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New GP Hutchinson Western Novel Coming in Late August 2018!

(From the official GP Hutchinson Website)

Looking for a fresh new angle on stories of the Old West? I believe I’ve got just the thing for you, and it’s coming in late August 2018. My latest novel, Cimarron Jack’s Real Wild West, includes many familiar elements from classic-style Westerns–cattle drives, conflicts between lawmen and outlaws, range wars, etc. But I’ve taken these elements and approached them from a perspective rarely presented in Western novels.


Cimarron Jack Wheatley is just wrapping up a tremendously successful first tour with his very own highly acclaimed “Real Wild west Extravaganza” when his show is stricken by a rapid succession of oddly coincidental setbacks–injuries, formerly satisfied troupe members suddenly quitting, and then a catastrophic train wreck. It soon becomes apparent that someone intends to ruin the business that Jack has invested his entire life into–and end his life, as well. Now, everything that Cimarron jack is supposed to represent as a symbol of Wild west heroism in the show, he is called upon to actually be in the deadly reality of chasing down answers and outlaws.

Don’t Miss It

There’s plenty of rip-roaring Wild West action in this upcoming new novel. I’ve had you, the reader, in mind as I’ve written every page of it. The novel features engaging new Western characters and plenty of fictional drama, adventure, and romance set on an historically accurate stage.

Look for the book in paperback and eBook editions on Amazon in late August!

Jul 16

Western Writing Star Cobb Questions Reviews: “What Is the Gold Standard for Accuracy in Westerns?”

What is the “Gold Standard” when it comes to accuracy in Westerns? All authors of Westerns—of course, myself included—strive to be as historically accurate as they can, even though they are writing novels and not works of nonfiction, biographies or autobiographies. There is a lot of “wiggle room” for authors of Westerns, and rightly so, for any number of reasons.

For instance, were any of us alive when the historical figures we often write about roamed the West and had their adventures? No, we weren’t, and unless they wrote about something they did or were directly quoted, what they said to each other has been lost to the sands of history. But that doesn’t prevent us, us authors, from trying to come up with possible things they might have said, and for the most part, the kind folks who read our humble efforts are fully aware of that. They only expect certain things to be accurate, not every single aspect of what an author has included in his or her novel.

Does this willing suspension of disbelief, as it’s often been called, have exactly the same rules for every fan of Westerns who reads them? No, it does not, except for basically accepted tenets—like cowboys shouldn’t be wielding ray guns (unless it’s maybe a sci-fi crossover, a separate but related topic). They generally wear boots and not shoes like Nikes or high tops, etc.

But as one historical figure I have written about said (at least, I wrote his words, though there’s zero evidence he did say it), “If it was a fair game, I’d play by the rules, and may the better man live to fight another day. But, in this case, it’s definitely not a fair game.”

There is not really any established “Gold Standard” across the board for every Western ever written. In the novel True Grit, by Charles Portis, for instance, people accept that Marshal Rooster Cogburn never really lived, but was a fictional character, based on several other lawmen who lived in Arkansas. The first movie, based on the novel and starring John Wayne, is supposedly set in Arkansas and Oklahoma, but it was filmed in Colorado and included the Rockies as a backdrop in some scenes. Wayne used a Winchester made in 1893, which was not in existence during the time period Portis was writing about. Do any of these facts make the novel less of a classic, beloved by fans of Westerns, or the movie also less beloved by fans of it? I would argue that just because neither the novel nor the movie adhere strictly to facts, that has little bearing on their popularity or the ratings that fans give them.

However, in other cases, like a recent review of The Guns of Heck Thomas, how a fact was interpreted by the reviewer led to the book receiving a rating of three stars at Amazon. Now, three stars is not exactly a terrible rating, but the headline title of the review was: “Heck deserved better.” The review was all of three sentences:

“Well U.S. Deputy Marshals did get rewards! Unless it was a federal warrant. This book fails historical review.”

I did take some pains to try to get as many facts in The Guns of Heck Thomas as accurate as possible. One was regarding whether deputy marshals in Fort Smith under Judge Isaac C. Parker ever received any rewards, other than the pay derived from elements like the numbers of outlaws they arrested and brought in alive, and the miles that they traveled and got reimbursed for, for example.

