Meet the Future of Publishing: Stephen Ormsby

The man of the hour: Stephen Ormsby relaxed.

Stephen Ormsby is the man of the moment. His new publishing company “Satalyte Publishing” is set to become one of the most prestigious and powerful publishing houses in Australia. What’s their goal? To promote the best work Australian writers can offer. 

“The Boomerang Team” comprises of some of the greatest authors in Australia. I wanted to catch Stephen for a short interview.. How does a modern publisher compete with the big guns? Let’s find out…

Q) Good afternoon, Stephen. It’s an honour to meet you.

A) Likewise.

Q) Why a publishing company at a time when book sales are apparently so low?

A) Firstly, I don’t believe that book sales are low.  It is a wonderfully huge industry, and one that will not die soon.  Secondly, I believe that Australian authors are under-represented in the global market.  There are many talented authors in Australia, and my main goal is to get the world reading them.

Since we announced the birth of Satalyte, we have been inundated.  The quality of these stories is not surprising but incredibly heartening.  There are Australian authors that have been bypassed as they are not seen to have a profitable product.  I think differently.

Q) What do you think is the main ingredient of a successful book?

A) A gripping story; and this changes for each genre of book.  Each book needs to be gripping in its own way.  That, and obviously cover, marketing and reviews!

Q) How did you approach the idea of starting your own publishing company?

A) I have published two novels myself and felt a sense of accomplishment in doing that.  I loved the buzz, and I wanted to make that happen for other authors.  I chose Australian-only (at this stage) as I wanted to push Aussie authors back out there.  When I spoke to my writing mates, many spoke of the lack of a good publishing house here that is willing to be bold and different as compared to the major publishing houses.

I believe that the quality of the book and the author’s name will always sell a book– not that they write in a particular genre and that’s the only place you should find them.  Writers need to grow and change, and this lacks in other publishing companies.  For them, once you’ve been published in one genre, then that is the genre you must stick to.  We want to change that; we want an author to feel they can broaden their writing if they feel they want to.

Quality, and again I will emphasise that by saying always.  Quality will sell. 

Q) What do you look for in the books you publish?

A) The story – always.  In the end, that’s what it is all about.  The reader will be reading the author’s words, and that is what will have them coming back to Satalyte.  The knowledge they are buying stories that are quality.

That’s the reality of it, really.  Authors spend years writing a story.  That is what they want to see out there.  As publishers, it is our job to get the best Australian authors and show the world the quality of this country’s writing.

Q) What’s really important to you, Stephen? Sales or releasing good, quality product?

A) Quality, and again I will emphasise that by saying always.  Quality will sell.  People will always be drawn to a great story, a great cover and great reviews.  The sales will come, and quickly, when people realise just how good a book is.

Q) Do you really believe, as others do, that “Kindle” is the future?

A) I think that the eBook has revolutionised the world and will continue to do so for quite a while yet.  Whilst saying that though, Satalyte will be producing paperbacks and hardcovers for the readers that still want to feel the paper between their fingers.

Our interview was cut short. Stephen had to attend to some details regarding the first “Satalyte” release. Watch this space! I will be bringing you more and more news from the publishing world down under. Find the official Facebook page right here!


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