“Preacher and the Bounty Hunter: A Western Novel” Strikes For Grady Bryant!

A brand new Western adventure from acclaimed author Grady Bryant. This is rip-roaring action and adventure as bounty hunter Chico Hadley teams up with a preacher to fight crime and bring justice to the Old West.

When Chico Hadley teams up with a Padre to find the lost treasure of a famous outlaw who is believed to be dead, it’s discovered that the outlaw is still alive in a Mexican prison and must be broken out in order to find the exact location of the treasure, which is believed to be in the brutal Jornada del Muerto. The bounty hunter and the Padre ride through the Mexican badlands to reach the notorious prison called The Castle of San Carlos, or the Perote Prison, and plan an escape for the outlaw who will hopefully lead them to the treasure.

Grab your copy today and enjoy a Western like no other from a writer who truly knows how to keep readers on the edge of their seats. Grab your copy today!


Steps For Success: How Western Author ‘Big’ Jim Williams Went From Low Sales To The Top One Hundred!

Many of you will have noticed the great success of ‘Big’ Jim Williams and have been asking how he went from zero to the top one hundred with TWO books in such a short time span. I decided that process might be something worth sitting down and discussing. Now, take notes… you can try this at home.

The Discussion

A few weeks ago, a tremendous Western author, Jim Williams (‘Big Jim’ as I call him) sat down on the phone to discuss what we were going to do with his fledgling writing career. His first couple of books had been selling modestly, not setting the world on fire, but not dragging the depths of the ocean either. But where was the breakthrough smash hit? He asked the question. That all important question. “What do I need to do to get a hit Western?” he asked earnestly. “What can we do to create success for my books?”

The Action

It was simple, and it was difficult at the same time, but that is the way with things usually. It is oh-so-easy to just talk about successful books, but very difficult to take action and make your book a success.

When we looked at what had been done before, we decided that we needed something out of the ordinary. Something that would make readers sit up and pay attention… something unique, traditional, mind-blowing, and non-threatening, and something that was going to always identify the brand of ‘Big’ Jim Williams. Luckily, that’s what we ended up with when the product was created and released. “An Eye For An Eye” was a novel with a destiny. It would be inside the charts and solidify future successes for Jim, but it all came off the back of a great cover, a great story and a successful launch plan that was humble in its actions, but packed a great deal of punch.


First, there is the cover we ended up using, a creation from the mind of one of the finest cover designers. The resulting cover was a truly unique blend of what is popular and what has yet to be discovered. It’s a trailblazing cover that we will see copied over and over again in the coming months as more people discover that Jim packs one heck of a punch on the market. But it’s that first glance that pulls the readers in. That first look. And that’s the importance of the cover. It’s the candy that draws the kids to the store like honeybees a beautiful garden flower.


“An Eye For An Eye” was released cold. We then added layer by layer of promotion to get the product moving. First, we chose categories for the book that we believed Jim could safely break into, then we started adding advertising to move this new book towards the top one hundred positions of those categories. New release mailers pushed the book inside the top one hundred, and from there our continued use of mailers and advertising drove the book up and into the top twenty. The readers approved of the cover and purchased.


With “An Eye For An Eye” riding high on the bestseller chart, it was time for decisive action! What would we do next? Well, we put together a boxset of his older books, with a cover style similar to the new hit, and released. This new box set catapulted itself up the charts and took Jim from a one hit wonder to a guy with two hits on the bestseller chart. Now, he is working on his new novel, and I’m sure readers are eagerly anticipating what he will do next.

Just like the article I wrote a few weeks ago about William H. Joiner, when an author puts his mind to selling books, he can do it. It’s just a case of getting your ducks in a row. Cover, launch, advertising, mailers and making sure you don’t waste any time—making sure you capitalize! Any questions? You can reach me through the contact form below.


Avoiding The Snake Pit: Five Pitfalls Western Authors Can’t Afford To Face

I have the unique job of being able to look inside the mind of authors and see what they’re thinking. This blog article is about cracking open skulls and letting you stare inside to take look at some of the ways authors have cheated themselves out of success.