Deputy marshals in Arkansas were not bounty hunters, in any sense. A couple of park rangers I personally asked about this question, while researching the novel, told me that receiving rewards wasn’t the policy of deputy marshals who plied their trade out of Fort Smith during the 1880s. One newspaper of the era called the “Fort Smith Elevator” made no mention of any rewards that Thomas ever received in the accounts about the arrests that it mentioned and trials he attended, like one in which I write about in The Guns of Heck Thomas, involving surviving members of the Lee Gang from Texas.

Thomas did receive a reward for his part in being a posse member in Texas, and assisting in killing two of the Lee brothers, who both resisted arrest. But he was a private detective then, not a deputy marshal, and I duly mention that in the Western. He split the money with his co-leader of the posse, Deputy Marshal James Taylor, but that was in Texas, not Arkansas, and prior to Thomas moving with his family to Fort Smith.

Then, while a member of the famous trio, the Three Guardians, there is at least one account from a newspaper from the 1890s that he received a reward for his part in bringing a criminal to justice. That was, however, after he began the second part of his career, and each state may have had their own guidelines when it came to such considerations.

Before and during the Civil War, Heck Thomas referred to black people as “darkies.” I wrote in my novel that the war changed him, and afterwards, he came to regard each person based not on the color of his skin, but on his character. Where’s my “proof” he had changed his opinions about black people? I didn’t have any and still don’t have any proof of that. He may have remained just as bigoted and racist, by today’s standards, at any rate, as he’d ever been. But I chose to portray him more heroically, as a more complex and nuanced person, a more three-dimensional one.

Was that doing Thomas a service or a disservice? At least, in my personal opinion, I was attempting to portray him in the best light possible, though I did not leave out that he, like all men, had faults and personal issues, some of which led to his divorce from his first wife.

Even when it came to bounty hunters working out of the Fort Smith area at the time of the 1880s, I was informed by the park rangers I spoke to in downtown Fort Smith that there were some, but a very low number of them—maybe two or three. Their names weren’t disclosed by newspapers to protect their privacy and prevent retaliation.

I believe that a big reason why there weren’t very many bounty hunters in the area was that bounties for criminals were not often offered. Did that stop me from writing about a fictional bounty hunter, Matt “The Boot Collector” Hardy, in my Western, Gunshots On Hell’s Border? No, it did not. It’s a work of fiction, like The Guns of Heck Thomas and my other Westerns.

I welcome any opinions, comments and feedback about what are or should be considered as “Gold Standards” when it comes to Westerns. Please feel free to leave a comment about my musings here, or about any of my Westerns. An individual’s feelings about the books that he or she reads is what’s ultimately important to that particular person, though his or her rating can potentially, of course, influence the future sales of the novel and the income of an author for the better or the worse.

Thank you.

Douglas R. Cobb

Just a question! Have you tried “The Guns of Heck Thomas?”

From Douglas Cobb, the bestselling author of “Crossing the Dead Line: The Guns of Bass Reeves,” and “Men of Iron Will” comes his new hit Western, “The Guns of Heck Thomas.”

When Heck Thomas became a United States deputy marshal, he had already begun a colorful career in law enforcement. His mission to rid the country of despicable outlaws began in Georgia, took him to Texas, and finally to “Hell’s Border,” in the wild town of Fort Smith, Arkansas. Join United States Deputy Marshal Heck Thomas on his quest to avenge injustice throughout Indian Territory. He’ll stop at nothing, even at the expense of his personal life, to hunt down and capture the violent men wreaking havoc in the region.

Meet “The Guns of Heck Thomas” from Douglas R. Cobb.


Download your copy today!

Jul 13

Announcing A Brand-New Western Novel From GP Hutchinson





Cimarron Jack Wheatley is just wrapping up a tremendously successful first tour with his very own highly acclaimed “Real Wild West Extravaganza” when his show is stricken by a rapid succession of oddly coincidental setbacks—injuries, formerly satisfied troupe members quitting, and then a catastrophic train wreck. It soon becomes apparent that someone intends to ruin the business that Jack has invested his entire life into–and end his life, as well. Now, everything that Cimarron Jack is supposed to represent as a symbol of Wild West heroism in the show, he is suddenly called upon to actually be in the deadly reality of chasing down answers and outlaws.

Don’t miss the rip-roaring Wild West action in this upcoming new novel from GP Hutchinson!


Keep your eyes open and your ear to the ground for details on this exciting new release.


  1. Engaging new Western characters
  2. A fresh new angle on classic-style Western storytelling
  3. Fictional drama, adventure, and romance set on an historically accurate stage



Check out the Official GP Hutchinson Website 

Jul 12

The Latest In A Long Line Of Western Hits From Paul L. Thompson Has Arrived!

