The Naked Robert Watson: An Expose Of A Writer

This isn’t just another author interview. This is an in-depth look at the behind-the-scenes upbringing of Robert Watson. Robert, sailor, author, father, lover, friend and living, breathing history. I wanted to know what made him the man he is today. What were his cultural experiences? What did he see? Hear? Do? Let’s find out…

Robert relaxing after a hard day spent writing.

A) I am happy to report that they seem to be getting stronger and stronger. My publisher has released the paperback two months early. I think that speaks volumes, don’t you?

Q) Let me ask you something else regarding your books. What are you hoping for from your books?

A) Nick, I really write just to hear that people to enjoy my work. I really have no illusions about making millions or being another Tom Clancy. That just isn’t me at all.

Q) Why not?

A) Now, don’t get me wrong! I am not saying I don’t want that. I just happen to believe that sometimes there is a reality to writing. That reality is simply as follows… Not everyone makes it that big. Now, if I do make it that big, so be it.

Q) One of the burning issues of the moment is promotion. What works for you? How do you promote your work?

A) All the usual stuff, Nick. I do interviews. I use Twitter, Facebook, Google+ and I do have a web page. My daughter and some good friends made a YouTube page for me. I am also happy to report that the local papers are very good with me as well. I feel well loved. I think the most important method is word of mouth. You can’t beat people promoting your books for free.

Q) So, what really matters to you, Robert?

A) I know this sounds like a bit of a sound bite, but my family and friends matter a lot. My work is very important to me. Living life to the fullest.

Q) I guess money isn’t important?

A) Nick, oddly enough, no. I don’t need a lot of it to live my life, really.

Q) I guess the right phrase would be to say that you aren’t materialistic?

A) Not at all. Far from it really. I have everything in life I need. Collecting more things, buying, spending, wasting is just more work. I was never much of a buyer of anything.

Q) Let me ask you something, were you ever a record buyer?

A) Absolutely, you bet I was. I was into the glam rock thing. Slade, T-Rex, that sort of thing.

Q) Why “Glam” rock?

A) Probably because my old man hated it! I just loved the sound groups like Slade and T-Rex made! It’s funny because now I hear myself talking like my old man… “Call that bloody music?”

Q) Of course, that music was all born out of the recession of that time. How did the depression of the Eighties change your life?

A) It didn’t really, at all. I was hard-working and always knew how to make a shilling or two; at one point I had three full-time jobs. It just sort of came about, really. I was nursing, then I went into teaching health and safety and I was working as a safety adviser to a group of nursing homes.

Q) You’ve never experienced unemployment?

A) I have actually! It was a few years back now, and I always managed to find work eventually. I have been pretty lucky, really. I have been able to pick up new skills and have dug holes to earn a few bob when I have had to.

Q) Now you’re on your way to being a bestseller!

A) Perhaps!

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