As we stand in the middle of a solid, growing sales month, following on from a difficult period of trading during the coronavirus crisis, I have been thinking heavily about the elements that make a Western author a success during both peacetime and panic time. Now, some folks say to me, “Why do you want to tell people about failures? That’s not good promotion.”

Well, friend, the failures are the things that hinder success. Having seen both books at the top of the charts, and books fall through the cracks, I believe it’s important to educate about both sides of the coin. What is it that makes someone like Thompson, Joiner or Winkle stand out when countless others have quit, shrivelled up and retired to cry in the corner like newborn babies? What causes an author to wither on the vine? Let’s find out…

Lack of Focus

Sometimes the failure of a book project (or author) can be put down to a simple lack of focus or an inability to concentrate. You often find that at the start all authors are extremely passionate but can’t maintain that passion. Soon they go from believing in their product to questioning their product, and from there the curtain falls. They end up zig-zagging around without any concept of what they want, any concept of what they can expect. There are even those who come out with outrageous statements trying to force change, and yet the reader keeps on buying the books of other authors. Near the top of the list of success for authors is focus on the product. Believe in your product. Concentrate on what you can do to enhance visibility of your product, and most importantly… always be working on the next product. You’ll need it. Catalogue sells. Don’t get hooked on the yoyo of love/hate with books. You wrote it, you enjoyed it, see what readers make of it. They hate it? Write another! They love it… write another.

Pride to the Point of Pain

Ah, yes. This is the sin of sins. Prideful pride. This is the interesting stage where the author believes they have the greatest of all stories and categorically castigates readers for not recognizing their genius. “My book is much better than…” is the first step towards failure. Readers choose their favorites. We provide them with options. The reader is never wrong. If the reader isn’t too into you—why? Maybe the book wasn’t as great as you thought it was. Keep in mind we have more variety than ever when it comes to purchasing Westerns today. More authors, more stories, more publishing companies. The competition is fierce, and the reader doesn’t much care if you thought your book was great if they didn’t enjoy reading it. They don’t lose any sleep. So work on making them care and lose sleep while they read your book all night. A reader in trouble for being late to work after reading all night is a reader who won’t ever forget your book.

Taking Advice From the Wrong People

This reminds me of an author who took career advice to a new extreme when talking to another author. The author in question had a growing hit and was advised by another author, or so-called friend, to leave his publisher and join a new company led by the advising author.

A few weeks later, after leaving his publisher, signing a new contract, touting an advance as his motivation for greatness, this bewildered Western writer wanted to know if I could find out what was going on— he hadn’t been paid the advance he had been promised and the editor had quit on his book due to non-payment. Turns out this new company had run out of money and was running on empty. That was one author who never regained momentum. It all sounds wonderful to work with fellow creative authors— but it seldom pays off. Authors generally care about their own books and if the person pushing your books has their own books, who do you think they prioritize?

And don’t forget you might have all the anger in the world if you make a mistake, but all your “friend” will do is shrug and say bad luck. The company didn’t work out, leaving you in the cold.

Lacking Patience/Understanding

The impatient author is a destructive author. They will cut their own nose off to spite their face at times, trying to rush books to release without understanding the market, being generally difficult, endearing themselves to no one.

The thing about our genre is that although authors are unique, they are plentiful. Until you become a name seller you are no more likely than the next author to be a success. Many are the authors who have overjudged their own value to readers to find themselves forgotten. Readers have loyalty to certain authors and brands but tend to find the rest interchangeable. Wait until you are indispensable to make demands. Bide your time.

Spending Money, Spending All Their Money

This is the number one way for an author to burn themselves out. I am reminded of the author who mortgaged his house to buy copies of his own book. He believed he could buy his own book and drive it to number one, therefore gaining momentum and thus achieving world dominance. What he didn’t count on was finding out that when he purchased a huge order of his own books, it counted as one sale on the platform he purchased from. The plan was destroyed by the way the platform counted sales… so keep your checkbook in check and don’t blow your wad on fancy ideas unless those fancy ideas are tested, true and acceptable. I am a great believer in meat and potatoes promotion. Constant promotion. Not just little hype episodes. Remember these hype episodes are what turned the record industry to decline. The “events” of each artist were hyped, and the listeners cared less and less each time.