Yes… it’s finally here! The latest hit from super-bestselling Western author Paul L. Thompson. When it comes to Thompson… each of his fifty-nine great Westerns has taken up a residency on the bestseller charts. Each golden hit has given readers the three things they love most about Western adventures…. guns, crime and repentance! “Yer In The Wrong Town Mister,” promises great Western fun! Grab your copy today…. and read the snippet below to discover your next Western adventure!

A Snippet of the New Story:

Shorty was wounded and had lost more than a dab of blood. He was slouched over in his saddle as he rode into Holbrook, Arizona. In front of him tied to their saddles were the Collins brothers. He slid from the saddle in front of the sheriff’s office. Tying Dunnie he told Jody and Jim to get down. ‘Can’t, we’re tied to the saddle horn.”
Shorty didn’t untie the ropes, just cut them with his knife. They dismounted and walked inside. A deputy jumped to his feet. “What’er you doing’ with Jody an’ Jim?”
“Where’s the sheriff?”
“Gone over to Page.”
“I’m lockin’ these fellers up for a spell.”
“Yer in the wrong town Master. This is Frank Collins’ town an’ them are his sons.”
“Are you gonna help er get in the way?”
“Only help I’ll give is get you the doctor, if you don’t pass out first.” Out the door he ran as Shorty locked the boys up and sat down behind the desk.



U.S. Marshal Shorty Thompson - Yer in the Wrong Town Mister: Tales of the Old West Book 59 by [Thompson, Paul L.]

Jul 11

Six Bullets To Sundown: Volume 13: Now Available For Western Readers

Action, adventure, danger and love come at a high cost on the range. With gun in hand, a bounty hunter can make a name for himself, a sheriff can keep law and order, and a rancher can hold onto his property. With gun in hand, a man must make his mark in the wilderness of Western America…

These are the stories of pioneers, lawmen, bounty hunters and outlaws. These are tales of the Old West written by some of the most popular Western authors of today—six brands of steel from Michael Haden, Jim Burnett, M. Allen, Scott Harris, Michael D. Abbott and Robert Andrews. Six electrifying, intense, action-packed Western stories that will keep you riding, shootin’ and hunting down the outlaw in your neighborhood.

With the thirteenth volume of “Six Bullets to Sundown,” you will find that the West has never been more alive. Now ride, cowboy, and be a part of how the West was won!

Other titles by these Western authors are also available.


Purchase your copy today by clicking here!

Jul 10

New Western Release: “Jackson Sutton: An Assassin To Kill For” Is Now Available For Pre-Order

The highly anticipated follow up to the top ten bestseller “A Sheriff To Kill For” has now been made available for pre-order! This is one Western you won’t want to miss!

Jackson Sutton had always been the brother who went his own way. After cutting a bloody swath of revenge across the Texas territory with his family, Jackson sought to make his own fortune doing what he did best—killing. For years, he’d kept his brothers separate from his life as the top assassin within the network of skilled killers known as The Eighth Circle. But when one of his fellow agents double crosses the Eighth Circle, threatening to take down the whole enterprise, they call in Jackson to face the only man who might be able to kill him, Gabriel Dubois, and protect the woman he’s loved for years.

Hannah Baldwin lived a life of high status, money, and death. Known in the underground as Lady Black, she has earned her own reputation as a top assassin not to be trifled with. But when Gabriel Dubois, a former flame, comes after her family and the business they’ve built, she is forced into calling upon the one man she vowed never to see again—Jackson Sutton. The distance and years between them has done nothing to rid her of her feelings for him. Now faced with being hunted down, she has to put her trust in the man who broke her heart years ago. As the two of them team up to turn from hunted to hunters, can they stay away from each other long enough to remain alive under Gabriel’s hot pursuit? Click here to pre-order your copy of this great new Western today!

Jul 09

Brand New, Exciting Release From Western Writer Watts: “The Riders of Pecos County”

Watts Years of Golden Success

With Dusty Saddle Publishing




(Taken From “The Riders of Pecos County)

“Since the first time David Watts decided to write a western we all knew, at Dusty Saddle Publishing, that he would meet with great success. Not only does David have the style and the ability to portray characters—he has the storylines. Ask David Watts to come up with a storyline and he can do it in seconds. Ask him to put together a book and he can do it in weeks. Ask him to write a series and he can come up with a concept that will set fire to that TNT resting in your pocket. He’s a true, bona-fide talent that only seems to get better, and better.

