicker. I only became a cowboy, in my dreams, through Saturday morning Westerns on TV and Western movies starring John Wayne and James Stewart. So when I started to write Westerns, a friend of mine asked what were …

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May 26

Western Star Lon Safko Arrives On “The Wild West Showdown With J.C. Hulsey”

“Massacre! Book 1 in the Secret of the Lost Dutchman” is the first book in a new and exciting Western series from bestselling author Lon Safko based on the true story behind the legendary goldmine. The secret of the Lost Dutchman goldmine has been legendary for as long as anyone can remember—this is the true …

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May 25

The Long and Winding Trail: An Interview with Western Writing Star E.C. Herbert

E.C. Herbert, better known as Al, was brought up in Laconia, New Hampshire. His favorite childhood game, cowboys and Indians, inspired a lifelong love of the Old West and its history. His favorite author is Ralph Cotton. He and his wife, Marion, live in Fort Wayne, Indiana. This exclusive interview with E.C should explain why …

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May 25

The Writer Goes Adventuring: An Interview with Author Dennis Gager

Dennis Gager is a writer of all seasons, and styles. His new book “Outlaws Last Stand” has been on the bestseller charts for sometime now, and keeps bringing new fans into the fold. What makes a writer like Gager so successful? I believe it’s the humility he manages to exude at every turn, and the …

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May 17

The King of the Trail: Top Western Writer John D. Fie. Jr Reveals All

When it comes to big names, in a big industry, John D. Fie., Jr. stands out. His two giant-sized hits have both been in the top ten for months, and he has a third book on the way. Fie isn’t just content to be “another” author. He has crafted his way into the big league… …

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