And so there you have it. The frogs authors sometimes have to kiss before meeting their true love. Now I have a question for you. Which Westerns have you been reading or watching lately? I would love to hear your recommendations. You can, as always, contact me through the form below.


“Gundown At Stillwater: A U.S. Marshal Timber And Jedidiah Justice Western Adventure” Scores Chart Action!

Another month. Another month inside the top one hundred. This is Casey Nash… one of the authors currently making gains on the bestseller chart with his first Western “Gundown at Stillwater.” Have you caught your copy yet?

Directives of the Marshal: Protect the innocent; Uphold the law; Stamp out illegality.

The long-awaited new Western adventure from Casey Nash! Ride with two ferocious lawmen as they take on crime in the Old West. This is traditional Western action for those who love the American Western!

For the first time ever, two legends of the west, U.S. Marshal Jake Timber and bounty hunter extraordinaire Jedidiah Justice, ride together as a deadly duo to root out greed and corruption in Stillwater, Colorado using the business ends of their guns.

Cattle baron Big John Brannon, his crony, Sledge Porter, and their hired mercenaries have run off, burned out, and killed all but one tenant farmer, Silas Jones. And when Jones and his family are murdered, Timber and Justice vow to make their killers pay.

But first, Jedidiah Justice has to find Jake Timber who has been framed for murder. A large reward is on his head. Timber has disappeared into the Rockies. Those who have gotten close enough to see him have paid for it with their blood.

This is a fast-paced Western story of good trumping evil, and the law always paying back those who seek to destroy it. Grab your copy today!

“An Eye For An Eye: A Jake Silverhorn Arizona Justice Novel” Strikes At The Heart Of The Top Twenty For ‘Big’ Jim Williams!

“An Eye For An Eye” is the latest ‘Big’ Jim Williams Western success currently sitting inside the top twenty. This one has really caught the attention of readers! Congratulations, Jim!

Some would call him a lawman. Others would call him justice. Some folks would say he’s a vigilante. A few would call him a cold-blooded killer. He calls himself a Texas Ranger.

When former Texas Ranger Jake Silverhorn is confronted with the rape and murder of his wife, Mae, he seeks justice and revenge against the outlaw Leviticus, an old enemy, in a series of deadly shootouts, fires, double-crosses and narrow escapes in frontier Arizona.

This is the new high-octane Western adventure from ‘Big’ Jim Williams, ride with a skilled lawman who must use every ounce of his talent, will and experience to hunt down and kill this dangerous criminal.


Mountain Man Adventures From Harvey Wood Say “Hello” To The Bestseller Chart!

Two brand new releases from Harvey Wood have scored places inside the top one hundred. “Virgil Dalton: Mountain Man: Vengeance in the Rockies” and “Virgil Dalton: Mountain Man: Revenge Of The Mountain Man” are both vibrant, exciting frontier adventures that have found favor with readers.

Virgil Dalton: Mountain Man: Vengeance in the Rockies (Book One)

Ride with the true spirit of the Old West as the tranquil quiet of the frontier is invaded by a gang of murderers. One Mountain Man must find a way to save his friends, avenge his father and save the woman he loves.

A grizzled mountain man called Earl Dalton saves a woman from a bear. He gets to know her well, and they marry, have a son, and live happily together. When a gang arrives, planning to steal from prospectors in the Rockies, Dalton is killed. His son Virgil is thrown into action to save prospectors and avenge his father. But is one Mountain Man truly a match for a gang of murderous killers intent on getting rich in the Rocky Mountains?

Grab your copy of this brand new frontier adventure from Harvey Wood—you’ll love Virgil Dalton: Mountain Man!

Virgil Dalton: Mountain Man: Revenge Of The Mountain Man (Book Two)

The frontier becomes a deadly playground for a gang of outlaws when they seek to hide after committing a crime that makes Mountain Man Virgil Dalton their greatest enemy.