Since his first book, included in this collection, was released he has written several yarns worthy of your attention. His western adventures are rarely out of the top one hundred bestsellers—and there’s even a talk of a TV series created from the fruits of Watts labor. It’s all go, go, go on the Watts front.

And yet, here we are holding a book filled with his stories and a staff writer at DSP is rambling on and on… lets just go over the biographical details. Watts writes westerns, he has sold a bundle of them and lives in California. He enjoys jazz and folk music, he grew up in Texas and he likes to write poetry when he’s not writing fiction. He’s a gas to spend time with on the phone and he’s got a killer intellect.

He’s one helluva guy and we all hope you enjoy these new stories.”


Grab Your Copy Today!


For the first time! The complete western collection from David Watts!

It’s kill, or be killed, for a gun slinging bounty hunter who always catches his man. This is the new action-packed Western from award-winning author David Watts! 

After a dramatic gunfight with an Outlaw, Marshal Luke, is hired by a local Governor who has been plagued by high crime in a state bordering Mexico. With roving gangs of murderers flooding across the border—the Governor made an election promise to get elected. He would hire the toughest gunfighter to rid the state of crime… He gives the Marshal one order. Remove the filth from my state… anyway you can!

The Marshal has a hard task ahead of him—but with the help of a lady in need, and some good folks who want their state cleaned up—he takes the criminals on. Above the law, with a gun in his hand, the Marshal goes to war and all who stand before him have two choices… SURRENDER… OR DIE!

This action led Western features a ton of lead, a Bounty Hunter with a bad attitude and a lot of dead BAD GUYS! Ride as Marshal Luke leads the way through three of his greatest adventures and more action than you can find bullets to fight! You can download your copy for 99 cents by clicking here.

Jul 06

Fie, Hanlon And Dusty Saddle Publishing Are… The Guns of U.S. Lawmen

Five of the biggest authors have been pulled together to create the new Dusty Saddle Publishing anniversary collection! It’s been two years of great success– so now you can get five great novels for the price of one!

From The Collection:

“Dusty Saddle Publishing is a Western publishing house devoted to one thing—great Western stories. Whether those stories are from a known author, or from a new guy—we are devoted to taking that story and turning out a book that we know our readers will love.

Over 2018 we have been busy with our catalogue of authors. We have released nearly two hundred titles. Of those titles we have seen over three quarters hit the bestseller charts. We introduced a series of mutli-author collections called “Six Bullets to Sundown” and saw twelve volumes of that series hit the bestseller charts. We have turned out audiobooks, paperbacks and now we are energized—because it’s our anniversary. This is the second-year anniversary for a company that has moved millions of pages of books for our authors.

It’s a celebration—but also a chance to look back at our momentous year of success. We would like you to join us as we celebrate, and remember—if you are a storyteller with a story you feel our readers would like to read… you can contact us at any time by emailing dustysaddlepublishing@gmail.com. No promise of wealth and fame—but our guarantee to listen to you and help you the best we can.

Anyway—read our stories and see what you think. We love them all— our authors are fantastic storytellers, and we are proud to share them with you today.”



Jul 03

How Western Authors Have Been Leading The Way With Innovative Projects, Promotion And Ever-Growing Sales

Well, friends, we are past the halfway mark of the year 2018, and what a year it has been. Ever-increasing Western sales, fascinating stories, a host of new talent who are writing Westerns, and a year for innovation in the genre.


How did this innovation come about? Well, it all came from a few recent discussions I’ve been having with some good folks associated with the record business. As a specialist in selling Westerns, it became apparent to me that our industry was far behind the selling power and success of our friends in the record industry. Why is that? Well, of course, the record business is a huge industry with tried and tested formulas. But I thought it was about time we came up with some formulas of our own. As one record executive said, “We knew that if we did certain things, an artist could have a twenty-year career in records.  New products, building a fan base, and creative, interesting and innovative projects to bite into other markets was key.”


In the record industry, it has been common practice for artists to make albums on a theme. For example, titles like, ‘Hank Thompson Sings the Mills Brothers,” “From Hair to Hollywood with Peter Nero,” “True Tales of the West from Johnny Cash,” “How the West Was Won, ”Ella Sings Gershwin,” “Le Bing From Bing Crosby,” and “Elvis Country,” are all what they called “concept albums.” This is how we came up with the idea of “Shorty: U.S. Marshal,” which pulled six Western authors together to write stories about Paul L. Thompson, who happens to be one of the great sellers of today, and an industry in himself. It didn’t take long for this set to reach the charts, and demand was such that a second volume was released, with a third completed and on the way. This set allowed authors to reach a bigger market and also allowed their readers to discover Paul L. Thompson. A win-win for all involved.


