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16 Questions. 16 Answers. Don Massenzio on Breaking The Writers Code

Pull up a chair and meet hard-boiled fiction writer Don Massenzio. Don writes hard-line, wisecracking fiction with a large dose of class. Read the interview and don’t you dare miss the books… The Don Massenzio collection is available here.   1. Quickly, give us the title and genre of your book and a short tagline: …

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Touring Across America: Author G. Michael Vasey Spills The Beans

 G. Michael Vasey is one of those unique writers you come across on a hot summer day. I have marvelled at this interview, and I’ve wondered what I can really say about it. I like this writer—a lot—and I can’t wait for you to like him, too! His book The Last Observer is a bit of …

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