Western Author Jim Burnett Will Lead A Brand New ‘Inspirational’ Western Collection

This is the first look at the new “Guide My Hand, Precious Lord” collection from Dusty Saddle Publishing. The collection will pull together inspirational stories from authors including Fred Staff, GP Hutchinson, Michael Haden, Scott Harris and Douglas R. Cobb.

The collection will be introduced by bestselling Western author Jim Burnett. “Guide My Hand, Precious Lord” will be released toward the end of June 2018.


“Darlin’ we’re facin’ some pretty hard times. I’ve never seen a winter like this, and I’m sorry I didn’t do a better job gettin’ us ready for it.”

“You shut that up right now! If we hadn’t had the baby, I’d been able to be more help to you, and we’d got in that big garden we wanted.”

“It looks like we’re in the hands of the Lord now, Molly. You go ahead and put those last three potatoes on to boil. After I get a little to eat, I’m gonna hit the trail. If the Lord is willin’, I’ll bring back some meat.”

Whimpers seeped from under the covers of the baby basket. Molly dropped the knife and pulled her shawl tight as she approached.

“You go ahead and take care of Caleb,” Joseph said. “I’ll do the potatoes.” He picked up the knife and started scraping the skin from the vegetables. “If there’s anything the army taught me, it’s how to do a spud.”

“Problem is, Joseph, it’s been so long since we’ve had substance to eat that I just can’t produce enough milk to keep the little fellow happy.”

Lifting the baby from under the heavy quilt, Molly patted him on the back, quickly thrust him under her shawl, and placed a breast in his mouth.  She pulled down the shawl over him, reached for the quilt, and threw it over her shoulder, draping it over the baby.

Looking up, she said, “I know we prayed for a child, but I wonder if he is goin’ to make it. In fact, I wonder if any of us is gonna make it.”