How J.J. Bonham Created Instant Mountain Man Western Success With “Uzziah”

One of the great new contenders on the bestseller charts is called JJ Bonham. His series of tremendous frontier adventures have been catching the attention of readers lately and shows that a brand new author with the true grit to get with the times and promotion of today can see results—and quickly. What is it that sets Bonham apart from the crowd? He writes quickly, he writes well, and he makes sure that his stories have the impact and twists that are like catnip for the readership. What makes for exciting reading is the very essence of the Bonham approach, and his books are finding more readers each day.

And what about the sales strategy?

Cross Sequence Advertising and Category Busting, and the same formula we have discussed so often, have been the name of the game for Bonham. With the ability to push advertising across his books and create a sales chain reaction, it was fun to see his books find their feet and roll toward and into the top one hundred.

As the sales pour in with five of his “Uzziah: Mountain Man” novels inside the top one hundred—one has to ask oneself (if you’re in the shoes of JJ Bonham), “What to do now?” A smart pundit would say keep writing those terrific Mountain Man adventures and give “Uzziah” his due in the court of public opinion. The odds are that the public will continue to give him a resounding vote of confidence.

And this process all started with three very simple questions asked of JJ Bonham when he expressed interest in selling his books. How do those very clear-cut answers stack up when you think about promoting your books?

Can you see how the formula would help sell Bonham Western stories to readers?

For Bonham, it was all a case of knowing that he could envision how the formula and the advertising would work for him. He knew if he followed the steps, he would find himself with success he could build on.

Are you interested in selling Westerns?

I believe if one asked JJ—he would give you a very, very strong answer in the affirmative. He wanted success, and he wanted it to come as fast as possible. It did too!

When do you think you ought to start selling Westerns?

Well, after false starts and false beginnings, he wanted to get to grips and sell his books. He did everything he could do, but he needed a way forward and his way forward came when he followed the formula. He wanted to sell from the very start, and when asked if he should start selling Westerns, he said, “Yes. I want to sell right now.” This is important. Keep in mind people don’t always want success as badly as they may say they do. The right mindset is half the success.

And how about you? Do you think you’d like to try the formula? How do these questions look when you answer them? Remember this, friend, it takes a lot longer to build a school than it does to build a wood hut—but the right blueprint can save you a lot of time.

Now, if you have any questions or ideas you would like to discuss, my door is always open. Like a hawk, I’m always around plotting the next promotional step, watching the bestseller chart, tweaking ads and putting together new ideas. Just send me a note and let’s brainstorm together. Either way, the opportunity to succeed is yours.

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