So You Want To Turn Your Western Into An Audiobook?

Paul Provo in action

A great voice is something to be cherished… voices like Lanza, Sinatra, Elvis and Bob Dylan have all found success in the music industry, and when you have a voice like Paul Provo, you can get work wherever you go as easily as opening your mouth. Outlaws Publishing signed Chet A. Cord just recently, and needed a voice for his audiobooks. It wasn’t much a problem though, as Paul Provo, or The Golden Voice of Barcelona as we fans call him, was our first choice. He will be your first choice, too, after this interview!

 Paul Provo was born in the United States but moved to Spain at an early age. His career has moved in many directions from teaching, to music, to being an airline pilot. Now he has turned his considerable talents to narrating audiobooks. He was soon signed by authors across the world to become the voice of their books, as well as working for writing star Cliff Roberts, and completing several successful books by Chet A. Cord, the first of which will be hitting the shelves in just a few weeks. Paul Provo is your voice of choice. 


Paul, how did you get into this crazy audiobook business?

I have always been enthralled by radio broadcasting. When Nick Wale, promoter of my novel A Web of Malicious Opportunity, at Novel Ideas suggested I do a voice-over demo, I went for it. He clearly heard something in my voice that has led us to signing a series of contracts in the Western genre. I have to say that, thanks to Nick, I´m having such huge success.

Which kind of books do you like to narrate, and whick kind of book would you consider to be a problem when it comes to narration?

I personally enjoy Westerns, having been born in Texas. But I am very comfortable with autobiographies and storytelling in general, I find problems with some authors whose work just doesn´t seem to have a true character with which to build the narration upon.

How do you choose books that you narrate?

Nick Wale gives me some options, then I decide which is most appropriate. We are flooded with requests from Western authors. It´s Nick´s criteria to decide which one of them actually reaches my project in-bin. Shoot it by Nick! He knows I am open to ALL good books that are well-written. I like nature documentary assignments and aviation-related themes.

How do you like to record?

Having a very quiet ambience is essential—not easy outside of a professional studio sound-proof booth. I am lucky to live on a wonderfully quiet hillside with solitude and silence as my only companions.

Where do you think the creative magic happens? Is it with the writer or the reader?

I firmly believe the author is the true artist. However, an engaging read is paramount to further success, and if I like what I read, then I can help in a big way.

How important is grammar and good editing to the process of narrating the book? Does a book have to be edited for you to work on it?

Great question. When I find grammatical or expressive deficiencies, I immediately contact the author. Good editing is a Godsend, but it´s unusual not to find occasional issues. And, yes, good editing is vital.

Are the Westerns being written now as good as the ones of the past?

Like with certain musical fads, a trip to the past opens a new vision for younger audiobook fans. There are not a lot of M.L. Estefania’s around, but more and more Western authors are turning to audiobooks to reach their fans.

Do you do other kinds of voiceover work, or do you stay strictly with books?

I do short video voiceovers in Spanish and English and look forward to more work in this line.

How can we get in contact with you?

Exclusively through Nick Wale at Novel Ideas. You can visit my website and follow me on Facebook—Paul Provo-Author. I am open to offers, but please contact me via Nick Wale. We are busy but always in search of a winning author to read for!

What are you currently working on?

I´m currently working on an aviation-oriented autobiography by Mike Trahan about his flying career as a Vietnam C-47 pilot, and the next one is his fantastic story called The Delta Years.

I am also producing The Tumbleweed Trail by Chet A. Cord to be released next month.  I am also assigned to Cliff Roberts’ Best of the West series and assigned to do a series of video-shorts for a political client in the United States.

What would your dream project be, and why?

My dream project? I suppose doing my own upcoming novel, A Web of Malicious Opportunity. In the meantime, I am too busy with assignments to do my own dream project, so I spend my energy making it yours! I love my job!

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