Now living a peaceful life with his wife, Grace, Virgil never believed he would have raise hell again, but when four outlaws cross his path, steal from his friends, almost kill a trapper, wipe out a posse and rob the local bank—Virgil is forced to hunt them down and do what the law cannot do. This is the revenge of the mountain man!

Grab your copy of this brand new frontier sequel from Harvey Wood—you’ll love “Virgil Dalton: Mountain Man.”

“Make It Sell.” The Simple Strategy Behind Those Constant William H. Joiner, Jr. Western Sales

Every single day there are two constants I always like about the Western book business. The first is that there are always brand new books on the bestseller chart, and the second is that, for over a year now, it has been a daily game to find out how many Westerns William H. Joiner, Jr. has on the chart each morning. It varies between seven and ten, and begs the question—how did Joiner beat the trend and hold so many top positions for so long? What was the magic ingredient? Let us go back to the very beginning and look at the recipe for success… Perhaps you can use this strategy too?

The Author

Who is William H. Joiner, Jr. then? Out of nowhere, an author who hadn’t been read by more than five people suddenly had a growing, breathing hit. The wind inside the hit’s lungs came from keywords, categories, advertising, placement, the three C’s, forewords and all the other ways we generate visibility for a book—but readers were wanting more, more, more…. And those readers were soon fed more Joiner classics—more legends, a series of books about Morgan Porter, a series about Caleb Jacobs, and recently a new series about Angel Jacobs. The hits will continue as long as the writing is as good as it can be and the promotion is constant.


Knowing the strength of that first “Legend of Jake Jackson” Western, we knew that we had to educate readers about the existence of the book. First stop was a definable cover. Once done, the education took advertising, and we targeted folks buying older similar product, Western box set collections, and some of those very popular “Legend” titles. These readers saw the new book and converged en masse on Amazon to purchase this new, strong product from Joiner. It rose like a bullet. It became hot because of that capability of educating readers about new product as they buy similar product from established authors as well as giving them a unique but identifiable cover to look at and draw them in.


Keywords came into play here also, as did categories. Using the right keywords and categories, we were able to position the book to make a seemingly impossible climb a fast ascent. This created a surge that supported our attempts at advertising. The categories and keywords work together hand in hand to create hits—don’t overlook either. They can make all the difference. We will talk more about categories later.

Interconnected Sales

The ability to get an endorsement from a major selling author always brings reader interest. Sharing readerships and fanbases is part of the battle with Western books. One reader may be a fan of Cherokee Parks, but you know he would enjoy a book by Robert Hanlon. Bringing readers from one fanbase to a new author is a good way to create excitement on the market.


Categories were very important for this new release from an unknown author. We started with a series of categories that raised awareness and then switched to categories that would help grow his audience. The more Mister Joiner sold, the more solid his ranking. By using the right categories, in conjunction with our promotion, it didn’t take long for us to end up with thirteen books within the top one hundred.


The result? William H. Joiner now has a solid platform that will keep on giving as long as he keeps creating. This has proven to be the case since he first handed over “The Legend of Jake Jackson” to me a long time ago and said those magic words: “Make it sell.” Any questions? You can reach me through the contact form below.


As The Clouds Roll Away… A Bright New Tomorrow for the Western Novel?


Even though we have been moving through a difficult time, there is light, not death, on the horizon. The ever-growing bright light says, “Readers need new Westerns.” This welcome light, dimmer last month, has now brightened and will enable us all to get on with what we do best—producing and promoting new Western novels for that ever-excitable readership. Many authors have been asking me what happens—how do we get back to the heights we previously held? Well, the answer is simple. We do what got us there to begin with and kept many of us there during the very darkest days and hours of the crisis. The author writes books, the promoter promotes them. During the crisis, the strategy has been fairly straightforward.

