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Jun 30

The First Step Towards Making Your Western Sell….

With the resounding success of Paul L. Thompson, Robert Hanlon, Fred Staff and many other Western authors, we are starting to see just how popular Westerns are still today. Maybe it’s a dose of traditional values, or a desire for high octane action… but Westerns are definitely here to stay. Yet there are still hundreds …

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Apr 18

800,000+ Pages Read Later… And Those Readers Keep Reading…

  800,000 PAGE READS LATER…   A few weeks ago now, I was talking to you all about the importance of recognizing a living, Western readership that is actively reading the books of Western authors around the world. I made some good friends from that post. But I also met some people who told me …

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Nov 09

Bob’s Your Uncle: An Interview with the Voice of the Westerns—Bob Rundell

As Western readers know– only certain voices can work when it comes to narrating Western novels. That voice has to be special, articulate, weathered and above all– authentic. Bob Rundell is a relative newcomer to the world of Western novels, but he is becoming one of the most prolific Western audiobook narrators available through ACX. This …

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Apr 25

Massenzio is Back: An Interview with Author Don Massenzio

Quickly, give us the title and genre of your book and a short tagline: Let Me Be Frank: A Frank Rozzani Detective Story – A tragedy changes the life of one of Frank’s closest friends. Who is your intended audience and why should they read your book? Anywhere from young adults to seniors. It is …

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Jan 17

The Ultimate Interview, The Ultimate Guest & His Book: An Interview with Blackbird Pilot Terry Pappas

A Note About This Interview Terry Pappas is one of the most interesting individuals to talk to. When this interview was first discussed, I knew that Terry had a huge reputation as a pilot and belonged to a select group of pilots who had flown the Blackbird. I knew he had written a great book …

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Jan 14

Press Release, Awards, Project X

A Newswire Press Release has been issued today confirming the release of the next eagerly anticipated full length illustrated Lawrence Pinkley mystery. I can confirm that it will be called The Mystery of Van Gogh’s Missing Heart and will be out at the end of February 2015. Take a look at the press release here. …

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Oct 15

Introducing Artist and Author Judy Mastrangelo

Creativity is one of those things you are either born with or born without. When it comes to art and artwork, all artists have to have a huge injection of creativity and a creative eye that goes far beyond that of an average mortal non-creative. This interview is with Judy Mastrangelo who happens to have …

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May 17


FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE CONTACT: NICK WALE EMAIL: NICK@NICKWALE.ORG   BESTSELLING AUTHOR AND FILM MAKER FUMI HANCOCK UP FOR AWARD AS WELL AS HER MOVIE “”OF SENTIMENTAL VALUE”   (Prague, Czech Republic) Bestselling author Princess Fumi Hancock has been nominated and currently looks set to win “favorite screenwriter” at the African NAFCA awards. This comes on …

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May 09

PRESS RELEASE: Flanagan Flies Past The Post With His New Release

Contact: Nick Wale Email: FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE BESTSELLING AUTHOR TIM FLANAGAN SCORES ANOTHER BESTSELLING WRITING GUIDE WITH THE SECOND VOLUME OF “FROM FEET TO FICTION.”   (Prague, Czech Republic) Tim Flanagan scores another hit with the second volume of his writing guide “From Feet To Fiction.” Sales for the second volume were strong enough …

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May 05

An Evening with Princess Fumi Hancock

  The time has come! This is the interview you have all been waiting for. Bestselling author Princess Fumi Hancock shares her words of wisdom– and what words of wisdom they are! This interview is one of the most interesting I have ever had the pleasure of sharing with you all… Enjoy! How did you …

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