Death Rides A Grey Horse: A Western Adventure From Bestseller Fred Staff!

“Death Rides A Grey Horse” is the new, action-packed western adventure from leading author Fred Staff. From the hills of Montana to the plains of Arizona—Staff writes western action that will leave you spellbound. This new Staff adventure is filled to the brim with adventure, gun smoke and the sound of gunshots.

Joel Roberts hated the fact that he had been a sniper during the Civil War. He had given up his study of law to do his bit in what he thought would be a short conflict. He didn’t realize that the return to his home would show him how the divide of the country had destroyed all that he had fought for. The only thing he felt he could do was find the one woman he had missed over the years of slaughter. Mounted on his outstanding stallion, Ghost, he begins his search for his lady, which leads to continual conflict with evil. He turns into the devil that no one wants to cross. His journey allows him to develop many strange friendships, the most important of which is with Brutus, his dog. They travel endless miles, facing continual threats, and finds that neither can survive without the other.

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