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Jun 27

Tarkeenia! Ellen Mae Gives Us More Tarkeenia!

The first extract I ran from “The Unseen Promise” was so popular, I was asked to do it again! So, let me present some brand new Ellen Mae Franklin to you! I hear on the grapevine she might be coming over for an interview, soon, very soon… We can be heroes, if just for one …

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Jun 21

A Thrilling Friday Freebie!

  I would like to present something special to you all. Now, you know I am always wonderful to you. Let me ask you… Have you taken the time to read the new bestseller by Ellen Mae Franklin? No? Well… Here’s a whole excerpt from “The Unseen Promise” for you to devour… Now don’t say …

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Jun 14

When Two Worlds Collide: Tommy Clark and Ellen Mae Franklin Interviewed!

  Tommy Clark and Ellen Mae Franklin are both highly regarded fantasy writers. It has been said that the fantasy genre is overcrowded with newbie writers who want their wild imaginations to become the next bestseller. I think it would be fair to say that Tommy and Ellen have both managed to create wonderful books. …

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Jun 02

Nobody Told Me: Ellen Franklin Mae Unzipped!

One of the most interesting writers in the world today has to be Ellen Mae Franklin. She has a list of positive reviews that would make most independent writers roll over with jealousy. Her sales are solid. Her fanbase is strong. Yet, she has been overlooked by many of the fantasy readers roaming this world …

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May 27

Signs of retinal detachment

Bestselling writer Ellen Mae Franklin informed me today that she was going on a sales drive. Her book “Unseen Promise” has been nothing more than a pure, golden, smash, shockingly successful HIT! “The author proves a fertile imagination when she sketches the world and characters. And I do not mean a few characters, but a …

Signs of retinal detachment