Formula Success Leads Your Way To Success With Western Novels

What is a formula without success stories? Where do we start today? We stand in an exciting spot. Just as we were talking about a few weeks ago, C. Wayne Winkle leads a forward-marching army of authors currently building stacks of sales, month upon month, on the back of the formula for success that we have pushed into action. With more and more authors, titles and series getting caught up in the groundswell of success, it has been noted that those who follow the formula have themselves become a powerbase within the genre. My prediction is that this powerbase will continue to keep growing as more readers discover the well-oiled machine of authors who have become part of the rhythm and the fabric of their fellow readers’ daily routine. You see, once you get caught up in the formula, you know that your books will be read, and for some people, this in itself is the reward. For others, the reward is knowing that they have a roadmap that will take them successfully towards the end goal—to be a selling author. Wheels must turn, never stopping the action and moving forward without fear or faltering step are the rules of the formula.

After talking to readers, the formula was developed to give them exactly what they have asked for; after all, are we not all here to give the Western reader the stories he wants? “Westernization” is the policy of writing Westerns for Western readers—not writing Westerns to try and appeal to the fringe markets so many authors and publishers are desperately seeking. The formula demands that authors write for the Western market first, second and third, because those are the readers who want the books we have to offer.

The formula, alongside a policy of Westernization, are revolutionizing the Western genre. March was another record-breaking month, the month where the formula started to truly take shape and yield great results for the authors who follow its promising path. Now, many of you have attended my webinars and know the makeup of the formula and its demand that all Western authors make gains month on month. All who have undertaken moving towards greater Western success have gotten closer in March and now the question is this: Which authors will break out in April and become the new success stories?

All you have to ask yourself is this…

Can you see how the formula would help sell your Western stories to readers?

Are you interested in selling Westerns?

When do you think you ought to start selling Westerns?

If you answer those questions and you are facing YES answers—maybe it’s time for you to consider trying the formula. Do you think you’d like to try the formula? How do these questions look when you answer them? Remember this, friend, it takes a lot longer to build a school than it does to build a wood hut—but the right blueprint can save you a lot of time. Heck, if you want to discuss the formula, you can send me a note through the form below. I always like hearing from the next Western bestseller.

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