Seven Westerns Taking Over The Top Ten Of The Western Bestsellers Chart: But How Was It Done?

It’s been a good February. With books selling, authors writing and most importantly… readers reading! The top ten of the bestsellers chart represents the ten bestselling books in a given genre… and this morning seven of them came from this direction. I wanted to share this news with you all, and share a few notes about the promotions used on these books. Maybe you can drive seven of your books into the top ten?

At number ten, we have Scotty V. Casper with his latest Western release, “Dispute At Devil’s Slide.” This one was only released a few days ago. Scotty had been a slow seller. We waited until he had three books in his series to sell. That way we had a catalogue on hand. Then we used keywords, categories and inter-author promotion to get “Dispute” moving. With the help of some advertising and a few mailers, he struck gold and now stands at number ten on the bestseller chart. It’s likely that the other two books in the series will reach the top one hundred before long.

Paul L. Thompson stands at number seven with “U.S. Marshal Shorty Thompson – We’re Gonna Die, Ain’t We, Danny.” This one was propelled by his recent number one success, mailers and advertising crossed with several giveaways of his previous titles. It worked. James Scott stands at number six with “Tyler Purdom.” This was the first James Scott Western. We knew a new one wouldn’t be arriving for some time, so we gave this one a slow burning effect. Gently we rolled it up the chart until it reached the top ten using inter-author promotion, cross-advertising and mailers. The new Scott Western should be out next month. Looks like the timing was just right!

At number four we have another Paul L. Thompson. This one was a step away from his “Shorty Thompson” centric stories. With this one, we went all out with advertising, mailers and word of mouth promotion. It peaked at number one a few weeks ago… but will likely stick around for a few more months. C. Wayne Winkle stands at number three. His new book jumped after a series of mailers were used to spread awareness of the book. This supported by advertising gives him a shot at unseating the number one bestseller of the moment. “The Trader” from Cherokee Parks stands at number two. This one is a Mountain Man adventure. Those are hot sellers. His following made the book number one earlier this month, and he held the position until this morning. From mailers to advertising to inter-author promotion, this one had the kitchen sink thrown at it. I wouldn’t discount it going back to number one in a few hours.

At NUMBER ONE we have Mike Mackessy with “Mountain Life.” This one was a gentle, sleeping hit. We knew it would sell, but instructions from his publisher were to elongate its success. We used advertising to keep the book inside the lower reaches of the top one hundred and then a series of mailers to bump the book up, up and away. Eventually the cumulative effect of these spread out promotions pushed the book to number one. The third number one in a month for this happy promoter.

Anyone can use these promotion stratgies to strike success. It takes a little bit of thought and practice. You’ll need patience and you’ll need to read the bestseller chart… but it’s there for the taking. If you have any questions, please don’t hesistate to contact me through the form below.


Scotty V. Casper Scores His First Top One Hundred Western Bestseller With “Dispute At Devil’s Slide: A Kid Utah Western Adventure”

It’s a beautiful day today. Scotty V. Casper, one of the hardest working, Western authors has finally scored his first top one hundred Western entry. His latest book “Dispute At Devil’s Slide: A Kid Utah Western Adventure” made it’s first appearance at #48. This just goes to show that there is nothing like hard work, and a good promotional strategy to get Western authors moving those books!

What’s the story about?

The year was 1893 and it was close to becoming a brand new century, and with that the Old West was close to being tamed. Law enforcement had crept into every quadrant of the Old West and the lawlessness was near to being pushed out. Kid Utah had been a part of that lawless era, on the right side of the law. He had been a bounty hunter and one of the best, and there had been no man better with a six shooter, nor had any man been more fearless. But he had married a little firecracker of a woman named Amanda and he had hung his twin .44 Russians on a hook and started a horse ranch up Snake Creek Canyon above beautiful Heber Valley in Utah Territory. He had pretty much been halter broken by the little woman, but all that had ended when two Mexican outlaws rode onto the Flying Hooves Horse Ranch and killed several of their prize horses and a gentle young horse wrangler named Brett Pope. Well, there was nothing for it, Kid Utah pulled the Russians down from the hook and set off on a journey of revenge. Click here to grab your copy!


Marriage: How A Relationship Can Cause Your Western Books To Rise To The Top Of The Bestseller Chart!