Advertising, Advertising, Advertising

It was critical during the early crisis days to increase advertising to normalize sales, and all the publishers I work with agreed to a stimulus to maintain the success of their catalogues. Authors from William H. Joiner, Jr. through to C. Wayne Winkle, Paul L. Thompson and many others continued to maintain due to this valiant effort. Those publishers who did not meet the challenge will have to work twice as hard to recover once the good times return. Many authors owe their future success to the courageous spending of publishing companies when things looked grim. This spending kept many books alive and well during a time when few opportunities were available for promotion.

Stimulating the Economy

During a meeting I attended with two publishers, it was decided two things could happen. Publishers could cut back and save spending on new product, or they could move forward with projects, making sure editors, proofreaders, and cover designers were kept in business. I believe continuing to keep the Western working was a cornerstone of the strategy for overcoming the long-lasting impact of this deadly invisible enemy to the genre. I am proud to say that the cover designers, editors and proofreaders were all as busy as ever. Authors too were kept as stable as possible economically, from grants to help authors with living costs, through to increasing advertising budgets to drive more sales. Publishers stepped up to help the authors they have chosen to publish.

Albeit, it’s true, the last couple of months were not blockbuster runaway sales successes, but they were a normalization. Those who were very popular before the crisis have continued to be popular, but little or no room has been given to those new authors who released books during the crisis—but that will all change, as we look to the following strategy over the coming weeks to bring renewed success to a genre on the brink of having its strongest sales year to date.

The Return of New Release Mailers

The new release mailers, which have had such a heavy impact for Western sales, delivering books to the inboxes of readers, will surely soon resume. These were cut by Amazon due to their non-essential status, and their disappearance has been sorely missed; but I am sure we will see them again very soon.

New Releases for Sale

Once these critical mailers have resumed, a planned set of new releases, held from release during the crisis, will be released, allowing a new wave of Westerns to enter the market competitively, driving out many of the old and bringing in fresh stories. There are a lot of great stories awaiting release, from some tremendous new authors—these will be the backbone of the sales year.

A Boom?

Many, including myself, foresee a boom for Westerns over the coming months. New names, new faces, new stories will all enter the bestseller charts. Just as we always see each normal sales month, we will see new faces cropping up, pleasing readers around the world. Frankly, I’m sure readers are ready for something new, and you may just be the author they flock to read next.

And so there you have it. The strategy of the darkest days and a strategy for the bright new tomorrows we will soon live, and opportunities for all who wish to take them. Now I have a question for you. Which Westerns have you been reading or watching lately? I would love to hear your recommendations. You can, as always, contact me through the form below.


Are You The Sulker, The Pouter, The Quitter Or The Western Author Who Is Soldiering On?


During a crisis such as the one we are currently facing worldwide, it’s always interesting to note the way people approach problems. A tough time for the book business may be something we are currently dealing with, but I am proud to say that even though this crisis has been hanging over the heads of many, this has been a time of true Christianity and hope. From the author who couldn’t afford his meds and got the cash needed from his publisher (not an uncommon story at the moment with people so short of money); the authors who have been working tirelessly to keep putting stories together for readers to enjoy; the publishers who have been buying more advertising to help authors move more books; and the editors who have continued to work on product even through the darkest days of this invisible killer we are all facing. For me, I have discovered more about people through this time. Yes, I believe the character of the author comes to the fore. We can truly discover who can really handle the heat in the kitchen. I have identified three personality types I have witnessed during this crisis. Let’s meet them.

The Sulker

This is the author who has allowed their greed to take over. Crisis? What crisis? People dying? Where’s my money! These authors are not destined to survive the crisis, as they will, at some point, inevitably quit in anger and disgust that their own need for greed is not being satisfied. If they aren’t getting what they want, then they sulk, pout, throw hissy-fits like little girls and run off and hide in the bushes. Surprisingly, there are more of these than you’d think. In many cases, the sulkers are faring better saleswise than most, but cannot see the positive because of their greed, anger and inability to change. It’s a shame, but we love them too because they can’t help it.

The Quitter

Yes, we are here to meet a certain kind of person—a person who sees negatives around each corner and has already quit many times over. They give themselves many reasons for quitting. Most of these are centred around imagined problems rather than real ones. This person will always be a quitter and only wants to play with their marbles when the going is good; but when the rainclouds come, they run back to hide behind mama’s skirts, quaking with fear. A shame, but a fact—a fair number of quitters exist, and they are not the people you may usually identify as quitters, either. Crisis creates cowardice. But we love them because they can’t help it.

