C. Wayne Winkle Lands At Number Two With “Gideon Parnell: The Beginning”

Sitting at number two on the bestseller chart… C. Wayne Winkle is heading for the top spot with “Gideon Parnell: The Beginning.” How long will it take for him to reach the pinnacle of success with his latest blockbuster?

Gideon Parnell and his half-brother, Joshua, survive the Civil War and return home to find their home burned. Gideon also discovers his intended didn’t wait for him as she said she would, but decided to marry a Yankee officer. With no desire to stay around her, he decides to go West. Joshua joins him and the two decide to gather up some wild Texas cattle and make a drive to market in Kansas. Along the way, an incident occurs that sets them on a totally different career path: bounty hunting. Grab your copy today!