What could be more wonderful for a cowboy author than the feat of climbing all the way to the top of the Western bestseller charts? It’s a difficult job—but someone has to be number one, right? When I first started helping authors sell their books, there was a certain author who used to hold the top spot (and many other chart positions) for months. He was the top dog. This very talented author would release a book every thirty days and… it would reach the very top of the bestseller chart. We—myself and fledgling Western authors—would marvel at his top successes, but how was it done? How did he manage to turn out hit after hit after hit?

In the beginning stages, it comes down to you, me and them. That’s the answer. You, as the writer, create a Western adventure that readers will want to read. Me—I put the book in the position of being seen; and then there’s them—yes, those good folks who see, purchase and read the books. Those are the people we are most interested in hearing from. They call all the shots.

I think it’s a misconception that writers have, thinking their own taste will match that of the reader. This has proven to be a mistake time and time again. The reader marches to his own drum. The reader buys what the reader wants to buy—and no amount of prophesizing, bullying and/or advertising can make the reader do something they don’t want to do. Remember, any salesman worth his salt knows that when you make a sale—you’re helping the other person, who will in turn help you. All of this obsessive, high-powered selling that authors try to do is ridiculous. Give the reader what the reader wants, and in return, the reader will purchase your books.

Now, I understand some authors just want to write what they want to write and design the cover they want to see on the book. That’s fine. But for those who are looking for a great success, looking to sell a lot of books, looking to be a bestseller—you’ve got to get down to the brass tacks. The reader calls the shots.

That great author who so inspired my work had the knack for understanding what readers wanted. By studying his work, I could see that he approached covers with an eye toward the reader who so adores Western novels. He approached using titles that could have easily been used for a Western motion picture. He came up with names, series titles—the works—the man was a genius. But what happened to him?

He became so aware of the Western readership that he thought he could influence readers to buy what they didn’t want. Poor choice after poor choice was made. Bad covers, second rate titles, sloppy writing. He was hit by the need for greed—and, consequently, out went the readers’ needs, out went the need to please those silent partners who read the books, and in came the callous, green greed. His run of successes was over. He was no more.

And in came Paul L. Thompson. So far, we have had eighty-one successes together. Millions of pages read. He was followed by… well, you name them! Cherokee Parks, Robert Hanlon, C. Wayne Winkle, Mike Mackessy, Mark Baugher, William H. Joiner, Jr., James Scott, Randall Dale—heck, I can’t keep reading them off. But the point is: When you’re looking to sell books, don’t forget that your best friend is the reader, and that reader can become more and more enamoured… or drop you like a hot stone if you give them reason to.

You may even find that you enjoy the process of pleasing readers with books more than writing ’em! It’s a good feeling when you hit the top. Now, if you have any questions, send me a note through the form below. Always happy to hear from you!


Mark Baugher Strides All The Way To Number One Bestseller With “C-Bar: Book Twelve”

Sitting at NUMBER ONE we have “C-Bar: Book Twelve” from long, long time bestseller Mark Baugher. Mark has been a strong seller for DS Productions since he was first introduced to the market in 2018… and now his new book has just continued the trend. This one was driven up the charts using a mixture of inter-author promotion techniques and pure advertising.

But what’s the book about?

Guns! Glory! Action! From Mark Baugher, the bestselling author of “C-Bar,” comes his latest Western, “C-Bar: Volume Twelve.” Action, adventure and gun-smarts come in many forms. For Baugher, it comes in the form of his ability to write Westerns—a Western he knows how to write better than almost anyone else.

In the 12th volume of the C-Bar Ranch saga, Roy and his crew from Wells Fargo are chasing the Mexican gangster known as Chacon. In the process, they run into Roy’s dear old friend, Easy Breezy. Sit around the fire and listen to Easy’s adventures as he catches up the group on what’s been going on with him.

The C-Bar saga continues with this exciting Western adventure! Grab your copy today!

Five Out Of Ten Ain’t Bad! Paul L. Thompson, Cherokee Parks, James Scott And Mike Mackessy Take Over The Bestseller List

It’s always a lot of fun to see books inside the top one hundred on the bestseller list… but it’s even more fun to see books inside the top ten. Take a look at this festival of hits. Mike Mackessy stands at #9 with “Mountain Life.” James Scott stands at #7 with “Tyler Purdom: Silver Eagle.” Paul L. Thompson stands at #2 with “You Shot Me Once! Never Again” and Cherokee Parks holds #1 and #10 with two of his hits. “The Trader” is at the top. “Silver, Gold and Blood in Arizona” sits at #10. Congratulations, all!

