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Sep 06

Outlaws Publishing, LLC Records Record Western Sales Over Labor Day With A Little Help From Novel Ideas

Outlaws Publishing, LLC has announced that sales of Western novels in the United States doubled over Labor Day weekend with the help of Nick Wale, of Novel Ideas leading the promotional way. Texas-based publisher Outlaws Publishing, LLC is currently celebrating a huge increase in sales of Westerns over Labor Day. The company, that had huge …

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Aug 04

“Each Wind That Blows” Author Susannah Cord Reveals Her Relationship With Writing

Susannah Cord, author, horsewoman, thinker, wife, friend… What does she think about when she writes pages of a book? Why did she even become a writer? How does anyone become a writer? I have questions and Susannah has answers. Check out this great interview with the author of the riveting “Each Wind That Blows.” Who do …

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Jul 28

The Gunfighter and The Writer: An Interview with Western Bestseller B.W. Hedgepeth

For most of us the legends of the Old West are just characters in stories. For B.W. Hedgepeth they are a reality. B.W. is a living descendant of Western folk legend Marion Hedgepeth. “The Debonair Bandit,” his new book, tells the story of Marion Hedgepeth as it’s never been told before. This is one Western …

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Jun 21

Are You Ready To Sell Books? The Key To Making Your Book Successful

Many people ask me how authors make it. What causes author X to be a bestseller? Was it a special trick of the light? Was it luck? What causes success? I’ve explained many times that consistency is one of the most important ingredients to success. The ability to push your books with consistency is crucial …

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Jun 21

The Amazing Mr Breland: An Interview With Bestselling Western Author Jeff Breland

For Jeff Breland, it comes naturally. It’s a natural thing for him to sit down with a pad and pencil to write a story. A story that could take him many places, to many different times. For readers, it’s a natural thing to want to read a Breland story. An educated man might wonder at …

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Jun 20

How John D. Fie, Jr. Broke Through the Noise and Became a Western Bestseller

  Westerns have been captivating audiences around the world for a long, long time now. Western books, in particular, have been incredibly popular– and no writer has been more popular with modern Western readers than John D. Fie, Jr. Since arriving on the scene, he has scored three major hits. His books have been read …

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Jun 16

A Man For All Audiobooks: An Interview With Audiobook Narrator Paul Provo

This new interview is with audiobook voice Paul Provo. Paul, who resides in Spain, has just completed working on the mammoth task of recording a train orientated audiobook for the Railroad Artifact Preservation Society in Amarillo. This brilliant new book will entertain all train enthusiasts from 1 to 101. But what about the voice behind …

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Jun 15

Western Author Hutchinson Wins Acclaim, Awards and Leads The Way For Western Authors

WESTERN FICTIONEERS ANNOUNCES THE 6TH ANNUAL PEACEMAKER WINNERS 2016 PEACEMAKER AWARDS BEST FIRST NOVEL: STRONG CONVICTIONS by GP Hutchinson (The Hutchinson Group, LLC) Finalist: DAKOTA TRAILS by Robert McKee (Pen-L Publishing) PISTOL MAN by Daniel Cassidy (Whimsical Publications, LLC) THE SKELETON WALKERS by Derek Burnett (Derek Burnett) BEST NOVEL: BONE DIGGER by Douglas Hirt (Five …

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Jun 13

Dead Mans Party: The Haunting World of G. Michael Vasey

    The paranormal is a strange, unknown thing. This interview is with G. Michael Vasey. A writer who spends much of his time documenting cases of the paranormal. His books on the subject have been some of the most popular written in the last few years. This interview will be all about his experiences. …

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Jun 03

Greek Gods and Fallen Angels: An Interview With Hybrid Author Megan Elizabeth

Megan Elizabeth is one of the most exciting authors to appear on the book scene in some time.Megan moved to her new publishing home, Scorched Publishing, and released a new edition of “Sinners Craving: League of the Fallen.” Megan, herself, is driven to succeed with the kind of determination rarely seen in the world today. She …

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