Cherokee Parks Hits The Top: “The Trader” Leaps To Number One On The Western Bestseller Chart

Cherokee Parks, one of the major hitmakers for DS Productions, has scored the NUMBER ONE bestselling position in America with his latest Western “The Trader.” Parks, who has been racking up the hits for years now… has now scored his first chart topper. This is also the first NUMBER ONE bestseller for DS Productions in 2020 too, and may I add the second one I’ve pushed to the top in January. The first was Paul L. Thompson and his “You Shot Me Once! Never Again!” for Outlaws Publishing. What a smashing way to start the new year!

In this latest book from Cherokee Parks, the first book in The Trader saga, we follow the steps of one of the hundreds of unnamed men who traveled west in the early 1800s. Called by some strange force that beckoned him to leave the safety and comfort of hearth and home for the wild, untamed Rocky Mountains and all their adventures, dangers and treasures, this man was destined to become one of the men we know today as “The Mountain Men.” Thomas Samuel “Tree” Bell was a gigantic man for his day, standing six feet ten inches and weighing nearly three hundred pounds while only eighteen years old. Unlike many others his size, Tree was not only strong, but also fleet of foot, a skilled archer, extremely accurate with his long gun, an excellent horseman and highly intelligent. Of Scottish and Cherokee heritage, Tree spoke several languages, a skill that would come in handy more than once and allow him to learn even more languages as he traveled from tribe to tribe as The Trader. Tree made his mark in the west among both red and white man alike, yet his name, like so many others, was lost to history…

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