Brand New From Scott Harris: ‘When The Law Fails: Caz: Vigilante Hunter: Book One, Two, Three, Four, Five And Six’ Together For The First Time!

For the first time, enjoy the complete “Caz Vigilante Hunter” series from Scott Harris! Rip-roaring action, exciting Western characters, and a huge dose of law and order! Grab this tremendous collection of classic Westerns from acclaimed Western author Scott Harris.

Did you miss one or more books in the series? This is a great way to catch up. The first six complete novels from the “Caz: Vigilante Hunter” series. These tales are sure to keep your attention for hours. Find your favorite spot, kick back, put those legs up and enjoy this fantastic series from a Western authors even Western authors like to read.

Slaughter At Buzzard’s Gulch — Book 1

Caz is looking for two things: the perfect breakfast and men who think they’re above the law. He hasn’t yet found a breakfast to match what his mom used to make, but there’s a trail of dead men behind him that shows he’s having no trouble finding bad men.

Caz is the self-appointed judge and jury, operating outside the law, tracking down those who the law can’t find. And when he does find them, which he will, there is only one sentence.

Never Shoot A Woman – Book 2

Caz lives life by the rules, but they’re all his rules. Caz is a self-appointed judge and jury, operating outside the law, tracking down those who the law can’t—or won’t—find. But when Caz does find them, which he always does, there is only one sentence.

Until now.

The McKinley Massacre – Book 3

Caz lives life by the rules, but they’re all his rules. Rule #4 is: Never let a man steal your water. Not from your canteen or your creek. Unfortunately for McKinley, he tried to.

Caz is the self-appointed judge and jury, operating outside the law, tracking down those who the law can’t—or won’t—find.

And when he does find them, which he always does, there is only one sentence.

Fire From Hell – Book 4

Caz faces his most challenging enemies yet—men willing to kill, not just the men they’re trying to destroy, but their entire families. At first it appears it’s going to work, but Caz rides into town, stops a bank robbery by killing the robbers, and the story picks up speed from there.

Caz is the self-appointed judge and jury, operating outside the law, tracking down those law can’t—or won’t—find. And when he does find them, which he always does, there is only one sentence.

Hell On Devil’s Mountain – Book 5

Caz takes on the mountains, battling brutal weather and two vicious gangs, trying to help a giant of a man, named Grizzly, whose brother has been murdered and whose small mountaintop cabin is under siege from ten men desperate to steal his gold.

Caz is the self-appointed judge and jury, operating outside the law, tracking down those law can’t—or won’t—find. And when he does find them, which he always does, there is only one sentence. This time, it’s different, as the men are coming after him. They’ll wish they hadn’t.

They Shouldn’t A’ Killed Her – Book 6

A whore’s life is never easy, and it’s even harder when you’re a slave in San Francisco’s Barbary Coast. Good people are being killed and tortured, and that’s where Caz comes in.

With lawmen afraid to help, Caz, along with his friends, Grizzly and Rockhouse, look to free those who need freeing and kill those who need killing. Doesn’t take long before both are happening.

Slave traders, sailors and loggers are all part of the three-day battle, and there is danger at every turn. Caz, as he always does, leaves a long trail of justice in his wake. It’s an easy trail to follow—just look for the dead men.




“Kendrick’s Pride” From A.H. Holt Sails Up The Bestseller Chart To The Near Top!

Sitting at number three we have “Kendrick’s Pride” from A.H. Holt. A.H. has been a longtime seller for Outlaws Publishing… and her new book has just continued the trend. This one was driven up the charts using a mixture of inter-author promotion techniques and pure advertising.

But what’s the book about?

A.H explains, “Kendrick is shocked when Hal Stinson’s brother demands custody of the twin boys he and Meg adopted almost eleven years ago. Meg is hysterical. Taken to court, Kendrick retains custody of the boys. Stinson makes threats and Meg is viciously murdered. Kendrick’s pride demands he join with Meg’s brother Jim to catch and punish the killers. On the way, they are joined by Davis, their friend.

