Nobody Told Me: Ellen Franklin Mae Unzipped!

One of the most interesting writers in the world today has to be Ellen Mae Franklin. She has a list of positive reviews that would make most independent writers roll over with jealousy. Her sales are solid. Her fanbase is strong.

Yet, she has been overlooked by many of the fantasy readers roaming this world for great reads…

Why? Why hasn’t she been discovered?



Read her reviews and decide for yourself…. Is she as good as her fans believe?



“The Unseen Promise takes us on a magical journey in juxtaposed worlds, and one dependent on the other. Such a moreish cast of characters. Franklin knows how to show, rather than tell, and she’s certainly not a timid writer. A multitude of characters means you have to stray on your toesand you can’t miss a paragraph. I found that I sometimes had to go back and re-read parts, however this was not too much of a bother. Franklin’s witty prose make The Unseen Promise: The Tarkeenia Saga, something fresh, in my opinion. A keen fantasy reader, I await the next book in this particular series.” [/important]

[important]“The world of Tarkeenia is rich in fantasy and fabulously imaginative characters – this due to the talent of the author, so beautifully written that the reader is immersed in a tapestry of luxurious description, action and wonderment. Although from the imagination (we assume), it is as if this world is real, as if the author has researched each detail so that it becomes a live tangible place. It is a tale of good and evil, and pride and prejudice, with twists and turns that hook the reader from the start. I don’t give spoilers, however, will say that although a story of epic length, it’s world is worth exploring, so settle in for the ride and thrill with each word.

Highly recommended.”[/important]

[important]”I highly recommend this book! It’s an exciting, fast paced fantasy book. It takes place in a magical world, where with battles between good and evil. They are trying to manipulate Tarkeenia. Once you start reading this book, you won’t want to stop! I am excited for the author to come out with her next book. This is fascinating and compelling!”[/important]


“If you’re looking for a fast paced fantasy story with compelling threads and a mixture of exotic characters – then this is for you. The story is set in a world governed by magic and is basically a battle between good and evil powers that want to manipulate Tarkeenia for their own satisfaction. I found it hard to put the book down and was eager to resume the read – captivation is the tool of this author. I cannot wait for follow up works to this piece.”



The verdict is down to you… Are you an Ellen fan like me or are you going to make the mistake of missing out?


[notice]Don’t miss out on this great read![/notice]

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