“Gundown At Stillwater: A U.S. Marshal Timber And Jedidiah Justice Western Adventure” Scores Chart Action!

Another month. Another month inside the top one hundred. This is Casey Nash… one of the authors currently making gains on the bestseller chart with his first Western “Gundown at Stillwater.” Have you caught your copy yet?

Directives of the Marshal: Protect the innocent; Uphold the law; Stamp out illegality.

The long-awaited new Western adventure from Casey Nash! Ride with two ferocious lawmen as they take on crime in the Old West. This is traditional Western action for those who love the American Western!

For the first time ever, two legends of the west, U.S. Marshal Jake Timber and bounty hunter extraordinaire Jedidiah Justice, ride together as a deadly duo to root out greed and corruption in Stillwater, Colorado using the business ends of their guns.

Cattle baron Big John Brannon, his crony, Sledge Porter, and their hired mercenaries have run off, burned out, and killed all but one tenant farmer, Silas Jones. And when Jones and his family are murdered, Timber and Justice vow to make their killers pay.

But first, Jedidiah Justice has to find Jake Timber who has been framed for murder. A large reward is on his head. Timber has disappeared into the Rockies. Those who have gotten close enough to see him have paid for it with their blood.

This is a fast-paced Western story of good trumping evil, and the law always paying back those who seek to destroy it. Grab your copy today!