Three Brand New Releases From Hitmaker Grady Bryant!

With one of the busiest months of 2021 underway, we wanted to let you know about three very special releases from Grady Bryant. Grady is one of our top picks for success in 2022. Not only has he been steadily building a reputation as one of the finest of the new wave of Western authors—he has been producing books at a rate unimaginable to the average author. This month, so far, we have seen three releases from Bryant—three chances for readers to discover this tremendous author and the talent he possesses. 

Outlaw Guns To San Jose: A Bounty Hunter Western Adventure (Henry James And Chico Hadley Bounty Hunters Book 1) 

A brand new collaboration between Harvey Wood and Grady Bryant

Chico Hadley and Henry James are two bounty hunters who are used to doing it all their own way. When they are forced, by fate, to work together to bring Johnny Pico and his outlaw gang to justice, they must use every ounce of their combined experience to complete their mission successfully. Chico Hadley and Henry James might have differing opinions, differing views of their job, but no two men are better with a gun in their hands. With these two travelling across the West to bring law and order to the wilderness—you know sparks will fly! You can grab your copy by visiting Amazon.

Mountain Man Of Mystery Canyon 

The latest standalone Western adventure from Grady Bryant!

When notorious outlaw Cal Cook is wounded during a bank robbery, he retreats up in the Guadalupe Mountains to recoup where he finds a young Apache Indian boy who has been banished from his tribe. The Indian nurses the outlaw back to life and tells him about a mysterious canyon that no white man has seen. The outlaw’s only wish now is to live in the mountains and be left alone. The last robbery he committed, the sheriff that chased him up in the mountains stole one of the money bags and left Cal for dead. Rumor is the mountain man who lives in the Guadalupes is the outlaw the sheriff thought he killed. Now after many years, the sheriff wants to be sure Cal is dead to protect the story of his theft of the money he stole.

Chico Hadley the bounty hunter also heard about the mountain man and believes he is the bandit who he has tracked for years and never been able to catch. Someone has to reach the mountain man first and make the decision on what to do—bring him back to civilization, kill him or let him live in the mysterious canyon. You can buy your copy by visiting Amazon.

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Valley Of The Damned: A Western Horror Novel 

A brand new Western horror adventure from Grady Bryant, and his second venture into the horror genre!

A young boy, Antonio Garcia, runs away from his father’s ranch, which has been in the family for years. He joins a circus consisting of displays of strange objects and freaks of nature. One of these freaks is a Strigoi, an undead vampire named Shiva. He was told she came from a small village in Mexico where she was thought to be a witch. It is said that she was buried alive and dug up by a man who sold her to the circus. The young boy grows fond of her and takes care of her by supplying blood from cattle and sometimes humans. At random times an unsuspecting person could be secretly captured at the circus and fed to Shiva. As Shiva continues to get more demanding in her thirst for human blood, Antonio must do something to stop her.