Dec 13

Patch: United States Marshal: Wanted Dead: A Classic New Western Action Adventure From Russ Towne!

This is the latest novel from Western adventure bestseller Russ Towne! With gun, and badge in hand—Marshal Patch blasts his way through the bad guys to bring peace and justice to the Old West!

U.S. Marshal Arliss “Patch” Elkins sets out to bring to justice a rich 14-year-old boy accused of murdering his parents. When someone puts a $100,000 bounty on their heads with a single stipulation—kill them—Patch and his prisoner must fight for their lives. The journey to bring the boy to trial turns into a bloody gauntlet from hell when every murderous thug within five hundred miles goes after them for the bounty money and the hunter becomes the hunted.

Grab this new Western adventure from one of the most popular Western authors of today!


Dec 11

For The Whole Family: The Star Podcast With Judy Mastrangelo: A New Activity Book For All Ages!


Judy Mastrangelo discusses her new paperback “The Star.” A brand new book the whole family will enjoy. You can learn more about Judy Mastrangelo by visiting her website at You can purchase “The Star” from Amazon by clicking this link!

Dec 10

Three New Western Releases You Won’t Want To Say ‘No’ To Reading!

You’ll be seeing a lot of new releases hitting the charts over the next few weeks. I thought I’d share three of the most interesting releases heading to market over the next few days...

This new one from Hanlon pulls together books five and six of his impressive “Timber: United States Marshal” series. You’ll likely see this one in the charts very soon.

This is the brand new Western release from W.M. Montague. Montague, who has been writing for sometime, looks likely to have a smash with this action-packed adventure. 

Who happens to be one of the biggest Western sellers of today? Scott Harris! This new release pays tribute to his success– Western authors from around the world have penned stories with Harris as the lead character. The first volume of tributes to Harris saw some great success earlier in the year!

Dec 07

New, Exciting Western Releases From Dusty Saddle Publishing This December…



Dec 05

The Brand New Western Hit From Pastor Jim Burnett: “Jedidiah Justice: Bounty Hunter of the Badlands”

Across the frontier rode a breed of men that was so dangerous and animal-like that even some lawmen and bounty hunters refused to hunt them, regardless of the large reward on their heads. They were killers without a conscience with an insatiable thirst for blood. They were the worst of the worst. 

But there was a man, Jedidiah Justice, who vowed to rid the world of their kind. He was the bounty hunter of the badlands. There was no where he wouldn’t go and no man he wouldn’t hunt. He was God’s long arm of judgment that reached far and wide into the wastelands and lairs to extract these killers. 

Ride along with Justice as he beds some of them down and brings others to trial. 

If you love Westerns written by Robert Hanlon and Scott Harris– you will love “Jedidiah Justice: Bounty Hunter of the Badlands


Dec 03

AllAuthor Nominates “A Bullet for the Bronc Buster: A Western Novel” From GP Hutchinson For “Best Book Cover Of The Month”

A note from GP Hutchinson:

AllAuthor has nominated my latest novel for Best Book Cover of the Month! If you would slip over to their page and vote for my cover, it would help me gain important visibility and help folks find new authors and books they might like to read. Thank you! Vote by clicking here, please…


Nov 30

The New Western Bestseller From ‘Big’ Jim Williams Will Hit The Road Running Soon!

Young Texas Ranger Jake Silverhorn, a Civil War Union veteran, joins Captain Ash Rollins and other ex-Confederates seeking BORDER JUSTICE when entering Mexico to recapture stolen cattle from Delgado, an outlaw killer, and kidnapper. On the way there they hang an escaped killer; face an Apache attack, rainstorms and shootouts, a cattle baron with more illegitimate children than his crazy nude wife, who, holds a pistol to his head, can stand. Also tales of a “stuffed” Ranger mounted in a saloon, legendary Texas Ranger “Bigfoot” Wallace, Jake’s romance with a dying Civil War nurse, a slave’s escape north, and a humpbacked old man whose shotgun keeps a thirsty Jake from a trickling stream called, DIME CRICK. There’s Lonnie, a young bumbling Ranger who breaks his leg and is captured by the border bandits, and harmonica-playing Yancy, a Ranger and ex-soldier of the south who hates “Lincoln’s War of Northern Aggression” and needles Jake for his Yankee past. The novel ends as Jake and a beautiful young kidnapped woman escape the boarder bandits and Mexican cavalry in a deadly gun battle crossing the storm-swollen Rio Grande back into Texas.

BORDER JUSTICE, a novel filled with shootouts, a knife fight, a devastating fire, romance, and humor, a prequel to Williams’ 2016 novel, JAKE SILVERHORN’S REVENGE. Big Jim breakout novel, CATTLE DRIVE, won the Western Fictioneers’ 2014 Award for Best First Novel.


Nov 29

A New Brand Of Western Writing David Watts: An Interview With The Author of “Massacre At Idyll Valley”

There’s a new David Watts Western in town. A brand new adventure that Western readers seem to be enjoying day after day. This new serving of Watts’ genius is called “Massacre At Idyll Valley,” and it’s a good ‘un. I thought we might sit Mister Watts down for a conversation about this new, exciting Western experience of excellence.

David, how are you?

I’m doing very well, thank you.

Let me start by asking, how did you approach writing these new Westerns?

I took characters that were interesting and treated them badly. Only in that way can one find out what they’re made of. Then the trauma of the opening scenes spurred a story that showed how people respond to hard times. That, I believe, is the essence of life in the Wild West.

