#116 And Rising: “Jubal Stone: U.S. Marshal: Blood Trail To Hell” Keeps Making Those Gains On The Western Bestseller Chart!

Standing behind a United States Marshal’s badge, Jubal Stone will show no mercy when he crosses paths with murderers, highbinders, and outlaws foolish enough to challenge his authority. He is a killer with a badge, and if you’re breaking the law—he’s coming for you!

As anyone who has a passing interest in Westerns knows, great stories are hard to come by. That’s why when a truly great one arrives readers flock to get a copy. “Jubal Stone: U.S. Marshal” from Casey Nash is one such release—the first book in a spell-binding new series from Casey Nash. Readers have been discovering this new book over the last few weeks and have been encouraging other readers to give it a try. Heck, they have almost driven the book into the top one hundred.

Now I’m asking you—have you caught a copy yet? If not, why don’t you give it a try?

He’s now #116 on the bestseller chart and rising—looks like you got a copy too, right?

Finding The Right Cover For Harvey Wood: Finding The Cover Readers Will Respond To For Your Western Novel

One of the great hurdles to success within the Western business is actually one of the elements that seems so simple. The cover. Creatives the world over have tried, and in many cases, have failed to create covers for their books that resonate with the readership—and that applies to the Western genre too. That’s why we have a formula for covers.

Take Harvey Wood, for example. Harvey has been writing for years but only recently found great success for his books. He always possessed a fine writing style, but he did not possess covers that fit the formula for today’s readers. That’s why part of the process of making Wood a winner was centered around finding covers for him that would pop in the eyes of a reader.

Anyone who looks at any of the fine Wood Westerns on the market will see that the covers follow a theme, a theme that readers have shown over and over again that they will respond to. My personal favorite is “Rufus Younger: Mountain Man: Trigger Happy In The Mountains,” a cover that epitomises the danger of the Old West. A rugged cowboy against the elements with shotgun in hand. This cover is currently making its way up the bestseller chart, followed closely by the two other books in the series.

And this is the point. While the author may have very definite views about the cover they would want to see on their book, it really comes down to finding the cover that readers will respond to. I think it’s true that many of us have an inner creative demon dictating the way we would want to see a product look—but it might be time to put that demon away and look at what the reader would like to buy. “Rufus Younger: Mountain Man: Trigger Happy In The Mountains” has proven that it has a magical quality readers will respond to. The third book in the series, “Rocky Mountain Scout” is the fastest-chart-climbing Wood adventure—and again the cover is to blame for the opening salvo of any success. Any reader perusing the market will find themselves faced with an easy-to-discern action-led cover that leads them down the path of purchasing the book to discover the great story within.

So, I ask you: If you are currently writing and publishing Westerns and you have had no success, could it be that the cover you have chosen is stopping you from selling? Could this be the time for you to reassess and create covers closer to the formula? I think it’s worth a thought, don’t you? Take a look at the market and see what you can do to bring your covers closer to the desires of the reader.

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“Jack Flint: Mountain Man” Places All Four Novels Inside The Western Top 100 For William H. Joiner, Jr!

That energetic, enigmatic William H. Joiner, Jr. has driven, at great speed, all four books in his “Jack Flint: Mountain Man” into the top one hundred chart. His supercharged series is leading the way and proving that the Mountain Man boom is speeding up! The success of this series has been spearheaded by new promotional techniques that are currently being trialled on other authors to see if the Joiner strategy can be spread across the Western genre to create more blockbuster bestselling authors than ever before.

The first book in the “Jack Flint: Mountain Man” series sits at number four.

In the series, Jack’s parents were killed in an Apache raid when he was an infant. Jack was raised as an Apache until his village was destroyed by a rival tribe. Jack was prepared to go to war to avenge his Apache kin. An appearance by the Great Spirit convinced him to take another path. Jack went west and met mountain man and trapper Kit Bridger, who became his best friend. Eventually Jack became chief of the Shoshone in the Wind River Mountains in Wyoming.

Jack defended the weak and oppressed. He cared nothing about the white man’s law. All that mattered to Jack was the justice that could only be found in the mountains.

