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May 08

Watch Your Language: Western Writer Charles Ray On The Language Of The Old West

Western author Charles Ray discusses his thoughts on the language of the Old West, and how it applies to the reading audience of today. Decades ago, when I was a beginning writer, before the days of political correctness in language, a writer was free to use any language in his or her writing. As a …

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Apr 29

From “Six Bullets” To “12 Gauge:” Brand New Western Novels You’ll Love!

Are you ready for the month of May? You should be! There are some fantastic new Western novels heading to town! Check out these great new releases from some of the greatest names of today!  

Apr 26

Scott Harris, Russ Towne, Mike Abbott And Clint Clay Lead The Western Way With “Time To Myself”

A brand new short story collection has hit the market. This set is really something else. 52 Western writers. 52 Western short stories. All starting with the same twelve words: I had some time to myself and some things to think about. These micro-shorts (they’re each 500 words long) scatter off into 52 fascinating, action-filled …

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Apr 12

Now On Pre-Order From C. Emerson Law! “A Classic Western: 12 Gauge Justice: A Western Adventure”

Cody Jenkins was mad. Killing mad! He had always been a peaceable man. He’d never killed a man, and the only fights he’d been in had been with his fists, and most of those, he hadn’t started. All he wanted to do was bust broncs and be left alone. He had never been good with …

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Apr 10

Paul L. Thompson Scores The Number One Hot New Release With His New Western “The Widow Martha Camden”

    Six riders had come up as she and Dan walked out on the porch after eating a wonderful supper. With guns in hand one man hollered, “Yore two weeks is up Camden!” Dan had been shot dead and she lay still in a pool of her own blood. The children, Neil and baby …

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Apr 09

“A Classic Western: United States Marshal Morgan Porter” Available Now From William H. Joiner, Jr.!

A lawless land. Criminals running wild. Murder is rampant. One man can solve the problems facing the Old West. That man is United States Marshal Morgan Porter. The name Morgan Porter is famous in the Texas lore of the Old West. The saga of his exploits as a U.S. Marshal are legendary. Morgan Porter and …

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Apr 04

The Magic of Mike Hundley and His Transformation Into a Top Western Bestseller

Sometimes talent comes along that doesn’t become a hit straight away. Take Mike Hundley, for example, a truly exciting writer who has written four Westerns we knew readers would enjoy. We just knew readers would go ga-ga for Hundley. He has this way of writing with a personal touch you don’t find too often. However, …

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Mar 29

Brand New Western Releases From Your Favorites: New Hits From Scott Harris, William H. Joiner, Jr and Many Others…


Mar 27

The Latest Smash Western Hit From William H. Joiner Has Arrived!

From William H. Joiner, Jr. comes a great new rip-roaring action-packed Western adventure! Follow the breathtaking adventures of Rowdy Remington as he fights against the stacked deck of renegade bulls, marauding outlaws, and advancing age. The world had written him off, but The Forgotten Cowboy is out to prove he is not ready for the …

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Mar 26

A Classic Western: Shootout At The Dallas Saloon: The First Western In A Series From Orin Vaughn!

It was 1912 and Koss (William Kenneth Koss), lost his father to a misfortune at the mine. At 15 years old, young Koss was thrown into the necessity of leaving school and going to work at that same mine in Dallas, Arizona, to support his family. Thus, carousing with the rest of the miners, he …

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