“An Eye For An Eye: A Jake Silverhorn Arizona Justice Novel” Strikes At The Heart Of The Top Twenty For ‘Big’ Jim Williams!

“An Eye For An Eye” is the latest ‘Big’ Jim Williams Western success currently sitting inside the top twenty. This one has really caught the attention of readers! Congratulations, Jim!

Some would call him a lawman. Others would call him justice. Some folks would say he’s a vigilante. A few would call him a cold-blooded killer. He calls himself a Texas Ranger.

When former Texas Ranger Jake Silverhorn is confronted with the rape and murder of his wife, Mae, he seeks justice and revenge against the outlaw Leviticus, an old enemy, in a series of deadly shootouts, fires, double-crosses and narrow escapes in frontier Arizona.

This is the new high-octane Western adventure from ‘Big’ Jim Williams, ride with a skilled lawman who must use every ounce of his talent, will and experience to hunt down and kill this dangerous criminal.