Nov 21

Brand New From Jim Burnett: Christmas Riders Of The Backcountry: Available Now!

There is nothing more satisfying than sitting close to the fire with a cup of coffee in one hand and a good collection of heartwarming Christmas stories in the other. In Christmas Riders  of the Backcountry Jim Burnett shares a wonderful blend of western short stories that capture the essence of Christmas.


Stories Included:

The Fox that Saved Christmas

The Christmas Fire

Gun Down at Caller’s Spring

Christmas at Devil’s Pass

The Colt Named Christmas


Enjoy and We Wish You A Merry Christmas!

Nov 21

“The McKinley Massacre: Caz: Vigilante Hunter: A Western Adventure” Now Available From Scott Harris!

This is the third novel in a brand new Western series from Western adventure bestseller Scott Harris! With gun in hand—Caz blasts his way through the bad guys to bring peace and justice to the Old West!

Caz lives life by the rules, but they’re all his rules. Rule #4 is; Never let a man steal your water. Not from your canteen or your creek. Unfortunately for McKinley, he tried to.

Caz is the self-appointed judge and jury, operating outside the law, tracking down those who the law can’t, or won’t, find. And when he does find them, which he always does, there is only one sentence.

Nov 20

Meet Jack Bonham: An Interview With A Western Writing Sensation!

Jack Bonham is one of the latest sensations currently striking at the heart of the Western genre. Author of “Coming To America: Hercules and the Earl: A Western.” 

The way that Jack and his wife, Judy, work is completely unique. When Judy has dreams, Jack turns those dreams into stories, which are then published through Outlaws Publishing. So far, readers have been enjoying these dreamed-up adventures, and after reading this great interview with Jack Bonham, I’m sure you will too. Sit down and discover one of the most interesting writing partnerships of today—by reading below!

Int: Thank you for agreeing to this interview, Jack.

Jack: You’re very welcome!

Int: Where did the idea come from that finally turned into your novel Hercules and the Earl?

Jack: Over a five-year period, Judy had a series of seven dreams. Hercules & the Earl was one of those dreams.

Int: What were the dreams like? Were they vivid?

Jack: The dreams were like watching a movie in action. Judy knew exactly what was happening and why. They were very vivid, and she knew immediately when she woke up, this was a new story . . .  no question in her mind. The story, in and of itself, was not complete, though. Judy and I always talk about the dreams, then we build the story around the foundation of the dream.

Int: Are there any dreams you haven’t written about?

Jack: Judy and I are now working on a new book, The Last of the Comancheros, which is based on one of her dreams. We have one more dream after that to write around. But Judy believes that when we need more story lines, the dreams will come. If she dreams it, they will write. And no matter what, Judy always knows the difference between a story line dream and the normal day-to-day ones.

Int: How did you begin the writing process?

Jack: I’m a big fan of Anton Chekhov. Having emphysema, he could not live in Moscow with his beloved Olga Knipper, the actress at the Moscow Art Theatre. So, he would get up every morning in the countryside, bathe, then get dressed as if he were going out. I do the same. Rarely do I sit at my desk without being fully dressed to go out. Therefore, my writing process begins in the shower.

Int: Did you find it difficult to get started?

Jack: No, getting started is just that! One must begin somewhere, so begin!!

Int: Did you outline the story, or did you just put it together as it came together?

Jack: Judy’s dream is the outline. That being said, I remember what Arthur Miller said to our class at Yale. If you know the beginning and the end, then take the journey with your characters. Also, I love history and as the story progressed, I found historical people and situations that could fit in with the plot, and I used them. Why make stuff that’s already there if you look?

Int: How long did it take to complete the first draft?

Jack: Six months.

Int: How much re-writing did you have to do?

Jack: All good writing is rewriting. Generally, the spine stays the same. Polishing a turd, however, will simply produce a shiny turd. There has to be something there to work with or rewriting is fruitless.

Int: How different was the final draft to the original story?

Jack: Different only in the quality of the writing and the plausibility of the plot.

Int: What is the book about? Why should readers pick up a copy?

Jack: The book is about death and rebirth. People’s lives are constantly running up against obstacles: bankruptcy, death, divorce, a death in the family, being fired from a job, etc… A story about a character who successfully navigates such obstacles will fill the readers with hope and purpose.

Int: Who is your favorite character in the book?

Jack: My favorite character in the book is Aaron Hawkinson, the Mountain Man. His moccasins may be in the mud, but his coonskin cap is in the stars. Judy’s favorite character is Wells Barkley, the manservant of the Earl. His righteous indignation at every turn tickles her.

Int: How do you feel readers will react to the story?

Jack: Readers will enjoy the tale, but some may be disturbed by the death of Custer. And yet, a man, who, if he lived, would surely have been President of the United States, a Boy-General who repulsed the Confederate Cavalry under Jeb Stuart and won the day at Gettysburg will always have controversy surrounding him. I got this story of Custer’s death from the great, great grandson of the Cherokee woman who committed the act. Sometimes, famous people meet ignoble deaths.