What do you think the readership is looking for in Westerns these days?

Something more than “Westerns.” Something that approaches great literature that might bring insights into human behavior, a touch of grass roots philosophy, and something that struggles to approach the “meaning of life” laid in under the surface of the narrative. It’s a tall order, one worth shooting for.

How do you think the readership will take to your latest novel?

Better and better.

How did you come up with the title?

By adding the essence of the story to an attractive name for a town.

Where do you see this series going next?

Wherever it wants to go. Therein lies the excitement.

How do you feel the characters will evolve through the series?

They have already displayed their wisdom and personal strengths as they have risen to the demands of the occasion. You only see that aspect of character if they are confronted with difficult situations. What I see for them in the future is transition, a transformation into a new version of themselves that reaches deeper into their consciousnesses. That’s what’s most interesting about writing and what makes a story great.

How does this new Western differ from your previous Westerns?

Deeper. More tension. More rising to the challenge of life with newfound strengths.

What will your next novel be about?

Ah, that’s the surprise of writing—discovery. The best writing is not planned in advance but evolves from the magical combination of great characters and hard times. Only then do we see the under surface of human character. That’s where the real story lies. That’s what rewards us with new insights. That’s what doesn’t waste our time.

If you could say anything to your readership directly—what would it be?

Watch out for this one. It will curl your toenails.

How can we find your latest book?

Amazon, Amazon, Amazon.

Nov 28

“Six Bullets To Texas” From Jim Burnett Pulls Together Two Of His Greatest Western Novels For The First Time!

Two of the most sensational Westerns ever written—The exciting next instalments in the “Callers Spring Ranch Western series.” Jim Burnett offers up a Western salute to our men and women of the military and law enforcement who wear the badge and tote the gun under the authority of God in “The Bible and the Badge.” Then he takes us on a rip-roaring adventure into the untamed wild west with “Sam Tally.”

The Bible and the Badge:

Lucas and Levi Reese are twin brothers who answer the call of God to be lawmen in the Kansas frontier town of Caldwell.

Raised by Quaker parents on their homestead in Horse Creek, Wyoming, law enforcement seems to go against their upbringing until these two and their family sense God’s call for them to wear the badge and tote the gun.

These brothers, with their badges, guns, and godly convictions, bring law and order to Caldwell and honor to their Lord. Consequently, Lucas and Levi Reese become two of the best lawmen the state of Kansas has ever seen.

The Legend of Sam Tally:

Follow the knife-throwing preacher, Tally, to the cow towns and boomtowns of the west where he confronts the atrocities of his day with the good news. Experience the powerful, life-changing Gospel take effect in the lives of people like Scar-faced Shayla, a saloon girl whose disfigured face and wounded spirit led her to believe her life was hopeless and would never be any better than it was.

Praise for this series from across the Western genre. Just make sure to grab your very own copy of this, the most exciting Burnett adventure collection yet!

Nov 28

Behind The Sales Myth: Why Many Western Authors Benefit From The Growing Sales Of “Sleeper” Hits

Sleeper hit.” A term used across the publishing business for a book that hasn’t yet taken off but is showing signs of doing so. It’s a common phenomenon in the Western genre, and something I was reading about this morning. I was sent an article by a friend of mine that disputed the validity of the “sleeper” hit. In this blogger’s mind, the “sleeper” hit was nothing more than an excuse publishing companies use to cover the fact that a book isn’t selling. The fact of the matter is that over the course of a year, you will see a variety of Western books take off and sell in many different ways. Some just come running out of the box and ride their way up the charts. Others are sleeper hits. These books do gentle business for a few months and then start making headway. The sleeper, which does in fact exist, actually is the preferred way for a hit to unfold—a slow, steady climb followed by a satisfying stay at the top of the charts.

An example of a “sleeper” hit comes to my mind as I type this blog article. Mark Baugher. Mark has been releasing books consistently and has been selling consistently, but several months ago his sleeper hit woke up. Suddenly his books started racing up the chart with unprecedented speed. These steady sellers suddenly became hot properties. Why did this happen? Well, during those “sleeping” months, he had been pulling in consistent reader numbers, he had been writing new material, he worked hard, turned out quality books and kept growing his readership. Each of his books has now become a major hit.

One sleeper hit created six successful sequels and a box set.

Another example is Robert Hanlon with his very successful “Timber: United States Marshal” series. The first book came out and did around 250,000 pages read over three months. In the fourth month, he did one million pages read, and the sequels did about a million each. It took the release of three books and a build-up of about three months for him to have his “overnight” success.

There are more examples of “sleeper” hits—but the bottom line is—having a book that takes its time taking off is not a bad thing. Having those extra products on the market before a book takes off is not a bad thing either. Those lucky authors who get “sleeper” hits are the ones who, in many cases, hang around and become bigger sellers. Look at Paul L. Thompson. It took twenty-six sleeper hits with steady-to-middling sales before he finally caught on and became one of the biggest sellers of the moment.

If your book is doing steady business, if your book is pulling in new readers each month, if your book is gently growing, then my advice would be—let it. Let it “sleep” its way to success. Not everyone is going to have a hit straight out of the box. Remember, today’s bestseller is often tomorrow’s forgotten book. Aim for slow and steady success today and have patience for your sleeper to wake up tomorrow.


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