In a mix-up created by the killers, Jim is captured and charged with his sister’s murder. The marshal is taking him back to Belden for trial. Kendrick is wounded is a gun battle and he and Davis find shelter with Reverend Armstrong and his daughter Elizabeth in an Indian settlement.

The town marshal leads a posse to capture Kendrick and Davis. Meg’s murderers join the posse. While fighting them off Armstrong reveals that the chief of the Indians in his congregation wants Elizabeth to be his wife. They decide to return to Belden for safety.

Back in Belden, Stinson tries to gain custody of the twins through the courts. He fails again. Then the twins are kidnapped.

Grab your copy today!


Coming Soon: “Gundown In Stillwater” From New Western Sensation Casey Nash!

A brand new release from Casey Nash will be heading to town soon. This one is beefed up. Action-packed. This one leaves no bad guy still standing. This one is the one you’ll enjoy… most of all.

Directives of the Marshal:

  1. Protect the innocent;
  2. Uphold the law;
  3. Stamp out illegality.

The long-awaited new Western adventure from Casey Nash! Ride with two ferocious lawmen as they take on crime in the Old West. This is traditional Western action for those who love the American Western!

For the first time ever, two legends of the west, U.S. Marshal Jake Timber and bounty hunter extraordinaire Jedidiah Justice, ride together as a deadly duo to root out greed and corruption in Stillwater, Colorado using the business ends of their guns.

Cattle baron Big John Brannon, his crony, Sledge Porter, and their hired mercenaries have run off, burned out, and killed all but one tenant farmer, Silas Jones. And when Jones and his family are murdered, Timber and Justice vow to make their killers pay.

But first, Jedidiah Justice has to find Jake Timber who has been framed for murder. A large reward is on his head. Timber has disappeared into the Rockies. Those who have gotten close enough to see him have paid for it with their blood.

A Magic Hat Trick Of Western Hits: The Top Three Taken Over By Cherokee Parks, Paul L. Thompson and Mike Mackessy!

It’s raining hits! The top three has been taken over by three of those top Western hits of today. At number three we have the great new “Mountain Life” hit from Mike Mackessy. Mackessy has been the number one seller before… so it won’t surprise me at all if he hits the top spot once again. He has become one of the finest sellers over at Outlaws Publishing. At number two we have “You Shot Me Once! Never Again!” from Paul L. Thompson. Thompson currently has several books in the top one hundred… and has already been to number one with “You Shot Me Once! Never Again!”

At NUMBER ONE we have Cherokee Parks with his tremendous new Western hit “The Trader.” Parks is popular… but this has been his first prolonged stay at the top. He’s been sitting there for almost two weeks! This is great news for Western authors… the Western is alive, kicking and giving readers what they want! Great stories!

Brand New From Fightin’ Mike Hundley: “Peacemaker Justice” Is Now Available From Amazon!

On the western frontier there are times when he must holster a gun and ride out to right a wrong—at times, a man has to demand PEACEMAKER JUSTICE! This is the third in an action-packed acclaimed Western saga, a full storied Western novel from Mike Hundley.

Colorado 1887, the Garrison boys, now young brave and honorable men, saddled their big horses and took up the trail south to Mexico. They had promised her to visit, that day as she rode off in a wagon, her murdered husband’s coffin riding beside her to his final resting place. That little Spanish mission was only six days ride. She had raised them and they had promised.
A rider had summoned them. Madeira only had days to live. They loaded their Winchesters and Colts and set out onto a long and dangerous trail. They longed to see her and to say goodbye.

Danger and death confronted them every step they took in Mexico. Ransom grew overnight into a man as he met the woman who far surpassed any dreams he ever had of women. The black veil she wore fell away to show her face. They fell in love at first glance, staring across an open grave as an angry man pulled her away.

Then Ransom, instantly in love had to free her from her family, out to kill all Gringos to avenge a death of twenty years earlier. Many Gringo cowboys had died along the hot dusty trails they rode and the Garrison boys vowed not to be among the dead. They fought back and corpses littered the long trail home, running from El Citcatrizar, ‘Scar,’ the worse kind of enemy.

Scar, vengeful and angry, drove his gang to track them, shooting every day at any target. Their blood dripped onto the parched earth yet they kept on coming, all the way back to the border.

Drive your way through this action-packed third adventure in the “Peacemaker Trail” western series—action, adventure and gunsight justice…. All the way! Grab your copy today!