GP Hutchinson Scores His First Number One Bestselling Western For Dusty Saddle Publishing!

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A brand-new Western adventure from GP Hutchinson rides to NUMBER ONE on the bestseller charts! Congratulations to GP Hutchinson for scoring his first number one western bestseller for Dusty Saddle Publishing!

Fate having wreaked havoc on the end of his childhood, young Tom Hedgepeth rather likes his routine life in El Paso. But his dreams of predictable years to come are dashed when his closest living relative, Uncle Tobias Knox, escapes from the Texas State Penitentiary and tries to get Tom to start a new life with him in Mexico. Hoping it won’t end in his uncle’s death, Tom alerts the local law. Before he knows it, the gangly, inexperienced Hedgepeth is thrust into the middle of the manhunt for his uncle. And Uncle Tobias is not riding alone! Grab your copy by clicking here!