And They Said “100,000” Paid Pages Read Per Day For A Month Was Impossible…

Lately, I have noticed that people are still saying that there is no audience for Westerns. There’s just no audience. It’s just impossible to get Westerns read. People just don’t want to read them. Right? Wrong. I think it’s just about time you and I had another chat. Yes… you… you… I want to have a little private conversation with you. Right here. Right now, on this blog. Start heading in the right direction and read this article.

Let me start here: A few months ago, I met a married couple—it was the second time around for both of them. He is 71 and she is 67. “It’s impossible,” folks said—it’ll never last—and that’s what they said about a winning streak of 100,000 pages read per day. That’s one hundred thousand for those who would like clarification because it’s such a vast number. But how does someone top that number? Well… you go to 200,000 pages read per day. That’s the way forward, and that is what happened. I remember being on the phone with this author. “This can’t last,” he said. “I wouldn’t bet on it,” I replied. Instead of heading back down, those numbers just kept climbing, and climbing, and climbing… And what caused that? A magic fix? A rub of the magic Buddha? No. Continued, continual promotion—nothing wild, nothing bold, nothing crazy—but a continued plan that allows readers to find the book, allows an author to sit back and write—and allows me to keep proving the naysayers wrong. All I’m saying is… if it can be done here, it can be done there; and if you’re there, you should get to work putting together a strategy that will allow you to promote efficiently every single day.  What are you doing with your keywords? How are you advertising? How are you pricing your books? How are you taking advantage of the Kindle Pages Read program? How are you bringing in your readership?

Give it some thought, and keep in mind—the audience is there. Readers want Westerns. Readers want the best books they can get. I am going to keep telling you that the audience is right out there, waiting to read you. Really. There’s 200,000 pages per day of Westerns being read—and that’s just one author. Don’t you think those folks would like to read your book?

Don’t put importance on the wrong things. Start thinking about what you can do today to get your book seen by readers. What can you do? If you need some ideas, drop me an email in the little box below, and I can throw you some. It doesn’t take much to make a difference, but it does take the will and perseverance to just move in a different direction. Right? Ready? Go!