The second book in the series stands at number nineteen.
The third book stands at number twenty-five.
And still on pre-order the fourth book in the series stands at number eighty-three

Coming Soon From Fred Staff: “The Johnson County Wars”

Fred Staff, bestselling author, of “Will Thomas: Mountain Man” has been toiling away on a brand new series. The first book in that series will go live next week. Keep your eyes peeled for “The Johnson County Wars.”

Cover Reveal: “The Saga of Eli” From Number One Bestseller Mike Mackessy: Coming Soon!

“The Saga of Eli” will be available in March from Mike Mackessy!

Brand New And Now Available From C. Wayne Winkle: “Where The Sky Never Ends”

A brand new adventure from C. Wayne Winkle!

Charlotte (Charley) Kelley had no wish to stay in South Carolina after her fiancé stood her up at the altar. So she got a job in Bozeman, Montana Territory, as a newspaper reporter and traveled there. She had no idea she would see as much violence as she did nor did she know she’d meet a man like Morgan Truett.

Morgan only wanted to be left alone to run his small ranch. But people being what they are, many wouldn’t let him live down his past. Even so, he did well, until Graham Richards, the man who framed him and stole his first ranch, showed up.

Can Morgan keep his ranch? Can Charley adjust to the violence in the West? Will the two of them find each other?

Who can say in the country where the sky never ends?

Winning Sales With The Formula For Western Success With Gene Turney

As any person starts a brand new day, there is always an element of wonder when you start to read your mail and find letters written by the good folks you work with praising your work. The note below was sent to me by Gene Turney, an author who started working with me last year, and has so far managed to turn out four top one hundred and three top twenty bestsellers in the Western genre. Many would say he was an overnight sensation but no. No, he wasn’t. That would undermine his work ethic and drive. His success is the result of hard work—and following the formula. Gene Turney is an author who was given the opportunity and took it with both hands to create success. I want to share his words with you—and thank him for writing them because to me there is no greater pleasure than pleasing the people I am working to promote.

“There is so much more to writing a book than just writing the book. I had no idea of the elements that turn out to make a book successful. At least I didn’t until I met Nick Wale. He knows how to turn book writing from an ‘okay, I did that thing’ to a fun, booming business. He has a process, the process is easy, and if I follow the process, I will be successful. I recently learned that nearly a half million pages of my books have been read. That little statistic will warm a writer’s heart. Nick knows how to make a book sell. I thought a publicist helped with the cover and got it to market. That is now a given. It is what the publicist does for that book after all those things that helps the book sell. We enjoy our meetings and I enjoy listening to Nick help craft the future of my books. There is a saying that came from somewhere that says business is more fun when you are winning. Nick helps me win, and I want to be on his team!”

Thank you so much, Gene. It’s tremendous to see you riding so high on the charts. The question is what does it take to be a winner? Every author writes a book hoping to win some success, some acceptance from readers, but the big question is this: What are they doing to achieve this success and acceptance? When talking to new Western authors, I rely on three questions to determine the success level an author is looking for.

Can you see how the formula would help sell your Western stories to readers?

When talking to Gene, I knew he could work to the formula. He wanted to sell books and was already mulling over the series that would break him through to the readership at large. That mountain man series looked and smelled like a hit. When I told Gene this, he doubled down and made the rest of the elements fit the formula so we could aim for the greatest possible audience.

Are you interested in selling Westerns?

Everyone thinks they are interested in selling books, but some authors know they want to sell books. When asked this question, there was no hesitation. Gene wanted to sell books and he committed himself in his mind to success.

When do you think you ought to start selling Westerns?

Some authors say “I don’t know” to this question. Some authors say, “Let me think about it.” Gene said, “Right now. Let’s do it.”

And a commitment was made—he wrote the books, I sold them, and now we have something cooking as his books are taking over the charts. “Boots on the Mountain,” “Mountain Man John Comes To Texas,” “Bullets Fly in Yellowstone Mountains” and “Manhunt in the Mountains.” All are being read this very moment by readers across the world.