Then came a set called “Hulsey’s Wranglers.” This is a series of stories that revolved around one of the leading Western publishers of today. Again, it allowed readers of Outlaws Publishing’s books to discover new authors and allowed new people to discover Outlaws Publishing. Another win-win that hit the bestseller charts.

Additional ideas have come as I was sitting in on a brainstorming session that led to the conception of a new set of stories concerning the famous lawmen of the past, and a series of short stories about the men Bass Reeves killed. These sets should prove to be very popular.

Why weren’t we doing projects like this before?” one author asked me. “The reason,” I explained, “is because nobody thought of doing something on this scale.”


Planning was another part of our new record company type focus. What can an author do to present their best work to a wider audience? How will this project be promoted? Planning releases based on the strengths and weaknesses of the individual author has become very important. This means, of course, being involved in the creative process and trying to improve product to make it more valuable for readers. It also means special creative projects to try and reach more readers, and develop the authors talent. That’s why we came up with four distinct collections designed to bring a bigger audience to our writers.

Burnett and His Inspiration

An inspirational set, currently zooming up the charts, was the first of these. Led by Pastor Jim Burnett, this collection has proved that a Western writer can be more than a Western writer… he can bring inspiration to his readers. “I can’t write inspirational fiction,” one author told me. “I write Westerns.” That author turned out one of the most inspirational stories I’ve ever read.

Value Added

Placing promotional value on special items such as movie tie-ins has to become the norm, too. This is how we scored a hit, several months ago, with a certain author called Troy Andrews Smith, who has made a movie from his book “Cannon House.” The book has been on the charts now for many weeks. The strategy employed was one of drawing attention to the book’s motion picture quality. This seemed to please readers, and this strategy has also been employed in the “C-Bar” series from Mark Baugher, which is currently seeing climbing success.

Special Projects

Special projects like “Breaking Magnolia” from Megan Allen are also important, as these books will bring a different kind of reader into the fold. We can’t just rely on strictly Western readers. We need to expand and find readership of other genres that are compatible with a Western theme.

Short Stories

Short stories have started to gain a renewed importance. These are tools of introduction. A reader can zip through a short story and discover a writer they love without investing time in a big product. Don’t forget… just as a listener has to invest in an album, a reader has to invest time in a book. Six or seven hours of their life will be spent immersing themselves in a book. Giving them the chance to taste before purchase makes them feel confident that they’re investing wisely.

Strong Product

Presenting strong product to a varied readership who want different things is the way to make a strong career for authors. Westerns are some of the most important books because they concern an all too important history—too important to be lost. To bring the Western back to full health, it must be fed to all readers—not just fans from the golden era of the west, but to fans who don’t even know yet if they’d enjoy Western-themed fiction. If one reader discovers a love for Westerns through a project like “Guide My Hand, Precious Lord,” then that’s a new fan. If 100,000 readers discover a love for Westerns, that’s a step in the right direction; and if one million people rediscover the Old West, then we are leading the way once more. Let’s lead the way once more, I say.


Jul 02

Pastor Jim Burnett Beams With Pride As He Holds His Copy of “Guide My Hand, Precious Hand”

Image may contain: Jim Burnett, smiling

Pastor Jim Burnett beams as he holds a copy of his newly release inspirational western “Guide My Hand, Precious Lord.”

From Pastor Jim Burnett:

Dusty Saddle Publishing and I are excited to share with you the first dedicated inspirational Western collection, “Guide My Hand, Precious Lord.” Tales of love, loss, regret and honor written by some of the greatest Western stars of today! We hope that you will be encouraged, challenged, inspired, and renewed as you read these short stories of people of the Old West who relied on God through the thick and thin of life and found Him faithful. You will laugh at the humorous situations that crop up in the characters’ lives. And a merry heart, as Proverbs says, is like a medicine. Other times, you will weep as you relate to their heartaches and imagine yourself walking in their boots. But most importantly, we hope as you saddle up with us and come along for the ride that you will be reminded of the powerful love our heavenly Father has for all of us. He is faithful, and you can trust Him to love you, guide you, and be with you all of your days. Enjoy as you read and look through the lens of these talented Western writers as they bring the Bible to life, wrapping spiritual stories in Western heritage.


Jim Burnett



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