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Jun 16

Western Star Lon Safko Has A New Book On The Horizon

“Massacre! Book 1 in the Secret of the Lost Dutchman” is the first book in a new and exciting Western series from bestselling author Lon Safko based on the true story behind the legendary goldmine. The secret of the Lost Dutchman goldmine has been legendary for as long as anyone can remember—this is the true …

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Jun 15

Western Author Hutchinson Wins Acclaim, Awards and Leads The Way For Western Authors

WESTERN FICTIONEERS ANNOUNCES THE 6TH ANNUAL PEACEMAKER WINNERS 2016 PEACEMAKER AWARDS BEST FIRST NOVEL: STRONG CONVICTIONS by GP Hutchinson (The Hutchinson Group, LLC) Finalist: DAKOTA TRAILS by Robert McKee (Pen-L Publishing) PISTOL MAN by Daniel Cassidy (Whimsical Publications, LLC) THE SKELETON WALKERS by Derek Burnett (Derek Burnett) BEST NOVEL: BONE DIGGER by Douglas Hirt (Five …

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Jun 06

Those Lazy, Hazy, Crazy Days of California: An Interview with Author David Watts

Growing up in Texas in a family with a “can do” attitude, he was always unfamiliar with the concept of limitations. Thus, David Watts has become a doctor, a professionally trained musician, an inventor, a radio and television personality, and an accomplished poet and writer. His literary credits include seven books of poetry, two collections …

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Jun 03

Greek Gods and Fallen Angels: An Interview With Hybrid Author Megan Elizabeth

Megan Elizabeth is one of the most exciting authors to appear on the book scene in some time.Megan moved to her new publishing home, Scorched Publishing, and released a new edition of “Sinners Craving: League of the Fallen.” Megan, herself, is driven to succeed with the kind of determination rarely seen in the world today. She …

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Jun 01

The Meandering Trail: What Every Cowboy Needs

I am not a cowboy by birth. No, I was born in the big city. A city slicker. I only became a cowboy, in my dreams, through Saturday morning Westerns on TV and Western movies starring John Wayne and James Stewart. So when I started to write Westerns, a friend of mine asked what were …

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May 26

Do Westerns Mirror The American Way of Life? An Interview With Western Superstar Cliff Roberts

From politician to writer… that’s the direction Cliff Roberts has taken. This new interview with him will allow us to take a look at the man behind the books. Does Cliff Roberts believe that Westerns mirror the American way of life? Does Cliff Roberts want to write more Westerns? Does Cliff Roberts love Western movies? …

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May 24

When The Sins Of The Past Claim The Future, The Craving For More Can Turn Deadly…. Paranormal Romance From Megan Elizabeth

When the sins of the past claim the future, the craving for more can turn deadly….  When the Goddess of Love and the Father of Evil determine your fate, do you fight back? Matteaus, leader of the Fallen, never backs down from a challenge. Not even when his fated female proves to be the most …

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May 19

Voyage avec Boyd Lemon et son nouveau livre

Bonjour! This interview with Boyd Lemon is all about travel! Boyd has spent much of his retirement travelling around the world. What would it be like to live in Paris? How would the weather in Tuscany suit you? I think we should find out from someone who really knows… Take us on a trip, Boyd! …

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May 18

Taking Over The Nation: An Interview with the Latest Western ‘King’ Seth Nation

If you are asked about a man named Seth Nation—you may not instantly recognize his name. Yet, Seth Nation, is one of the true contenders for the top spot. Why? Because he’s a very talented author. He is one of the true embodiment’s of Western writing. This interview is with Seth Nation. It’s his first, but won’t be …

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May 13

The Gunfighters Return: An Interview with Western Star Frank F. Fiore

Frank F. Fiore has been one of the most interesting hit makers of 2016. His new book “Gunfight at Black Ridge” came out of nowhere and broke into the top 100. He has another on the way, and another, and another, and another. His next book will turn the western on its head and take …

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