And how about you? Do you think you’d like to try the formula? How do these questions look when you answer them? Remember this, friend, it takes a lot longer to build a school than it does to build a wood hut—but the right blueprint can save you a lot of time. Heck, if you want to discuss the formula, you can send me a note through the form below. I always like hearing from the next Western bestseller.

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Heading To Market Soon: “Jubal Stone: U.S. Marshal: Blood Trail To Hell” From Casey Nash!

A brand new Western adventure from Casey Nash! This is “U.S. Marshal: Jubal Stone.”

The frontier was no place to hang your hat if you were a coward or weakling, and sometimes even the strong and brave fell victim to the violence that stalked the land and plagued this new and untamed country. Such was the case with Sheriff Joe Stone and his family.

Joe was a man’s man from his narrow-brimmed hat down to his tarnished iron spurs. He had a hickory spine and anvils for fists. A lawman for over twenty-five years, Stone split his time as a Texas ranger and sheriff, keeping law and order in frontier towns all over the Texas territory. Before retiring, he finished out his role as sheriff in the town of Abilene. He was firm but fair. Wherever Joe served, he was well respected by the citizenry, highly admired by fellow frontier lawmen, and unquestionably feared by lawbreakers. Yet, because of the incessant pleadings from his wife, Millie, and his own desire to live a more tranquil life, Stone recently checked his badge, hung up his shootin’ iron, and took up raising cows and a few head of horses. He and his wife bought a small ranch six miles south of town. Together, with their daughter and son, they were committed to make a go of it and had started well.

With two-and-a-half decades behind the star, Joe, like other lawmen with his tenure, was responsible for sending his share of men to prison, thus he had plenty of enemies. Some of them vowed vengeance upon Joe, and a few had already unsuccessfully tried and paid for it with their lives. Unfortunately, the last who tried achieved their mission. Four killers showed up at his ranch one day, bank robbers recently released from prison, men Stone had put behind bars. They ambushed Joe and his family, shooting them down like dogs.
However, the assassins made a grave mistake that fateful day. They failed to confirm that fourteen-year-old Jubal, shot and left for dead, was indeed dead. Now, eight years later, Marshal Jubal Stone wears a badge of his own. A .44 Colt sits low on his hip in a dark brown, well-worn leather holster latched down to his leg, both gun and holster his pa’s.

Now behind a United States Marshal’s badge, Jubal Stone will show no mercy when he crosses paths with killers, highbinders, and outlaws foolish enough to challenge his authority. He’s curry combing the frontier in search of his family’s killers, but in the meantime, he will mete out justice along the way.

C. Wayne Winkle Hits The Jackpot With “Guns Across The Arizona Desert” at NUMBER ONE!

Congratulations to C. Wayne Winkle! His latest Western “Guns Across The Arizona Desert” has reached the TOP! Winkle now stands at NUMBER ONE on the Western bestseller chart! How did he manage it? He followed the formula!

This is the third book in the tremendous “Nathan Gage” western series from C. Wayne Winkle! Ready yourself for blockbuster action, adventure and drama in the Old West!

Taking Over The Top Ten! Eight Already And Looking For Ten Out of Ten On The Bestseller Chart!

As the year unfolds we are seeing demand for Westerns skyrocket. It was tremendous to see eight Westerns represented by yours truly inside the top ten this morning! Congratulations to Cherokee Parks, D.M. Haggard, William H. Joiner, Jr. and all others who will join these terrific authors at the top!

Cherokee Parks ride in at number nine with “Matt Kincaid: The Reluctant Lawman” as D.M. scores greater success at number ten with “Buck Jackson: Mountain Man.”
“Frank Bannon: The Fixer” rolls forward to number seven for C. Wayne Winkle as “Jack Flint: Mountain Man” sits at number six for William H. Joiner. At number five we have Cherokee Parks with “Matt Kincaid: Still Behind The Star.”
It’s a C. Wayne Winkle fiesta at number four with “Trouble on the Western Plains,” “Guns Across The Arizona Desert” at number three and “Nathan Gage and the Missing Woman” at number two.

It’s a rip-roaring time to be in the business of selling Westerns. Are you ready for your Western to hit the top ten?