Int: How did you set about finding a publisher?

Jack: Thankfully, I found Outlaws Publishing and its chairman, JC Hulsey, the old cowboy, on a website dedicated to publishers of Westerns. Outlaws pays the best royalties in the publishing industry, and they have an amazingly fast production schedule. What’s not to like?

The Story:

After losing his wife and daughter in childbirth. The Seventh Earl of Hernescroft along with his wolf hound Hercules and his man servant, Wells Barkley, the Earl heads for the new world. In St. Louis he looks up the brother of a friend in England who has written letters back home telling of his adventures in the Americas. The brother is hired to take them farther west. On a stern wheeler he meets a mountain man who takes him hunting with his wolf hound at one of the wood stops. Hercules chases an antelope and is lost. The Earl is heartbroken because this is the last gift his wife gave him.

He plays the fife in order to bring back the dog. Hercules hears the music being played and rushes to where he thinks his master is. Greeting him is none other than the 7th Cavalry. Custer thinks it’s as a sign from God that he will be victorious in his battle with Sitting Bull. Hercules is wounded badly at the Battle of the Little Big Horn and is rescued by a Montana Territory farmer who nurses him back to health.

The dog bonds with the farmer and his family and saves one of the girls from a bear attack but is wounded even worse than before. The farmer puts up a notice at Benton’s Landing about the dog.

The Earl sees the notice and travels to the farm. Hercules and his master are reunited. The Earl decides to stay in the Montana Territory, buys a ranch and raises cattle. He hires the farmer as his foreman, and Hercules enjoys the best of both worlds.

Where to find it:

You can get your copy of “Coming To America: Hercules and the Earl: A Western” from Amazon.



Nov 20

For The First Time: The New Paperback Edition Of “Grizzly Creek Runs Red” From Scott Harris!


A brand new, all-star collection of Western tales from some of the most popular authors in town!The four had ridden themselves and their horses to exhaustion. They were out of food, water and patience and decided the time had come to quit running and take a stand.Nine fast paced short stories coming from nine of the best Western authors writing today, each using the same prompt, but with nine very different results.Fast horses, fast fists and fast guns take the lead in these exciting tales of the Old West. Make sure you have plenty of time when you pick this up, because you won’t want to put it down.This new collection has stories from Scott Harris, J.L Guin, Bruce Harris, Cheryl Pierson, Tracy T. Thurman, Russ Towne,‘Big’ Jim Williams, Nerissa Stacey, Justin Harris. Plus a very special guest author! Grab your paperback edition by clicking here.

Nov 19

The Western Christmas Spirit: Christmas Riders of the Backcountry Coming Soon From Jim Burnett!

There is nothing more satisfying than sitting close to the fire with a cup of coffee in one hand and a good collection of heartwarming Christmas stories in the other. In Christmas Riders  of the Backcountry Jim Burnett shares a wonderful blend of western short stories that capture the essence of Christmas.


Stories Included:

The Fox that Saved Christmas

The Christmas Fire

Gun Down at Caller’s Spring

Christmas at Devil’s Pass

The Colt Named Christmas


   Enjoy and We Wish You A Merry Christmas!




Nov 19

Sebeslav Screams To The Top Of The Western Bestseller Chart

You can read the original press release by clicking here.

It was announced earlier this week that Outlaws Publishing would be awarding Dave Sebeslav with a sales certificate to celebrate the success of his latest Western. “A Long Way To Texas” is now one of the biggest sellers in the United States. Sebeslav has three other novels on the bestseller chart too at this time.

“A Long Way To Texas” tells the story of a restless and lonely Civil War veteran, Jake Christie, who leaves the family business in Springfield to venture westward, where relatives have settled on the Texas plains. On the way, he makes friends and enemies. Once there, he finds danger and the love of his life. This epic adventure has caught the attention of Western fans from around the world.

Dave Sebeslav, who has seen great success throughout 2018, will see his success followed by new releases from Western writers Jack Bonham, David Bailey, Frank Atwood and current chart climbing new signing Robert Kammen, who has scored a success with his first Western novel, “Once A Ranger.” The company has also scored recent hits with new novels from C. Wayne Winkle, Charles Ray, D.L. Bittick, J.S Stroud and benchmark Western super-seller Paul L. Thompson,

“Our hit squad leads the way,” Outlaws President J.C. Hulsey explained. “Readers are scouring the internet, searching new Western authors. We have a duty as a company to find the best writers with the greatest stories for our readers. We strongly believe that Kammen, Allen and Bailey will be the hitmakers of tomorrow—just as Winkle, Thompson and Sebeslav are the biggest hitmakers of today.

“Outlaws Publishing, started in 2015, has gone from strength to strength with a series of Western smash hits from authors across the world. The company is currently having its strongest sales year with new authors signing,” Hulsey explained, “and all indications are that we will just keep growing. The Western readership is alive and well. People want the entertainment they most enjoy. It gives me the greatest thrill when I hear from readers and discover how much they truly appreciated reading the latest Thompson novel—all our Western writers are doing great work, and we can’t wait to see how readers react to our new signings.”

