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Mar 24

“Word-Class” Bestseller Tim Flanagan Signs With Novel Ideas

  (Prague- 24/03/2014) Bestselling author TIM FLANAGAN has signed an exclusive publicity deal with hit-making promotion company NOVEL IDEAS. Flanagan, a veteran of the writing world, has been snapped up for an exclusive 24 book deal. When asked about this new deal, NOVEL IDEAS spokesman Cliff Popkey explained that “Flanagan has what it takes to …

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Mar 16

Bestselling Author Cliff Roberts – “Writing Your Way To The Top Isn’t Hard!”

  “Reprisal! The Sorrow,” the book cover says. This is Cliff Roberts — a talkative guy in a pair of slacks with a manuscript in in his hand. “I just gave up cigarettes and wrote better than I ever believed I could have,” he says, sitting in his office. Sales awards litter the walls. This …

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Feb 06

The Salesman and His Song

Cliff Roberts was the number one champion salesman in America during the 90’s. In this new book he explains how sales occur and how those relationships make deals go smoothly. If you want to know how to sell… This is the book for you. How would you describe “Is There Something I Should Know” in …

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Jan 28

22 Questions and 22 Answers from Author Marie Jem

22 questions with one of the most exciting authors of today. Marie Jem has burst onto the scene with her first book “Pursuit For Lucidity.” Marie is a writer you will be hearing a lot from in the future. For those of you who have read “Pursuit,” I need explain no more. For those who …

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Jan 26

Settle in for Takeoff – Arrivals and Departures with Author Diane Stratton

Diane Stratton is a great author with a great story. Whenever I get onto a plane–I always take a book with me. Now, I usually don’t just take any book with me– it has to be something I know will keep my attention! What’s this I hear? Diane Stratton has a book proven to keep …

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Jan 20

“When It’s Hot” and Making You Hot: An Interview with Erotic Author Emma Lauren

Emma Lauren is the author, and “When It’s Love: An Illicit Contemporary Romance” is the book. Readers across the world are currently enjoying this hot read, and I am proud to announce that the new Emma Lauren book tour starts on this site. Have you ever wondered about the possibility of a warm, erotic read …

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Jan 14

My Evening With Martin Luther King By Author Boyd Lemon

As we approach the birthday of Martin Luther King– I wanted to post something to acknowledge that he along with Paul Robeson did so much for African- American relations. I was talking to Boyd Lemon who had witnessed a King speech in person and this blog article was born.    Ever since Martin Luther King …

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Jan 05

Meet Jana Petken! Meet Your Next Kindle Read!

Jana Petken is an author. Not just an author of any old kind of fiction– an author of high quality historically accurate writings that will entertain, interest and provide you with something a little… special for your reading pleasure. “The Guardian of Secrets” is the first Jana Petken novel and it’s one you will read …

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Dec 02

Foal Dreams: An Interview with Foal

After the success of our first interview, I wanted to interview Foal and the Angels author Foal again. This interview is all about the importance of dreams, listening to what we are being told, and how we can learn from our subconscious. Listen, learn and become open-minded with Foal.   Q) Why are dreams important …

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Nov 26

An Interview With Author Sarka Jonae-Miller

  Why did you want to write a book? I wanted to write a book ever since I was a kid. I loved when my teachers would give us creative writing assignments in school. I’d always go way over the minimum length. I thought it would be cool to write an entire book one day. …

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