The Soldier

This category is the author who doesn’t waste time worrying about this, that, or the other. They keep on keeping on. Writing new books, understanding the pressure the market is under and how buying trends have changed. Always with a cheery word. These are the ones who encourage new ideas, encourage growth and are the ones who will still be here in a year’s, or ten years’ time. This is the author who will always find success because they are not just in it for the sunshine, they are in it for the long haul. They will overcome anything, and I’m proud to say the majority of the authors I know are soldiers. They are working harder than ever to make sure that there will be books today, tomorrow, and the day after the crisis has ended, when things start to return back to normal. And we love them because these people are born winners and can’t help it.

At an unprecedented time like this, it’s important to understand that things are not going to get better tomorrow or the next day because we wish them to. Things are going to get better when they get better, and until they do, we do the best we can in the meantime. There’s lots of work to be done, and someone has to do it. There’s a bright new sunrise coming once this storm is finished, as tough times never last, but tough people do!

Hitting The Top And Maintaining Number One With Your Western Books



Having just scored another number one bestseller with his latest Western, C. Wayne Winkle is sitting at the top of the mountain with an excitingly high sales year already in motion. He’s not the only one, as Mike Mackessy, C. Wayne Winkle, William H. Joiner, Dave Sebeslav, Paul L. Thompson, Randall Dale and many others have scored seller after seller this year. But what actually causes an author like C. Wayne or Paul L. Thompson or Mike Mackessy to continuously keep hitting the top spot with each new release? Is there a magic bullet that causes a book to soar?

With April looking like a return to form for Western books, I keep getting asked, “How do you keep making that number one spot with these books? They keep coming out of nowhere and heading to the top! What are the magic ingredients of success? How does an author go from being unknown to being the number one bestseller in the United States, Canada, Australia and such? How does that happen?” How can you do it? First off, there’s no magic bullet. It’s hard work, but it’s the strategy that you really want to know, isn’t it, so let’s go over it once more for ol’ time’s sake.

The first C is Consistency. This is something all authors have to practice. Consistency in book promotion is the only way a book will move. You can’t do one, or two, or three things. You have to consistently promote your book—you have to always be doing something. Always looking to get more attention for your book, always running little ads, or trying to get more reviews, or changing the pattern of your AMS ads, or bringing new forewords to the book, new categories. You have to be like the water rolling around the rocks to find the path of least resistance. You have to be consistent on your journey towards success.

The second C is Commitment. We all have commitments in our lives, and those commitments sometimes seem like a problem. But in reality, a commitment is just achievement in process. As an author, you have to commit to your book and commit to its success. If you don’t commit to your book, you won’t be able to be consistent (the first C), and you will find it harder to be successful. Commitment gives you the grit needed to get the job done. I ask all my clients to be committed to the promotion of their book. I ask them to answer interviewers, to write blog articles, to be involved—because unless you love your own baby, how can you expect anyone else to?

The third C is a very special one. One that a very, very talented author mentioned to me. This C stands for “cool,” and it’s true—you have to be cool to be successful. You have to keep a level head and not become depressed when your book isn’t discovered on day one. You have to be cool when you are interviewed, and cool when you are reading a bad review. You have to keep cool and… be committed… and be consistent.

So if you’re looking for success with your books, you have to try the three ‘C’s’ before you can do anything else. Be consistent, be committed, and be cool, calm and collected. Do not panic, do not worry, just stay committed and consistent. Before long, you may be the next C. Wayne Winkle or Anne M. Grisby or William Joiner, moving thousands of copies of your book each month and hitting the top of the bestseller chart.

Now, on another note, and I hate to be a bore, but I am running short of reading material due to this current crisis the world is facing. If you have a book that you think I’d enjoy, drop a line and let me know about it. I’d love to discover something new. You can contact me through the form below. Three C’s are waiting for you. Now, get to work!