You can learn more about these new signings, Dave Sebeslav and about the company by visiting Alternatively, you can email to find out more.

Nov 16

A Brand New “Timber: United States Marshal” Adventure From Robert Hanlon Arrives In Town!

The action-packed seventh book in the exciting “Timber: United States Marshal” western series!

Timber has another group of outlaws to attempt to bring to justice – this time led by a brash teen named Kyle. Kyle never knew his last name, so as namesake of his gang, they called themselves the No Name Gang. They delighted in robbing company payrolls and had eluded capture so far… but how much longer would their luck hold out once Marshal Jake Timber was on the case? Click here to download your copy!

If you love “Timber: United States Marshal” you may also want to try “The Reckoning” from GP Hutchinson!

Nov 15

The New, Exciting David Watts Western “Massacre At Idyll Valley” Has Now Arrived!

(Advertising graphic created by Marcia Tomasiello)

It isn’t that the evil thing wins,” John Steinbeck says, “it’s that it doesn’t die.”

There was a massacre—senseless, brutal, thorough—men, women and children were slaughtered, and to make it even worse, the Dry Creek Gang took pleasure in the carnage.

Shock waves raced through the neighboring community of Possum Trot, as if a tornado had hit next door, or flash flood suddenly wiped a whole town off the map. Only this desecration was the intentional work of one twisted human soul. It cannot be avoided or forgotten. It rides over the community of Possum Trot like a suffocating cloud of smoke and ash, raining down on the citizens constant reminders of the danger they are in.

Sheriff Galen Clay searches for ways to defend his town and overturn the power of the Dry Creek Gang, perched not far away with malice, power, and the element of surprise on its side.

How does Galen do it? How can he spy on the gang, fortify his town, reverse the advantage of surprise so that any attack must find an unwilling target with resilience, determination, and its own ingenious surprises.

Oh. And there’s a love story too. Sages on the front porch. A Confederate canon even gets into the act.

This book has it all.

Nov 14

Are You Keeping Readers Happy? Are You Writing ENOUGH Books?

Well, it’s been a pretty busy month so far—the eleventh of the year. How did this happen? All of a sudden, it’s turning dark and dismal, yet the bright lights of Christmas are shining just over the horizon. Recently I’ve been asked by many different authors what the key to success truly is. What one thing allows readers to get to grips with an author—and what causes those readers to become fans?

Well, aside from all the hype and pushing of books—there’s one factor that plays a key role. This one key factor is: consistent releases.

Readers are always looking for that next novel—that next adventure—and they’re looking for the next book the moment they finish the last book. It’s common for the readership to finish a book they’ve enjoyed and go out to hunt down the whole series. This is why consistent releases are so important. A reader shouldn’t have to wait too long for the next book—the next adventure—and if they do have to wait, then they tend to move on to the next sensation.

Take a Western author like Scott Harris. He launched his “Caz: Vigilante Hunter” series earlier this year. The first one gained momentum, the second was released soon thereafter and pushed both books into the charts, and the third book is on the way. No lag, no waiting time. When you’ve got a tiger by the tail, you don’t let go.

Robert Hanlon released six books in his “Timber: United States Marshal” series over a period of about six weeks. Each one sold the next and so on, until all six were rooted like age-old trees in the bestseller charts.

The examples go on and on. There are those who say too many releases overexposes an author. I don’t think this is the case for Western authors. Nobody has ever complained about there being too many books from Robert Hanlon, Paul L. Thompson, C. Wayne Winkle, or any other prolific talent.

So, when you’ve got the tiger by the tail—capitalize and get something new out onto the market. Bring those readers in—because the more the reader reads, the more they become a fan of your work.

There’s nothing more important than the product. When you’re hot…. you’re really hot. Keep those releases coming!

As always—feel free to contact me through the form below and let me know about your books. I’d love to discover what you’ve been writing. My own reading list has been rather slim lately and I could do with a few reading suggestions.


Nov 13

“The McKinley Massacre: Caz: Vigilante Hunter: Book Three” From Scott Harris Will Be Hitting The Market Soon!

With the great success of the “Caz: Vigilante Hunter” series from Scott Harris– it’s pleasing to know that the third adventure will be available for readers to purchase in just a few days. This great new release will take Caz on a brand new journey that should please fans of the first two books in the series.

Book one and two have both been riding the charts since release. The series tells the story of brave man of the west Caz,

Caz is looking for two things: the perfect breakfast and men who think they’re above the law. He hasn’t yet found a breakfast to match what his mom used to make, but there’s a trail of dead men behind him that shows he’s having no trouble finding bad men.

Caz is the self-appointed judge and jury, operating outside the law, tracking down those who the law can’t find. And when he does find them, which he will, there is only one sentence.


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